Steamy Bloopers: The Claw Machine Conundrum

Hello, Steamy Fam!

Drey here again. 👋 Jaden’s Writer & Creative Content extraordinaire! You might remember my Platterful charcuterie board review or that time I haunted Steamy Kitchen for Halloween. Or even this hilarious blooper reel of Jaden.

I’m BACK! with another funny Jaden story. Most of our team works remotely, and as the only part of the team local to Jaden, we meet up to work together regularly. Sometimes, during these meetups, hilarity ensues.

Let me tell you the tale of…

The Claw Machine Conundrum

Jaden and the Scooby claw Machine

Recently, Jaden and I went out to lunch. While we were out, we passed by a business that was filled with claw machines. We had to go inside. We were surprised to find that their business was solely claw machines. Not renting out claw machines or repairing claw machines. No. Just letting people play with claw machines. We’d never heard of such a thing!

Jaden decided, “Well, we’re here. Let’s play with some claw machines!” She gave the staff a $20 and we split the tokens. I went to the first claw machine on my left and BOOM. I won a small stuffed Rick from Rick & Morty. (One of my favorite shows.) Jaden gloated to the staff, “She already won one! These aren’t so hard!” But, I wasn’t convinced this win was representative of how easy these claw machines were to crack. To me, it was beginners’ luck. I have failed many a claw machine in my day. 

We played a few here and there with no luck, and then Jaden made her way to a machine she thought might be easier. It was filled with Scooby Doo stuffed animals. Shaggy, Scooby, Mystery Machines. You name it. She put in a few tokens and gave it a try. No luck. Then again. No luck.

Seeing that Jaden hadn’t won anything by her second attempt, one of the staff came over to give her a better chance. She opened up the machine and stacked 2 Mystery Machines right next to the drop slot. Third time’s a charm? Yeah, no. Jaden tried, and failed again.

This is where I started filming.

The staff came over AGAIN, and stacked 2 more Mystery Machines on top of each other.

Jaden and the Scooby claw Machine

It seemed an easy win. Jaden attempted it… and promptly dropped the stuffed toy.

Jaden and the Scooby claw Machine

A chuckle of defeat.

Jaden and the Scooby claw Machine

The staff member came back and did it again, this time stacking the toys higher with a Scooby on top for an even better chance of winning.

Jaden and the Scooby claw Machine

All Jaden had to do was knock them over into the drop slot. Nervous chuckles ensued.

Jaden and the Scooby claw Machine

And finally… she did it! 

Jaden and the Scooby claw Machine


Jaden and the Scooby claw Machine

Check Out the Full Conundrum in the Video Below


We hope you enjoyed this Steamy blooper as much as we do.
How are you with claw machines? What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever won? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. never won on claw machine


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