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Jaden Hair is a television chef, professional recipe developer, cookbook author and award-winning food blogger at Steamy Kitchen.

Jaden has been a food columnist for Discovery Health, TLC and The Tampa Tribune Newspaper. She’s also featured regularly on NBC’s Daytime Show, syndicated in over 260 markets and on past season as one of the stars on ABC’s Recipe Rehab.

Jaden is a cookbook author of The Steamy Kitchen CookbookSteamy Kitchen’s Healthy Asian Favorites and Healthy Chinese Takeout. She is also the co-founder of Food Blog Forum, a not-for-profit 3-day event for bloggers to make life-long friends, learn about the business of food blogging, food photography and more.

She has been featured on the Today Show, CBS Early Show, Martha Stewart Living Radio, Oprah.com, and Parents Magazine. Jaden has been named one of the hottest women in food (blush), one of the best food bloggers on Forbes.com as well as The Daily Meal.

She is featured in several bestseller books, including 4-Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss, Guerrilla Marketing For a Bulletproof Career by Jay Conrad Levinson & Andrew Neitlich, The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau, and Professional Blogging for Dummies.


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Confucius say

1. One who has harmony in seasonings need no recipe. Know basic combinations of seasonings in types of cuisines Chinese: soy, sugar, wine, sesame oil Japanese: mirin, soy, sake

2. She who marinates meats–even a quick 10 minutes–will be rewarded with flavorful dish

3. Hot Wokky = No Stikky

4. Cooking not only taste. Use all 5 senses.

5. It is honorable to share your food with friends. Cook more than enough and bring to hungry neighbor.

ok, ok, Confucious really didn’t say that. I made that stuff up.