Bobby Flay’s Grilled Steak Sandwich with Steak Sauce Mayo

Do you know who I love? This man, right here, B.Flay. I used to watch him on Food Network religiously, especially his grilling shows.

I want his backyard. I want his kitchen! Wait, don’t tell me it was just a designed studio set!

Well, I had a chance to ask Bobby Flay a few questions, courtesy of The Real Food Project, and gave a shoutout on Twitter to source the questions.

Bobby’s team answered them, so I have no idea if he really answered them or what….but heck, who cares….I’m 2 degrees away from B.Flay! 😉

For Bobby Flay’s Grilled Steak Sandwich Recipe and to read the questions/answers, head on over to Steamy Kitchen on TLC!