Can You Spot the Fake Smile?

hint: in one picture i was gritting my teeth, thinking, “take the *&!#?@!!” picture already” Ok, this is totally unrelated to food, spam or sperm. Don’t be too shocked, guys. This is officially classified as a Genuine Time-Waster.

In fact, I just created a new category for my posts, because I feel its my duty to scour the web to come up with a list of useless activities help you, my friends, to:

A) stall from doing stupid chores like tending to dirty dishes, laundry or vacuuming.

B) pretend that you are working at your computer – make sure you have a focused, concentrated look, face 5 inches from screen, brows furrowed, eyes intense to encourage your boss to think that you are not a slacker, worth every penny that they pay you.

C) give you a quick 5 minute activity in case you are one of those people who bring your laptop to the crapper.

BBC has a great little game: Can you spot the fake smile? I got 14 out of 20 correct. What’s your score? Obviously, I suck. Is that why I own Victoria Principal’s Wrinkle-B-Gone, Chuck Norris’ Ab Cruncher and 3 Dehydrators? answer to above: the left pic is the fake smile. the right pic is genuine. i think my brother tickled me at that moment!