Kenmore Dryer

This is a sponsored review from BlogHer and Kenmore.

*rubs eyes*
Yes, that’s my husband doing laundry.

My feelings aren’t probably what you think – yes, it’s great Scott is doing laundry – but normally I don’t even let him touch the dryer. Ever. I can’t even begin to tell you how many $49 Banana Republic sweaters that have turned from perfect medium size to shrunken, felted, lump of wool small enough for a 8-inch teddy bear.

But this dryer is smart. Check out all these choices.

And even if you want to deal with all these choices and controls, the Kenmore dryer has an automatic sensor that determines the moisture content of the clothes before it even runs. Then it adjusts temperature and time accordingly.

If all you need is a little steam action, pour a bit of water here and let ‘er go at it! This is so much easier than breaking out the ironing board and iron.

Also, it’s big enough to fit my king-sized comforter!

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