Sugar High

A person’s first visit to New York City should be everything they’ve heard about, watched on TV, read in books and dreamed of: the Statue of Liberty, Bronx Zoo, Empire State Building, Central Park, Donald Trump. But for my almost 7-year old, he insisted that the inaugural visit would have to revolve around sugar and pizza, and who was I to argue with him?

The family trek to NYC was a spontaneous one, a week prior we’d scored a trip for all of us to attend Kelly Ripa’s Kelly Confidential‘s ice cream party co-hosted by the Emperor of Ice Cream and Electrolux. ohhellyeah.

I consulted candy expert Nathan on the rest of our itinerary, I had made him play hooky from preschool last year to accompany me to NYC for the CBS Early Show taping. Nathan suggested we hit all the major candy store all in one day. The first day. So that we could just focus on gorging the rest of the week lounging in our hotel room watching cartoons.

We did our best.

Our first stop: three levels of sugar-high-heaven.

Where else can you find Gummy Teeth….

Gummy Chicken Feet….(rubbery….tastes like…uh…gummy teeth)

They tried their hardest to scratch out the candy embedded in the stairs. And if you’re wondering why I dress them alike, it’s because in a sea of short people (myself included), it’s easier to keep track of ONE outfit (i.e. neon green with non-matching blue/white swim shorts and ugly blue crocs) than to try to scan and pick out which of the crazy, screamy, bouncy kids was mine.

How could you not want to jump into a bathtub full of gumballs? Of course, there was a sign “no touching gumballs,” but who the heck reads signs anyways? Especially not my hyper kids. The store clerk almost had a sh*tfit when my kids came by and ignored the sign.

I came *this* close to being forced to buy the entire tub.

Though, if I owned the candy store, I’d just call the gumball bathtub a good marketing tool and just let the kids get in, without worrying about what kind of gross person would even PURCHASE gumballs that came out of a bathtub.

Then on to the M&M store where we tried to sneak off with just one M&M.

Conveniently across the street was the Hershey’s store, which personally I thought was a dud. So did Andrew, because we walked out of there empty handed, having not found a single thing worth buying that we couldn’t get at a supermarket.

I love these celebrity press events, they certainly treat us little bloggers really well, and know exactly how to woo the children – starting with being picked up in a nice car….

…being entertained by a balloon contortionist.

Though, what was THIS that he made for Andrew? A hot dog hat?

I think this was a space gun, but I’m not sure?

Got to hang with friends La Fuji Mama, Boston Mamas, Our Best Bites, The Naptime Chef, Simple Lovely and a few others, while all 18 of our kids played, chased, laughed and giggled together.

I try my hardest never to compare my kids’ abilities or talents with others. While I know I have a competitive spirit, I try not to let it get too intense or get in the way of a healthy relationship with my boys. Generally, I keep my competitiveness at check, as long as my kids are the cutest creatures in the room. kidding.

But this had me.

Give Nathan crayons and he draws beautiful abstract art.

I look across the table and this is some other kid’s art.

With a broken crayon even.

But before I could Google “children’s art classes” – we were ushered into the next room where the Emperor of Ice Cream and Kelly Ripa awaited.

The first thing Kelly said to Nathan was “Sweetheart! Your balloons match your shirt!”

And they became instant friends gabbing on about fashion and the importance of matching accessories.

I have no idea what Andrew said to Kelly.

Oh hello, heels!

I could wear those too, as long as I had 4-legged cane like gramps in Up Movie.

While the event catered to the kids, there was a little eye candy for the moms – the ice cream scooper boys.

Why’d I stand next to the skinny girl?

Nathan has a future in entertainment for sure….

After the event was near the end, walked over to Kelly and flirted with the cameras rolling.

And then autographed our cookbook and gifted a copy to his new girlfriend.

I just noticed that they’re just all about the same width….Nathan, Kelly and my cookbook.

Somehow in the 5 minutes I turned my back, Andrew conned the balloon guy to make him an escape ship and Nathan turned into a tiger.

Just when I thought we were in the clear for sugar events, I remembered I was co-hosting a party with the famous chocolatier, the one and only, Jacques Torres.

I invited a bunch of my favorite NYC food blogger friends (and some new friends too!) to party with champagne and chocolate.

