Fresh Lemongrass Ginger Ale

Fresh Lemongrass Ginger Ale

This is one recipe that I couldn’t wait to share with you! I found it on a CNN’s website (I know, such an unlikely source!) The chef that created this it is someone that I’m sure you all know….Jean-Georges Vongerichten. If you are having a outdoor summer party – this is a drink that will have your friends praising you to infinity and beyond. The original version has no alcohol, but you can add a big splash of gin like I did.

Ginger does have the word “Gin” in it, so duh! If the photo looks a little crooked, its because I had to do the photo shoot twice.

Both with gin. (hiccup!)

You rock my world, J-Vo.

Lemongrass Ginger Ale

from CNN’s Food Central


Fresh Lemongrass Ginger Ale

Servings: 1 quart, about 10 glasses Prep Time: Cook Time:
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The original recipe includes chilli and is non-alcoholic. Its hot out and didn't feel like more heat, so I left out the chilli. I also added a splash of gin to each glass. Gin has an herbally, citrusy quality that goes really well with lemongrass and ginger.


1.5 pounds fresh ginger, cut into thin strips (don’t bother peeling)
3 stalks lemongrass, outer leaves discarded and bottom 6” roughly chopped into 1/2" sections
1 3/4 cups sugar
1 1/4 quarts water
soda water
gin (optional)
lime wedges


1.Throw the ginger and lemongrass into a food processor and process until it becomes a consistency of a thick puree. You’ll have to stop the machine and scrape down the sides a couple of times.

2.In a saucepan over high heat,, add 1 1/4 quarts of water, lemongrass/ginger and the sugar. Boil and immediately turn heat to medium-low and simmer for 15 minutes, uncovered. Strain with a couple layers of cheesecloth. Chill in fridge as long as you can wait.

3.To serve, fill a tall glass with ice. Add a ¼ cup of syrup in the glass. Top with soda water and or gin. A quick squeeze of lime, sip and pretend you’re on vacation.

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  1. tigerfish

    I love Thai lemongrass iced tea, so I know this drink is gonna be so refreshing. I may try it, without the gin though. Hmmm…so cooling.

  2. mrshbt

    Perfect drink for my blogger Malaysian friend Lyrical Lemongrass!

    Eat First Think Later also posted Lemongrass drink on her blog a couple of weeks ago.

    What kind of small chilies did you use? You mentioned that you remove the stem of the chilies. Did you also remove the seeds?

    Love your glass and orchid. I think you placed an orchid over the lemongrass, right? That’s brilliant. I learned another trick to garnish my cocktails.

  3. SteamyKitchen

    Susan-i’ll have to try it with mint next…such a natural herb to go with lemongrass.

    Tigerfish- its 90 degrees outside today with a humidity of 10,000%…

    Mrshbt- I didn’t use chillis in this drink – but if I did, I would remove the seeds and the membrane – any chiles would work fine, but I stick with an asian chilli.
    I used a slice of ginger, cut a slit and propped that on the glass. Then I took an orchid and stuck the stem between the ginger and the glass to hold it up. It worked beautifully. I also have a lemongrass leaf for garnish.

  4. Melinda

    I am very thirsty right…can you send one over. It looks like just what I need after walking 5 miles! The orchid is beaut decorating the drink.

  5. Lynn

    Ooh, I love the lemongrass in that, but I’m unsure about the chilies. I posted about making carbonated gingerale a while back. It was so much fun!

  6. Cynthia

    Thanks Jaden. As soon as I can put my hands on some lemon grass (scarce and expensive in these parts), I’ll try making this drink.

  7. mrshbt

    Sliced ginger to hold the orchid is brilliant.

    p/s I guess, to make the drink light green in color, perhaps green chilies would work better, seeds and membrane remove of course, as per your suggestion. 🙂

  8. Stephanie

    Captivating! From my office window in Melbourne I can see a blue sky, so damn, I’m just going to follow your suggestion and pretend it’s summer!

  9. Carol

    Hey Jaden, don’t rub it in! It’s been freezing and raining cats and dogs here, perfect weather for a cocktail party. Can I have your cocktail warm if not hot?? Love the orchids!!

  10. wokandspoon

    Ooo..a lemon grass drink with chillies! My dream come true! Thx for posting the recipe!

    We’re pretending it’s summer here in Germany as well. Summer has definitely gone AWOL this year!

  11. Karen

    That looks sooo refreshing. I might have to concoct one later…

    A few years ago, I made fresh ginger ale using one of J-Vo’s recipes. Awesome!

  12. Marvin

    Hi Jaden, what kind of gin did you use? I’ve recently discovered Junipero gin (made by the same people that make Anchor Steam beer, one of my faves) and it’s especially herbally and floral. I’m gonna have to try your recipe. I’m a sucker for anything with gin.

  13. blondee47

    Jaden, where can I vote for ur site to be the best blog!!@

    I love your ideas and recipies and everyone can make them…i just love your blog

  14. blondee47

    oops forgot to ask this: it is hard to find fresh lemongrass where i live, is it ok to use lemongrass that is bottled in water by Blue Dragon?

  15. SteamyKitchen

    Blondee- hmmmm….I’ve never used it from a bottle but I’m sure it would work. Add some lemon zest to the syrup to boil to give it more flavor. And thank you for the compliments!

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  17. cindy

    i thought you were leaving bloglandia! glad you’re not! (i’ve been working a lot, and been away from the blogs!) this looks wonderful, especially on a day like today…so refreshing!

  18. Lydia

    Oh, goodie — I have lemongrass in my herb garden this year! Will be wonderful to make this recipe when the plants are a bit taller.

  19. laura

    in actuality, the chilli in the original recipe is a smart idea, because it would make your body cooler. just a science factoid.

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