Mom’s Surprise + Knife Winners


On the set of CBS10 in Tampa – pouring drinks and showing how to open a pomegranate without a squirty mess <- short video clip

Last week, my mom, dad and handsome, smart, cardiologist, SINGLE brother from California came to visit us in Florida and see the kids. We usually have family visits a few times a year, but generally they are short, I repeat, short visits spanning just a handful of days, because while I totally love my Mom, we have very similar personalities and sometimes specific personality traits (ahem: stubborness, bossyiness and must-be-in-controlness) clash to the extreme.

Scott, Jay and Dad have learned to side step out of the way during the moments of mother-daughter clashes. For no smart male would ever want to get in the way of two BICKERING CHINESE WOMEN on a mission to be right.

Don’t get me wrong, Mom and I absolutely adore and love each other very much and no way in hell would I ever want to trade Mom in for another mom out there. But we are woven out of the same vivid, hot, red silk cloth. A magical silk cloth that can instantly transform into ITCHY BROWN BURLAP if rubbed the wrong way.*

So the visits are short for the well being and health of the universe.

But I really do love my Mama. Really Really Truly Really.**

This trip was scheduled to last exactly one week, with a trip to Miami in the middle to have a bit of fun, visit friends and stay in a hotel where I didn’t have to care whether or not the kids wiped their boogers on the walls.***

Then Mom sprang the surprise on me.

She asked me if she and Dad could move here. Not just “here” as in somewhere within the state of Florida or close enough to drive a few times a year…but “here” as in within earshot distance.****  Dad’s retiring in a few months and they’d love to live closer to the grand kids, be able to pick them up from school, help with babysitting and of course, cooking.

Oh, the battles back and forth I went debating this situation But in the end, the lure of FREE BABYSITTING AND MOM’S HOME COOKING won me over. How could you blame me? Babysitters are expensive!

Yes, I’m a cheap bastard and easily bribed with food.

So, we’ll see how it all works out, but they’ll only be staying during the winter months when Florida becomes paradise for old people because the weather is tame and a bunch of the chain restaurants specialize in “gummable” foods like pureed peas, soggy carrots and mashed potatoes.

*Was going to buy my Mom her first computer, but I think I’d better wait until this post drops into the archives and off the front page.

**Just in case her friends with computers read my blog. OH I’M JUST KIDDING.

***I don’t even want to begin to tell you how much I’m battling this right now with Nathan. THE CHILD EATS HIS BOOGERS and licks his fingers like it’s the best thing in the world. That’s just so gross.

****For two bickering, angry Chinese women, “earshot” really means about 5 mile radius.

Miami’s Secret Lab

I have so much more to tell you about our Miami trip – where I had one of the absolute best meals of my life at Trump International Beach Resort, created by this genius, Executive Chef Kurtis and Pastry Chef Fabian – but the story deserves more attention than I have the energy for at the moment. All of us, Andrew, Nathan, Scott and I are sick for the 4th day in a row. It sucks. And we have to all get better by Wednesday, as we’re headed to Club Med Dominican Republic for a press trip. All of us are going, even the kiddos, and I’ll be a guest Peter Greenberg’s nationally syndicated radio show. Peter is the travel editor for NBC’s Today show. So, I’d better be in tip-top shape pronto or I’ll end up sounding like a coughing baboon.

Winners of New West KnifeWorks Knife Giveaway

You know, there is just no real good way to do blog giveaways. I don’t have no PricewaterhouseCoopers to audit the drawing and to keep the sealed envelope holding the winner’s name secure. It’s just not in my blog budget.

So, how is the winner picked fairly and how do you, as a contestant know that I’m not just picking my friends as the winners or only the cute guys? Maybe someone bribed me? How do you know how “random” the random number generator is? How to prevent someone from entering in more than once?

Hmm…there seems to be a nice little business model here – millions of blogs, thousands of giveaways each week and just charge a few dollars to administer the giveaway? I mean, there isn’t much work involved, just create some nifty program. I’d totally pay someone $25 to register my giveaway and have them generate a random number and certify that that number has not been changed or whatever.

Anyways, short of this magic blog giveaway administrator, you’ll just have to trust me on this one. But please, will someone out there start this service? Or if this service already exists, someone please smack me with a turkey leg?

Out of 1,086 comments, there will be three winners, one of the winners is only chosen from the smaller pool of people who had a bonus entry.

