Easy Knit Scarfette With Flower Pattern

I started knitting when I was 8 months pregnant with Andrew, my belly was so big that there wasn’t much I could do comfortably other than lounge on the couch watching television and short craft projects that didn’t involve noxious glue. The belly made a perfect “table” for knitting and propping of the elbows for good ergonomics.

As you know, my blog is about fast and simple recipes, and it’s the same philosophy that I apply to any craft project that I pursue. Anything that can be done in just a few minutes to a handful of evenings is my kind of thing. This particular scarf was knitted in 2 evenings in front of the television watching Season 6 of Mythbusters (love the show!)

It’s a Christmas present for my Mom — oh and don’t worry about me ruining the surprise — I’ve already given it to her. Our entire family is here in our home in Wichita, Kansas, celebrating Thanksmas or Chrisgiving. Strange, but it works for our family schedule and travel plans.

What I love about this little short scarf is that it keeps your neck warm without having to worry about long dangly tails of a scarf that always seem to get in the way of my jacket zipper or whatever I’m eating, especially Vietnamese pho noodle soup!

There are 2 parts to this scarf – the knitted flower and the scarf itself. The pattern is free from Bernat (see below for the download).

Here’s the loop where you pull through the end of the scarf. Love the loop, it helps keep the scarf snug around your neck. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost a scarf because it’s fallen off or blown off!

If you don’t like this style of flower, feel free to use a different pattern, there are hundreds of free patterns for knitted or crochet flowers.

The flower is pinned on, so you could attach other flowers or even a brooch for a bit of variety.

To attach the pin, which you can purchase at any craft store, I first sewed on a felt circle to stabilize for a more finished look on the back.

Instead of a knit flower center, you could use a large button, bead or other bling.

I didn’t use the Bernat yarn as stated in the pattern, but chose a soft, organic, nubby cotton yarn in a neutral shade.

Have fun making this scarf! And I hope it’s okay that I’m adding a little craft section to Steamy Kitchen — I’ve got a few more projects to share with you that would make great handmade gifts for the holidays.

Free Easy Knit Scarf Pattern
Bernat’s Knit Neck Warmer with Flower (PDF Download) – or you could go to Bernat’s website, create an account and then search for the pattern.

Yarn I used: Lion’s Brand Yarn Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton in Macadamia Color (purchased at Michael’s for $4.89 per skein x 2 skeins). I followed Bernat’s pattern, using size 6 needles. The only change was that I sewed a felt circle on the back of the flower and attached a pin so that the flower can be removeable. The pin can also be found at Michael’s – a couple of dollars for a box of 60.

Video on how to start the first stitches of the Easy Knit Scarf Pattern

And hey, look! Blackberry Rambles just made the scarf – love her colors.

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  1. Amy from Australia


    I am a beginner knitter and I have reached an impasse on this pattern!!! Could you please help me?

    Taken from the pattern –
    “With WS of Scarf facing, join yarn to sts on circular needle.
    Knit 1 row.
    etc. to the end of the paragraph”

    I suppose I am asking what joins to what? I have three ends, one straight needle and two ends of a circular needle?

    Thanks for your help.


    1. SteamyKitchen

      No prob- send me a photo wrong side facing and I’ll show you what to do. Just email me at [email protected]

  2. Tina

    Im trying to make this scarf…but im stuck at
    **Divide for loop front and back:
    Next row: (RS). *K1. yf. Slip next st
    onto circular needle. yb. Rep from *
    12 times more. 13 sts on right-hand
    needle and 13 sts on circular needle
    i do not understand how to do this at all while moving it onto the circular needle
    do you have video on how to do this particualr part?

    1. SteamyKitchen

      I don’t have a video, but here’s what the step is: You are going split the scarf into 2….one piece in front of the other. This is where the loop is going to be.

      Next row, on the right side:
      Knit 1. Then hold the yarn forward, which means in front of work (similar to when you are purling, you hold the yarn in front), you’ll slip the next stitch (without knitting it) onto a circular needle. Then bring the yarn to the back of the work. You’ll see that your working yarn has now crossed over in the front of that previous stitch. So remember, you’re not knitting the slipped stitch, just moving the working yarn from back to front….slip stich….the move working yarn from front to back.

      Keep doing this 12 times more. You’ll end up on 13 stitches on the straight needle and 13 stitches on the circular needle.

  3. Janice Reilly

    Help! I’m three quarters finished with scarf and the pattern is no longer on blog site! I checked the bernat website to no avail.
    Please help me to find the “Easy knitted scarfette with flower” pattern, I just love it!

    Thank you, Janice

  4. Rhonda

    Went looking for this pattern as I know my sweet 16 grandchild would love …but can not find it. Please help. Raverly didn’t have the pattern on there site either.
    Look forward to your response…

    1. Janice Reilly

      Dear Steamy Kitchen,

      About a year ago you were kind enough to help me by sending me the pattern for the knitted scarfette with flower pattern and I thank you! I did make it and it turned out beautiful! I want to make the scarfette again but the problem is I cannot find it! Please, can you help me? I would so appreciate, the scarfette is quite lovely!

      Thanking you in advance, Janice Reilly

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