As someone who juggles a lot (like, a lot! —if I were an animal, I’d probably be an octopus cuz I usually have 8 different things going on at any given time), I require a good amount of energy. With multiple businesses on the go, motherhood, a full pack of furry friends needing our attention, and my own crazy projects on the go – a little energy boost is much needed (and appreciated). Can you relate?

While I cherish my morning cup of coffee, the convenience of 1 Shot Energy caught my attention. While we have been spending lots of time out on the ranch, easy access to a coffee shop isn’t really a thing if you know what I mean. So, I was so intrigued by the concept of an energy substitute that could provide sustained energy without the preparation and hassle.

In this review, we’ll be sharing our experience with 1 Shot Energy and how their unique products have supported our daily routine. 

Read on to discover more about their healthy alternatives to energy solutions and how you can win a full bundle of 1 Shot Energy products for yourself!

1 Shot Energy Candies White

About 1 Shot Energy Company 

1 Shot Energy is revolutionizing the path to good health and sustainable energy, ensuring it’s not just effective but also enjoyable and convenient. Established in 2021 by Grant Redmond, Stephanie Soden, and their team of expert candy makers, the company is dedicated to crafting consumable products that prioritize innovation, mindfulness in ingredient selection, and a variety of health benefits.

We particularly love their commitment to delivering products that are not only tasty but also uphold the high standards in clean ingredients, flavor, and overall well being for their customers.

1 Shot Energy’s Focus Chews, Energy Chews & Voice Drops

Let’s talk about 1 Shot Energy’s lineup. 

Energy Chews

1 Shot Energy Energy Chews

They have an assortment of flavors in their Energy Chews, including Toxic Limeade, Lemon Lime, Blue Raspberry, and Orange Mango, and I wanted to check out a few of those, so I grabbed their sample pack which gives you 3 six-piece sleeves of chews. And, let me tell you, these are a great way to increase energy levels without all the unnecessary stuff you usually find in energy drinks or supplements.

Each chew is a low-sugar piece of taffy with 75 milligrams of caffeine (which is equivalent to the caffeine content in your usual 8 oz energy drink), and the experience is fast-acting and activates as you chew. 

1 Shot Energy has also infused their energy chews with amino acids, nootropics, and antioxidant compounds to level out your boost without giving you those dreaded caffeine intake jitters & increased heart rate. Plus, no artificial sweeteners in these babies, just monk fruit juice and a blend of fruit and vegetable extracts, so you also don’t have to worry about any kind of weird aftertaste. (Also, it’s a great caffeine alternative to the usual coffee habit most people employ to boost energy levels.)

Focus Chews

1 Shot Energy Focus Chews

Next up are their Focus Chews. While they come in 3 different flavors, including Blue Raspberry, Mandarin Orange, and Lemon Lime, I tried their assorted bag which contains all 3. (What can I say? I like variety!) Each bag comes with 30 chews, and they aim to provide mental clarity, focus, and a balance to energy levels while still remaining a caffeine-free option.

They use a blend of B vitamins and Tyrosine, an amino acid that’s essential for creating neurotransmitters in your brain, which provide a natural alertness and enhanced cognitive function. They’ve also included Vitamin C, D, E, and Zinc to boost your immune system. Along with these main ingredients, can you believe there’s only 1 gram of added sugar per piece?

Much of the sweetness comes from the addition of organic monk fruit juice. On top of all these benefits, they’ve also thrown in organic inulin, which is great for your gut health. (As I mentioned, they really care about the well being of their customers! 😄)

Voice Drops

1 Shot Energy Voice Drops

Last, but not least, 1 Shot Energy has created the perfect thing for singers, streamers, gamers, podcasters and speakers of all kinds: Voice Drops! These little candies come in a bag of 30 and boast a Soothing Yuzu flavor. Like their chewy companions, they are also low in sugar with no artificial sweeteners and no sugar alcohols (just monk fruit!).

What they DO have in them is slippery elm, marshmallow, and licorice root to provide a soothing throat coating that protects and supports your voice. They’re also infused with a refreshing organic peppermint oil, honey, and chicory root, a prebiotic that gives your beneficial gut bacteria a boost.

They’re even supported by (and created with the help of) metal vocalist Matthew Kiichi Heafy of Trivium, so you know they’re good!

Some of My Favorite Things About 1 Shot Energy Chews & Drops

1 Shot Energy Candies White

The Pros:

Here are a few things I really love about 1 Shot Energy’s recent products. 

The Ordering Process: You will find while browsing through their shop, that they make it easy to customize what you want exactly by being able to choose flavors and bundles. I really liked that they had assorted packs of the Energy and Focus Chews to try all flavors. And as if that wasn’t enough, I was able to choose which flavors I wanted within the Energy Chew Sample Pack. I thought that was really great when trying a new unique product. 

The Flavor: I’ve tried a few chews and drops in the past, and sometimes those artificial sweeteners overpower the flavor, or there’s something just off about it, and then you’re left with a really weird aftertaste. I have definitely been turned off by candy versions of cough drops or supplements (and even regular candies!) that I’ve tried in the past. But the taste of 1 Shot Energy’s drops and chews are amazing! Each flavor is distinct and tastes high-quality.

My favorite of the chews was the Blue Raspberry, hands down. (These blue ones quickly disappeared around the Steamy Kitchen HQ). With each of the flavors, you get a fresh fruity flavor burst, but the Blue Raspberry was especially vibrant and berry-licious, which I love. The Soothing Yuzu flavor of the Voice Drops is also really great. I almost expected it to taste like a cough drop, but no, it was nothing like a cough drop. 

