Winners of Signed Martin Yan Cookbooks


martin-yan-5Hello guys! It’s a gorgeous Saturday morning and I’m off to go do stuff with the family. Like go to the new, massive Ikea mega-store in town. This trip will be a fight, I know. Because last time we went, I told the kids that Ikea was an amusement park.

Which isn’t too far from the truth.

Because there’s a long line of cars waiting to snake into the parking lot and hoards of men, women, children and babies who are all in this amaze-daze…”wow! shiny! new! must! buy!”

I swear they pump some kind of hypnotic hoo-hoo through the vents.

But after that first time of trying to fool the kids into going shopping at Ikea (and they hated it) I don’t think the same trick will work today. I’m going to have to dig deep into my bag of tricks and just bribe them to behave during our trek with hard, cold cash. Thank goodess they are still at the age where they think a dollar bill is big bucks.

Anyways, who won the 2 signed cookbooks by Martin Yan? Well according to the random goddesses that preside over at whoever runs, the two winners are:

#86 and number #155

Crazy Cake Lady said: “Just happened upon your awesome blog and stopped in my tracks when I recognized Martin Yan. I LOVED watching Yan Can Cook when I was young, especially since he was one of the very few (like three)Asian personalities on TV at the time. IMO, Martin Yan deserves the 99.9% of the credit for bringing Asian cooking into mainstream America. He should have statue somewhere :)

Richard Fernandez said: “Jaden, Loved you column and was intrigued by Martin�s recipe. I was going to make a paella out on my grill Sunday afternoon, but opted to make this recipe. It was fabulous. I also enjoy two of your recipes, the Korean style pulled pork and the thai chicken lettuce cups. Can�t wait for you cook book to hit the stores. I’m also a Tampa Tribune subscriber of many years.”

Congrats guys – email me ( your address!