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Vegetable Fried Rice


Servings: 4-6 as side dish      Prep Time:       Cook Time:

You can substitute gluten-free tamari for the soy sauce. If you would like to use fish sauce instead of soy sauce (which I often do) - use 2 tsp of fish sauce to replace the soy.


2 tablespoons cooking oil, divided
4 cups cooked day old rice, grains separated
1/2 tsp grated ginger, grated on microplane grater
1 tsp finely minced garlic
1 cup or more minced vegetables (red bell pepper, chives, fresh shitake, extra firm tofu, frozen peas/carrots, cabbage, etc.)
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1 tsp sesame oil
freshly ground black pepper


1. Heat the cooking oil on medium-high heat. When hot, add tofu cubes and brown on all sides. Remove, set aside. If you aren't using tofu, then skip this step. Tofu is browned first, removed and added in later so that the delicate cubes do not get crushed in the frying process.

2. Add the remaining tablespoon of cooking oil to the pan and turn the heat to medium. When oil is hot but not smoking , add ginger and garlic, stir fry for 15 seconds until fragrant.

3. Turn heat to high and add vegetables - one kind at a time - in order of what takes longest to cook. Fry until the vegetables are almost cooked through.

4. Add the rice and the soy sauce, sesame oil, salt and pepper. Fry on high heat until the each rice grain is heated through. Add tofu cubes back in. Taste. Add a touch more soy if needed.