1 Shot Energy Chews Flavors

The Experience: I’ll admit it. Before I tried the Energy Chews, I was skeptical about 1 thing: Is this really gonna give me energy? (And for good reason. I’ve been an avid coffee drinker for a long time. Am I really gonna get the same boost from a piece of candy as my morning cup?) But HOLY GUACAMOLE, these truly did the trick. They actually surpassed my expectations when it came to boosting my energy. And, as they promised, it came on pretty quick.

I tried one of the Lemon Lime Focus Chews the next morning, as I was working from my home office, and I can tell you that I didn’t feel the same conscious surge of energy that I did with the Energy Chews (which is great, cuz that’s not what they’re meant to do). It was more subtle, but it felt like I was a bit more effective in what I was doing. Sometimes I struggle to focus, especially when I’m transitioning between tasks, but that usual buffering time was nearly non-existent, and I was just knocking things out one-by-one with little resistance or distraction. Again, I was skeptical of this, cuz maybe I was just having a good brain day (haha), so I tried two of the Mandarin Orange-flavored one a few days later, and got the same results! I will certainly be keeping these on hand moving forward. 

I really liked the concept of the Voice Drops because I occasionally do speaking engagements, events, podcast interviews, or just Instagram lives, and some days you can use a little vocal enhancement beforehand. (Or even vocal recovery afterward!) I didn’t have any events this past week cuz my current life is consumed by other business tasks, but I did lose my voice after a LOOONG and exhausting day of manually filling orders for clients. I even had to skip the next morning’s Zoom meeting with the team cuz I couldn’t speak!

What better day to try a Voice Drop? 😄 As I rested, I popped one into my mouth and was, like I mentioned, delightfully surprised by the Japanese Yuzu flavor. And ahhhh, what a relief! It didn’t magically bring my voice back, but it felt like it coated my throat enough to start that process. Sooooo soothing!! It was just what I needed!

The Price: When it comes to energy drinks, most 8 oz cans are $4 to $6 a can! But if you opt for the Energy Chew Sample pack, that’s $18.50 for 18 pieces, which comes out to a little over $1 per chew. (To help you understand the difference, an 8 oz Red Bull has 68 mg of caffeine—less caffeine than 1 Energy Chew, which has 75mg!) If you opt for the 48-piece box of Energy Chews, that’s $34.99, which equals out to about $0.73 per chew! On top of this, if you use their available discount codes you can get it for as low as $0.62 per chew. That’s an energy no-brainer!

None of the Bad Stuff: When I do need an energy boost, I don’t really care for all the extra stuff. That’s why I’ve never been an energy drink fan. There’s always a world of other ingredients, most of them artificial, and ton of sugar. I just want the thing to do what I need it to do without all the extra junk. 😄 That’s what is a huge plus about these. Low sugar. No artificial sweeteners. Actual plant-based and organic ingredients. And it does what I need it to do! You can’t get more direct than that. 

The Convenience Factor: Need some energy? Don’t want to make a pot of coffee or go out to buy an energy drink? With the Energy Chews, all that’s standing between you and a boost of energy is a thin paper wrapper. Just unwrap, pop, and go! They fit in your purse or pocket no problem, so they’re easier to take with you than a thermos or a can. And you won’t have to worry about needing to use the restroom in an hour! 😄 (Honestly, that’s a concern sometimes!) All around, a good idea!

The Cons:

It’s pretty hard to think of a downside to these candies. If I had to say anything, it would just be to prepare for your tongue to be temporarily stained, especially by the Blue Raspberry chews. Maybe don’t eat these right before you give a speech or have to deliver a presentation before the board of directors. They might notice a blue tongue! 

A Wellness Mocktail Recipe Option

1 Shot Energy Lemon Mocktail

As a chef, I thought to myself… you can make Starburst mocktails, right? If I can do that, what’s stopping me from making energy mocktails?! I was inspired by the flavors of these chews to try to see if they would turn into a fun drink. 

And so, I did! It’s actually really easy.

  1. Unwrap a Focus or Energy Chew.
  2. Cut it (carefully) into 4 pieces.
  3. Throw it into a glass of sparkling cider or water! 

Just wait 4 to 5 minutes for it to dissolve, and you have yourself a 1 Shot Energy or Focus Mocktail!

You can get creative with this by adding in some fresh ingredients like fresh lime juice, fruit or mint to enhance the flavors and I found that they dissolved very well. This way you get the convenience of the chews, but also the possibilities of making a go-to morning beverage to sip on and to replace any energy drink cravings. 

1 Shot Energy Blue Raspberry Mocktail

Check Out Our Behind The Scenes Experience with 1 Shot Energy Products Video!

As I mentioned our full team has been using these chews to support us throughout the day. Catch this day in the life video to see how we’ve been incorporating them.


The Final Word

1 Shot Energy Candies Black

Overall, I think this is a super innovative and convenient way to get energy, focus, and maybe even a little vocal support. And, it’s definitely one of the best alternatives to regular coffee! They’re easy to carry with you. Easy to consume. You don’t have to stop what you’re doing or go out of your way to get what you need, and as someone who deals with a lot of distractions when transitioning from one thing to another, I appreciate that! I love that I can simplify my morning ritual on busier days. Also, they taste great and you just can’t beat that! (I don’t even miss the coffee taste when I have these.)

We hope you enjoyed this review and that maybe, just maybe, we’ve brought a new energy and focus solution to your awareness! Be sure to follow 1 Shot Energy on Instagram at @1shotenergy.Looking to order your own 1 Shot Energy candies? You can find them on their website here or on Amazon!

Have you tried these fruity little drops and chews? What did you think? We’d love to hear your take! Leave us a comment below! 


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