Submarine Tea Infuser


I’d drink tea all day if I had this! Submarine Tea Infuser £9.30 (I’d love to get in the U.S. too!)

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  1. Kiran

    Looks cute but unsure if metal holder and submarine material submerged in hot water is safe to consume?

  2. Kate

    This is so cute. I actually bought one for my grandma for Christmas! She thought it was quite funny.

  3. Alicia C.

    This is too cool. Funny, I’m reading your email newsletter and my toddler is watching his favorite movie – Yellow Submarine. This would be great for him. We recently discovered he loves green tea!

  4. cloudydeb

    My daughter picked up 2 of these when we went to Spain this summer!

  5. Kristi

    That is fantastic. I’m with you – I’d drink tea all day if I had a yellow submarine too!

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