Food Blog Forum Launch & Camera Giveaway!

I can’t believe we did it.

No…I can’t believe that Diane and I were in Mexico 6 weeks ago at Rancho La Puerta, brainstormed an idea to create Food Blog Forum and kaBLAM!

We built it, thanks to the genius work of Todd and Scott (each of our better halves).

Food Blog Forum is just that…a forum dedicated to food bloggers. It’s a site where we can all help each other, discuss hot issues and read expert advice. It’s where we are going to spill all of our secret tricks to food photography, lighting, monetization, social media and whatever else we can think of!

Oh, and we’re giving away one of these babies!:

Food Blog Forum Camera Giveaway

Have I interested you yet!? 😉

But WAIT!!! There’s more!

Food Blog Forum Seminar LA

We’re comin’ to Los Angeles and hosting a Food Blog Forum Seminar! Won’t you come?