Winner #1

Merryann Palmer Says:
November 16th, 2008 at 11:11 pm e

These knives are just beautiful! I would dearly love to win the Fusionwood 6″ Chef in Jessica (I’m a bit of a traditionalist). This is one knife that I haven’t gotten around to replacing since my DH decided to use mine as a pry bar & broke the tip off. Then he had the audacity to tell me that the blade was unsanitary (it was a high carbon blade that discolored over the years)! Oh well.

Hi Marryann- congrats on winning a knife! I know you’ll totally love it. Tell your huzzie that if he ever tries to use your beautiful Fusionwood knife as a pry bar, I will personally come over and kick his ass. ~jaden

Winner #2

The Flirty Girl Says:
November 22nd, 2008 at 1:04 pm e

I would love to win the Phoenix Petty knife. When my hubby and I cook together we both always want to use my 6″ chef’s knife, I usually let him have it and have to settle for my 8 inch’er or my paring knife. Two chefs knives in the house would be fabulous!

Ms Flirty- Hello and congrats! Now you and husband can each have your own knives. No fighting over the Phoenix Petty, okay? I have this knife and use it every single day. Love it. btw, what’s up with all these husband knife issues??? hmmmm…there seems to be a theme going on ~jaden

BONUS Winner #3

jcopenha Says:
November 16th, 2008 at 12:29 pm e

BONUS I’d love to win a Phoenix santoku for my wife so bad, that I put it on twitter also,

Thank you JCopenha for being of my Twitter fans! It’s a gorgeous knife – once you get it, you might regret saying that you want to give this to your wife. Though, if you do, you’d better get some good nookie for it! ~jaden

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Comments 27

  1. David

    Congrats to the winners, and congrats to dad for entering retirement!

    RE:*** – Oh! I read something about this, somewhere. *googles* Ah, here it is: Dr. Friedrich Bischinger says that mucophagy is actually healthy for you.

    So… at least he isn’t eating paste or paint chips or dirt…? =\

    And, good luck with the computer picking.

  2. kayenne

    Ah bummer… I didn’t get a knife… I’ll just hope that it’ll be available locally. Although, if I did win a knife, I’d probably have to send you a dollar, right? Something about knives, slippers/shoes, clocks… not being ideal “gifts”.

    “two BICKERING CHINESE WOMEN” Us, Chinese are the same, wherever we are in the world…

  3. courtney

    Oh I missed this giveaway. Lord knows I need some new knives. I think it would be great if the partents move next dor. Deep down its more for them than for you. As they get older they just want to be close to family. And its warm!

  4. Gandamora p.d. siregar

    Hello Jaden and fam.,

    I just read about6 the giveaway knives and i really need new knives. But it isn’t pitty for me as in case i did win these knives i should have send you one dollar, as our culture (asian) instruction. Knives are not being a good gift………….

    Gandamora p.d. SIREGAR.

  5. Janet

    Congrats to all the winners! I’m jealous, naturally, but excited for you! From what I understand, the knives are so good, they can cut through the afore mentioned boogers with ease ;o)

  6. Asianmommy

    Yay! It’s wonderful for you and the kids to have grandma & grandpa nearby. My parents live close by, and it helps a lot.
    Sorry you guys all got sick. Club Med sounds really nice right now, as it is snowing in Chicago.

  7. jenny

    WAAAAIIIT a minute…not to make this about me but does this mean you won’t be coming out to So Cal to teach anymore???!!!! GAAAAAAAAA!!!

  8. Wicked Good Dinner

    Hi Jaden – Bocuse, no, I had no idea you were there (or the food buzz folks). Hoping there will be more things like this at Disney, or in our area though, so we can all meet up next time 🙂

  9. The Flirty Girl

    I WON???? Oh my GOSH this is so exciting! *Gasp, gasp, thud!*

    Thanks so much. I’m so excited because I can’t even remember the last time I won something! Well I won $5 at a casino last year after spending $1 but I split my winnings with two women I was with who each lost some money so I pretty much ended up with not much 😛

    And if my hubby ever breaks my new knife I’ll hold him down while you kick his ass! Ha ha ha ha.

    And LOL I thought you were going to say your mom wanted to move in with you. Nearby sounds great. Especially with the food and babysitting. Makes me wish I could live closer to my mom.

  10. Merryann Palmer

    Oh – I forgot – do I have to send you any information to get the knife? I don’t remember if I gave you our current address or not – we’re “Winter Texans!”

    Thanks again!!!

