The plan! The plan!

Our SmartFarm has transformed from hand-drawn cartoon to a real plan!!!! <-larger image


Before I even get to The Plans! The Plans! Can I just do a 20-second drive by of my NYC trip?

I’ve been to New York City so many times these past couple of years that if Mayor Bloomberg handed out frequent visitor points, I probably would have won a sizeable prize, possibly a brand new condo in downtown. Or maybe just the parking space for said condo. Okay, probably just a 4-inch plastic replica of the Statue of Liberty. Heck, I’d even settle for bus pass.

NYC is a big place, especially since I’ve lived almost 8 years in a little town in Florida, and there’s not much in the city that intimidates me – except for ONE thing.

It’s not the tall tall buildings…

Not the nutty street vendors…

Not even a 4-foot iPhone…

This comes close though — bad clipart…

A presentation during CM Summit by Vice President of Product Management at Google, who was giving us a presentation on how Google Buzz did during its first year.

::shudder:: Maybe they need to start Google ClipArt…

What scares me the most about NYC is this dude right here scares the bejeebers outta me. The famous naked cowboy, well, not completely naked but a cowboy hat, cowboy shoes and tighy whiteys.

People pay him money to take a photo with him and touch his toosh. Like a good tourist, I had my wad of dollar bills out, eagerly waiting in line for my turn. That is, until I shook my head, snapped out of the tourist-zombieness and asked myself:




Next stop: chocolate!

Can you guess who’s chocolate store this is?

An angel made of chocolate…oh yes please!

It just so happens that Todd and Diane were doing some work for this very famous chocolatier and pastry chef and his wife. Introductions were made, timing was right and we met up with this man….can you guess?

I used to watch him on television religiously. I had a massive crush on him. Thought he was the sexiest thing.

He’s a master of sweetness…

Do you remember Dessert Circus?

It’s Jacques Torres!

After a tour of his shop, Jacques to me and my good friend, Mark Tafoya to eat at one of his favorite restuarants, Socarrat Paella Bar

Jacques likes to drizzle a bit of olive oil over the paella before digging in.

He’s a lovely. And I want you all to meet his wife, Hasty of Madame Chocolate – remember I said Todd and Diane were working with them? Well I get to show off their work!!

The real reason for the trip was 2 things – a meeting with Planet Green/Discovery Health to discuss the SmartFarm plans and to also come here

And be on the Martha Stewart Radio Show to talk about the SmartFarm.

Big microphone! Hello? Is this thing on?!

Terri Trespicio, host of Whole Living on Martha Stewart Radio Show and also editor of Whole Living Magazine (formerly named Body+Soul)

And I finally, finally got to meet happy cheerful Sandy Gluck of Everyday Food show!