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Welcome to Steamy Kitchen! I started this site 12 years ago (wow, I feel old!) It’s now grown to become our family business, with my husband, Scott, as the web developer (a.k.a. the “dot-com” of the business) and the kids, Andrew and Nathan, as the official taste-testers and reluctant dish-washers.

We feel so fortunate to be able to share our little slice of life with you. I’m a professional recipe developer, author of 3 cookbooks and a television chef. Our motto is enjoy food and recipes that are fast, fresh and simple enough for tonight’s dinner.

We live in Las Vegas now, but our previous home was on a 5-acre plot that we share with 3 rescue dogs, 4 ducks, 8 laying hens, 7 baby chicks and 35 giant koi fish that power an aquaponics garden. Scott is the gardening guru, experimenting with growing microgreens, aquaponics, hydroponics and raised bed gardening. But his real specialty is personal development and public speaking, having been a Lead Trainer for Tony Robbins for many years.

The boys love being part of this family business. Our “Board of Directors” meeting is at the dinner table. They get equal say in business ideas and decisions (though sometimes Scott and I pull an “Executive Veto.”)

Andrew and Nathan are First Degree Black Belts in A.T.A. Taekwondo (they started when they were 3 1/2 years old and it took them 5 years each to get their Black Belts) Scott is a Second Degree Black Belt. The boys inspired their dad to join and do martial arts with them.

I tried Taekwondo. Then decided it wasn’t for me when I broke my knee and had to have surgery! I’ll stick with activities that do not require jump front-kicks. My thing is tennis. I LOVE TENNIS! There are no board-breaks in tennis. There are not hero side-kicks in tennis. There is no punching in tennis.

My very long bio is below….

Jaden’s (long, ego-stroking) bio:

Jaden Hair is a television chef, professional recipe developer, cookbook author and award-winning food blogger at Steamy Kitchen.

Jaden has been a food columnist for Discovery Health, TLC and The Tampa Tribune Newspaper. She’s also featured regularly on NBC’s Daytime Show, syndicated in over 260 markets and on past season as one of the stars on ABC’s Recipe Rehab.

Jaden is a cookbook author of The Steamy Kitchen CookbookSteamy Kitchen’s Healthy Asian Favorites and Healthy Chinese Takeout. She is also the co-founder of Food Blog Forum, a not-for-profit 3-day event for food bloggers to make life-long friends, learn about the business of food blogging, food photography and more.

She has been featured on the Today Show, CBS Early Show, Martha Stewart Living Radio, Oprah.com, and Parents Magazine. Jaden has been named one of the hottest women in food (blush), one of the best food bloggers on Forbes.com as well as The Daily Meal.

She is featured in several bestseller books, including 4-Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss, Guerrilla Marketing For a Bulletproof Career by Jay Conrad Levinson & Andrew Neitlich, The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau, and Professional Blogging for Dummies.

Jaden and husband, Scott, mentor entrepreneurs and solopreneurs with their online business, focusing on building highly profitable, money-making machines.

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About the Photography

I take all the photos on the site. My camera is a Canon 5D Mark II with a 24-70mm f/2.8L lens, and 100mm macro for the food shots.

If I’m shooting with very little natural light, I use an inexpensive but amazing set of lights called Lowel EGO. My style of food photography is clean, simple, and showcases the beauty of food without a lot of fancy props.

All of the food created is real. Meaning, I don’t use food photography tricks like using Elmer’s glue to mimic milk, spray food with glycerin to make it look shiny, and I certainly don’t fluff and position each grain of rice.

93% of the dishes and recipes featured are created in my home kitchen and are eaten for dinner that night after a quick 2 minute photo-shoot. The other 7% of the food is still created in my home kitchen….but late at night when my kids are asleep and I don’t have to share any of it!

Confucius say

1. One who has harmony in seasonings need no recipe. Know basic combinations of seasonings in types of cuisines Chinese: soy, sugar, wine, sesame oil Japanese: mirin, soy, sake

2. She who marinates meats–even a quick 10 minutes–will be rewarded with flavorful dish

3. Hot Wokky = No Stikky

4. Cooking not only taste. Use all 5 senses.

5. It is honorable to share your food with friends. Cook more than enough and bring to hungry neighbor.

ok, ok, Confucious really didn’t say that. I made that stuff up.