Make Spring Yarn Wreaths

We have a 5-foot wide wreath that we hang every year in front of our house for Christmas. Up it goes December 1st, down it comes December 31st. While the season for holiday wreaths are over, the season for Springtime yarn wreaths have just begun!

Decorate your front door with a pretty yarn wreath adorned with felt flowers. The wreaths are made of yarn wrapped around and around and around a styrofoam wreath form (you can find this at the craft store, some Walmarts or at Joann’s Fabric or buy online) For Springtime Yarn Wreaths, you can use silk flowers already made (just hot glue gun to affix to wreath)

Take a look at the inspiration from two of my fav Etsy sellers and then scroll down for links on DIY Yarn Wreath!

The Yarn Wreath Inspiration

Etsy shop owner Itz Fitz from Long Island, NY make wreaths out of yarn and felt ($30-$40)

Knock Knocking from Austin, TX embellishes her wreaths with ornaments and different fabric flowers (and yo-yo’s!)

Make a Yarn Wreath!

The Recke Family made this wreath from a styrofoam wreath bought at the dollar store and felt flowers made from a step-by-step tutorial from Scrapping Tonight blog.


Instead of using a wreath form, Carolyn’s Homework braids the yarn and show you how to make this very elegant yarn wreath. You’ll need to make sure you use enough yarn, so that the braid will be stiff enough to form a circle. If your braid seems not stiff enough, you can always form a circle with wire from a hangar and incoporate that into the braid.


Have you seen Kelly Hicks’ website? It’s full of inspiration and DIY tutorials, including how to make the flowers on the wreath.


Danielle from Take Heart blog shows you how to make her version, including step by step felt flowers.


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  1. Tina

    I should know better than to read a blog post at 1am without my glasses. I would have sworn this post was for YAM wreaths, not YARN wreaths. That having been said, these are really cute! I love the braided one. I might just have to pick up a couple of skeins of yard and give that one a try. However, I think I’ll leave out the yams. 🙂

  2. Melissa

    I love these, thanks so much for sharing. I’m not crafty but will definitely be heading over to etsy to check a few out. We moved to this house almost three years ago and still have nothing on the walls or anything else to make it cozy…I’m sick of living like I’m still renting a place after college (where you’re not allowed to put anything up). These yarn wreaths are just so beautiful. What a lovely idea…

  3. Teresa D.

    So Pretty! Thanks for sharing Jaden! Think I will make one for my future daughter in love. Perhaps in her and my Son’s wedding colors.

  4. Erica Hoke

    I just made my very first yarn wreath! I used dehydrated white roses and little brown buttons with bright pink yarn. I am IN LOVE! I can’t wait to make more. Thank you so much for the inspiration and sharing all of these wonderfully talented crafters!

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  8. Myrna

    What a great way to use the yarn I have left over from the many knitting projects I’ve started (but not always finished); and many baubles in my crafting stash just waiting to be displayed. Thanks!

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