Finalist at Whole Foods Recipe Challenge!

Wonton Noodle Soup

Wonton Noodle Soup

My Wonton Noodle Soup is a finalist at the Whole Foods Budget Recipe Challenge! Can you believe it?

Need your help, please. There are 6 finalists and the winner is decided by votes! And because I’m up against blog-friends, Karina, Rachel and Katy. They are all really pretty, super-talented and I love them dearly.


I’m going to play dirty….real dirty.

I’m gonna throw out all I’ve got, baby.

The Bribe Card:

By voting (which is done by commenting) you get a chance to win $500 from Whole Foods.

The Cute Kid Card:

Here. Let me pimp out my kids again:
Andrew and Nathan helped me make the wontons.

Kids Making Wontons

Awwww…aren’t they cute? NOW GO VOTE FOR ME!

The Save You Money Card:

Wonton Noodle Soup only costs $2.98 per serving. Like, way cheaper than a Double Cheeseburger Meal Deal.

The Second Bribe Card:

Ok, so that first bribe really wasn’t from me. You are entered into the $500 drawing no matter who you vote for and the money comes from Whole Foods!Β  hehehe.

So, here’s the bribe. If I win (and I can only win IF YOU VOTE FOR ME!) I get TEN $25 Whole Foods gift certificates. I will give NINE of them away to random voters on Whole Food’s site.

Oh, what happened to the TENTH gift certificate? I’ve already promised the boys $25 worth of jelly beans if they told their teachers to vote for me.

The I’ll Do Your Ironing Card:

Um. No.

It’s a Close Race! (it really is!):

But please, purty pullleeeeeze come vote for the Wonton Noodle Soup recipe? You’ll have to register to vote and voting is simply done by commenting on the recipe at Whole Food’s site. You’ll automatically be entered to win the $500 Whole Food Prize plus my NINE $25 gift certificates.

Wonton Noodle Soup

(photo from Whole Foods when they tested my recipe)

Dude. What the hell are you still doing here? GO VOTE FOR ME ALREADY!