Bloggers included: No Recipes, FoodCurated, VendrTV, Cupcakes Take the Cake, NYCMama, Three Many Cooks, IvoryHut, Jessica Rendazza, Food Mayhem, Homesick Texan, Fearless Cooking, Garden Fork TV, YumSugar, In Jennie’s Kitchen, My Kugelhopf, Eater, Culinary Media Network, CNN Eatocracy and new friends Annette and Janet (I know I’m forgetting some)

So that concluded our sugar tour of NYC. By the end of the week, Scott and I were worn out. The kids, on the other hand, were just getting their 18th wind.

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  1. bunkycooks

    What a fun time (for both kids and big kids)! I would totally sprain my ankle in those shoes Kelly was wearing (oh, I already just did that in flip flops!). BTW, I loved the boy’s matching outfits. Great idea to keep your eyes on them in the big city!

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  3. Cookin Canuck

    What a fun event! It looks as though both you and your kids had a ball. Good Lord – those heels! Now wonder Kelly Ripa has calves of steel.

  4. Joanne

    Darn it all I missed you by a week. My boy is too old for the massive sugar rush, but the food is always worth a trip. Next time you are out there head over to 15 East in Manhattan. The sushi was fantastic, and the chef is amazing.

  5. Emily

    What an absolutely fun event (and what hunks those ice cream boys are–yum!). So great reading about it. I’m living vicariously through you. πŸ˜‰

  6. Wei-Wei

    SUGAR, YAY! Your boys are just too cute (I love how Nathan was flirting with Kelly :D) The candy store looks awesome. But your party looks awesomer! πŸ™‚


  7. [email protected]

    Fun, fabulous post! Love the candy tour, from Dylan’s to Jacques Torres, it doesn’t get any better than that. Looks like the boys (and you) had a very sweet time!

  8. Julie

    What a fabulous time! Who would fill a bathtub full of gumballs and expect a kid not to touch it! (I’d die in those heels)

  9. Jessica Randazza

    Thank you SO much for including me in your trip here. It was so wonderful to see you and meet your incredible family. As always, let me know if you need anything at all.


  10. Kim in MD

    It looks like you had a great time! Your boys are gorgeous, as are you, Jaden! I love that last photo-too cute! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

    Oh- and excuse me, but what kind of store fills a bathtub with brightly colored gumballs and expects children to NOT dive into it? LOL! πŸ™‚

  11. Kerrin @ MyKugelhopf

    oh this post is so classic, i loved it ! huge grin on my face from beginning to end. the matching t-shirts, the scary bathtub of gumballs (reminiscent of chuck e cheese’s ball pit, right?!), those heels that i would just fall over in, the serendipity boys, YOUR boys – the cutest of them all, … all of your captions and comments are too funny. loved meeting the steamy kitchen clan and hanging with you in nyc. hope our paths cross again – and if there’s chocolate involved again too (or candy or ice cream or…), that’s fine by me πŸ˜‰ xo from zurich !

  12. Jim of Mt. Dora Historic Inn

    I had so much fun reading about your trip. Felt like I was there, that after reading I had a sugar rush and got a little buzz from all that chocolate and champagne. Hmmm…where does Nathan get his flirtatiousness??? We miss you; when are planning another trip to Mount Dora? Would love to cook for you again. Happy blogging and happy travels!

  13. joslyn

    it was so fun hanging next to you and your incredibly cute boys at the event!

    and man I’m having dreams about Kelly Ripa’s shoes. oh my!

  14. Chris

    Sigh, I think I have a sugar high after reading that travelogue, how cute! I’m afraid your boys are quite the playboys. You’d better watch out when they hit middle school, Jaden.

    LMAO over the art pics. Hilarious!

  15. Lys

    Looks like you had a great trip! Kelly and her heels *LOL* Those are the Brian Atwood Maniac pumps and my lord they are gorgeous (and seriously high!) They are on my next “stiletto must have list”

    Are you going to NYC for the Food & Wine Festival?

  16. My Simple Food

    Hi!! Looks like a fantastic trip. Your boys definitely had a lot of fun. Even Kelly Ripa was mesmerized it seems. Your blog is looking fantastic and congratulations on your blogging journey. I am trying to restart my blogging engine again. πŸ™‚

  17. Carol @nycitymama

    Have you come down from the sugar high yet?? LOL! Cute boys you have there…will have to get them together with mine and have them paint this town red, green, purple and all sorts of crazy colors!


  18. kayenne

    i think andrew’s first balloon “hat” was a letter “A”. tee hee

    geez… sugar heaven!!! my niece and young cousins would love that place!

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