Modern Indian Cookbook + Pregnant???

Thank you for entering the drawing for Chef Hari and Chef Vikas (my god, how could you not love those two handsome faces! swoon! click on their links and see their videos on, an AWESOME site for cooking enthusiasts)

cookbook called Modern Indian

The winners are…..

Sig of Live to Eat

TBC of The Budding Cook

the bonus winner from my Creative Loafing food column is…..

Jane Radstrom

Congratulations winners! Email me at jaden (at) with your full name and address. I’ll forward to Chef Hari and he will send to you directly. If you want the book dedicated, give me the name of the dedication as well. (It would make a nice Xmas present…if you are willing to part with it, that is!)


Oh yeah. One more thing….

Thank you for all your recent emails and comments of congratulations. But I’d like to clarify that my previous posting of this photo: is NOT a sign of pregnancy.

OMG. Do you think I really need another one of these:

Do you know what that is???Β  That’s called $10,000 of future therapy bills right there.
(yes, he REALLY did run around the house screaming “BUNGHOLIO!!!!”)

Shoot me in the head with burnt caramel already. Scott got snipped shortly after the birth of Nathan, so if I were to EVER get pregnant, I cannot even begin to tell you how deep the shit I’d be wading drowning in.


Making these tonight:

Rolo Turtle Pretzels

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  3. Lilie

    LOL!! That would be the same for me. Don’t you LOVE the question “But don’t you want a girl (insert boy for us)?”. Hubby’s reply is “All I wanted was happy & healthy”. They are that when they aren’t making us pull our hair out of head (or in my case going white). I’ll soon be getting “Is that your GRANDMOTHER?”. LOL!!

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  5. Cynthia

    I almost spewed the water I was drinking all over my screen. Damn you Jaden Hair!!!!

    The pics of the boys are priceless and don’t worry, they’ll get you for exposing them to the world like this!

  6. Sig

    Yipppeee… I never win anything…Thank you so much… πŸ˜€
    Oh and the pics are hilarious, they sure are going to need years of therapy after this πŸ˜€

  7. Zenchef

    Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if we could buy those adorable evil creatures at the Supermarket already potty trained? πŸ˜€

  8. argus lou

    Congrats to the winners!
    Mrs Steamy, are you really SURE you don’t want another of those cute boys wrapped in kitchen paper? Priceless!
    (Oh, I’m sure the hubby will thank u for telling the world he’s been snipped, too.) ^_^

  9. Padmaja

    OH no Jaden your boys will be after you once they know theri pictures are up on mummy’s blog!!
    I have a 6 yr old boy who is so full of life and lives literally every second of his life!!
    I still haven;t stopped laughing!!!

  10. sunita

    Dear Jaden, I hope you know what you’re letting yourself in for… you better watch out once those two cuties of your’s grow up :-D….aaaawwww thgay really are sooo adorable πŸ˜€

  11. Neece

    HAHAHAHA! Those pictures of your boys are priceless. They’ll be great to show to future girlfriends right before they leave for a date/the prom! And I think $10,000 of therapy bills is a bit low. πŸ˜›
    Congrats to the winners! πŸ™‚

  12. Lynn

    Fortune telling eggs – is that a Chinese thing? Like tea leaves?

    Your kids are hilarious. I think we should lock them up with my son in a room full of capes, string, and sugar and video tape the results. Guaranteed winner on America’s Funniest Home Videos!

  13. Suganya

    Eggs and pregnancy? Thats news. There should have been a disclaimer in the start of this post. That you will spit whatever you are drinking at the moment.

  14. Mallika

    Brilliantly funny. I just tried one of the recipes in this cookbook and reviewed it too. It’s fabulous and so simple. The shrimps with a tamarind glaze are well worth the effort.


  15. joanne

    Ha ha. I have a boy just like that. Well he’s now going through puberty. Wanna trade? My uncle told me I was pregnant when I was complaining about how my crab didn’t taste good. No eggs, but stingy uncle and dungeness crab, go figure. I had hubby snipped too. Everyone always asks me why I don’t have another. Are you people kidding? Or is it all about misery loves company?

  16. Ashley

    so what’s my excuse for being a grown-up who runs around doing the cornholio bit? ::sigh::

    great post as usual! oh, and i did make the sour cherry rice again but wussed out with the rice cooker – i didn’t want to risk screwing it up when i was having dinner guests over. i made it with soy butter and it turned out FABULOUS once again!

  17. Ari (Baking and Books)

    LOL, I’ve never heard of eggs like that being a sign of pregnancy but your response to that suggestion is hilarious!

    I wonder what your kids are going to make of posts with pictures like this when they’re teenagers? Will they gain editorial rights or will you just start shouting bungholio at them?

  18. Deborah

    I’ve been trying to get my courage up to try the eggs for a while. Maybe one day soon. Maybe. Your pictures are some of the most appetizing ones I’ve seen, that’s for sure!

  19. Hal

    Okay, I LOVE Rolo pretzel cookies (I know, I’m so late to this entry, it’s not remotely funny). We make them every single Christmas cause they are so easy! On my first day meeting a new group of people, I asked my wife to make these and they were a smash hit.

    Of course, we call them “Poor Man’s Turtles.”

  20. Shella

    Your boys are such cutiepies. Love their pics, n I agree with Cythia, that they will get back to you one day for doing this to them.

  21. betting money

    Your kids are cutieees, but i never knew whether there’s any relation between pregnancy and eggs, (except birds and reptiles). It does’nt make any sense.
    Also congratulations to the winners.

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