  11. Dirtykitchensecrets

    Congrats to all the winners! I’m super jealous… I guess i’ll have to go sharpen my knife now 🙁 hehe…

    It’s great to hear bout your parents moving closer! Congratulations! Oh and Nathan will grow out his habit, trust me! Not that I used to do any of that as a kid or anything…No not me 🙂

    Beth 🙂

  12. Mai

    Bummer! I didn’t win…well, it was fun sitting in anticipation. 🙂

    You and your mom must have a very strong bond to be able to clash and resolve frequently.

  13. Jescel

    Oh man.. this knife’s nice.. i could totally use this one right about now.. :o) I know what you mean regarding your mom and you.. it’s like that with me and my dad.. i are very much alike personality-wise that the days would be crying w/o us clashing on something! teeheee….. but i’d give anything to have my family nearby (not as neighbors, but in the same State, or county perhaps :o), but they’re all in the Philippines.. but one day, hopefully.

  14. Zestycook

    Jaden, This site is amazing. I know I told you before but there is just so much to see.

    Congrats to all the winners! Despite me being jealous, I will still always visit your site.

    zesty 🙂

  15. mikky

    i love the way you described your relationship with your mom, you can sense your closeness beyond those “BICKERING CHINESE WOMEN on a mission to be right”… 🙂

  16. Farina

    Congrats to all winners!

    How nice that your parents are moving closer. I too am very close to my mom although she drives me crazy sometimes and Im sure vice versa! I remember when i was still living with my parents, we would talk in the morning (mostly abt my brothers) just before I left for work. Even now, she would call me everytime she has something to complain about them! lol.

  17. Lynn

    You crack me up. I love my parents, but it would be my worst nightmare to have my mother in the same state, let alone within 5 miles. Truthfully, though, it would probably be hers, too.

  18. Gatro888

    A bunch of “Bickering Chinese Women” are louder than a sonic boom at times.

    I can say this because I become one when I’m around my mom or in an Asian market where I’m being pushed or shoved because someone’s trying to get in front of me.

    I think we’re all genetically programmed to be at FULL VOLUME when angry!

  19. Jo

    Oh my! I love my mom! LOVE MY MOM. Dad, he’s like a stubborn little kid. I just dropped my parents off at the airport an hour ago. They were here for a week. My goodness, my mother was the peacemaker when my husband or kid was driving me batty! While my mom loves it out here, she prefers CA weather, and the close proximity of Asian markets. I missed out on your knife giveaway, but I have to share something else. My darling smart, very happily married brother brought me a lovely 7″ Global cook’s knife, and the water sharpener too! My hostess gift for opening my house for Thanksgiving. We had so much fun and food, I want to do it again next year. I wonder if I keep this up, he’ll get me the full complete set of knives. Hmmm, family gathering every holiday for 2 years ought to do it. I even got to make jook from the 19.5lb turkey carcass. Even though I enjoyed my mom’s visit immensely, I was sneaking sips of the single malt scotch my brother gave my husband. Wow that stuff was smooth.

  20. Mike

    lol about the family clash stories but I’m sure having mom (and family) closer by will be a nice thing. And congrats to the winners!

  21. alexis

    Oh lordy, my mom and I have spent the last 7 years living 3000 miles apart and its kept us from killing each other. We can hardly spend three days in the same house without getting into skirmishes about the way I do laundry.

    According to my awesome computer engineer husband, he says that you can use a code with Microsoft Powerpoint or Excel to randomly generate numbers. If you like, I could have him pass the code along. =D

  22. Cakebrain

    I hear you about the mom thing. When my dad passed away, I asked my mom to live with us. Now we have free babysitting and everything! Except good cooking. Her cooking sucks. She overcooks stir-fries and it’s touch-and-go whether her Shake’n Bake will turn out okay. When all the other mothers were learning how to cook and sew, she was busy with a career as a professional, high-end hair-stylist. At least I had good hair as a child. Yes, there are trying times, but I think we did a good thing in the end. My only advice if anyone has to do this: sell two homes and get a huge one in turn so everyone has plenty of room to hide.

  23. Betty

    Jaden – great to hear that your parents are moving closer.

    As we all get a little older, it’s nice to have family so near (and the free food and babysitting is a plus).

    Remember that Asian mothers are always right and children need to listen. At least that’s what my Korean mother says – my response “Yes mother”!!!

  24. Petite Kitchen

    I am so behind on what’s been going on. I missed a giveaway…Crap! My asian mom lives a state away, and we both live such busy lives, it’s hard to see one another. I’m happy for you that your folks will be closer. Enjoy them.

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