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Garlic Press Review

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I recently bought the NexTrend GarlicPress and was really impressed with it. I found out later that you can easily smash the garlic with the press to easily take off the peel, and then grind it in the press. A more detailed review of what I think is in the video below. And click here to buy the NexTrend GarlicPress.

Video Product Review

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  1. Jena

    You know, I had one of these, first or second generation, I guess, that I bought from my local kitchen store. I didn’t use it very often, preferring my press (I never have a hard time cleaning mine & don’t understand the fuss) or just dicing with a knife, but when I did–when I needed a lot–I did appreciate how easy it was to clean. Threw it in the top rack of my dishwasher (I don’t see anywhere on Amazon’s description that says this version’s dishwasher safe) & forgot about it. But for as seldom as I used it, it didn’t seem to last long. A few months ago, I had to toss it because the plastic had cracked and water was getting in & not drying, and that was just making it gross inside. The version you’re using, Jaden, looks like it might be all one piece of plastic, though (mine was clear and green with metal blades, so there were places for the water to get in).

  2. Barbara

    Thanks so much for taking the time to demonstrate this nifty little kitchen helper. You might want to consider a more static camera shot to avoid the video going in and out of focus so much. I have been cooking for over 50 years and it has been my experience that most kitchen helpers just aren’t worth the trouble. In this case, one’s knife will do just as good a job, faster and nothing extra to clean.

  3. Linda

    Thanks for the great review. Now I want one! Love garlic but hate the mincing. Ugh…Amazon’s delivery date was the first week of November! I’ll search for one locally.

  4. Glenda Boran

    I have one of these! This is a must in every kitchen, it works exactly like it should

  5. Marla

    I bought one years ago and love, love, love it. Cleans up in the dishwasher and makes a fast job of mincing garlic. I never used my press, I found this to be a better tool for me.

  6. Margaret

    I was thinking the same thing… hehe… but come to think of it, this sort of device seems like a no-brainer for cooking use. Could probably grind things like cloves, coriander, and fresh herbs with it too!

  7. caribougrrl

    I got one of these as a gift a couple of years ago and at first I hated it. Great for smashing garlic, but I found it really cumbersome to use for mincing… until I realized I need to acquire a bit of patience and stop overfilling it. Two large cloves or 3-4 small ones is about as much as you can do at a time. A friend pointed out that for most people, that would be enough space… apparently I’m an exception feeling like I need to stuff 6-8 garlic cloves in at once.

    Anyway, agreed, tool worth having. I use it when I would have otherwise finely minced with a knife but I don’t think it replaces the garlic press.

  8. Angie B

    I found if I throw a head of garlic in the microwave for a few seconds the garlic puffs up and just falls out of the skins. I think a hybrid microwave/ this handy tool would be great for quick garlic chopping.

  9. Ariabelle

    My mom bought me one of these last year. I also love the texture of the garlic and being a lazy cook, I like to do a couple heads of garlic (a few cloves at a time) and store it in a small tupperware dish – drenched in olive oil – in the fridge. This makes a super convenient way of having garlic around, and it stays fresh for quite a while. I do this with garlic from my mom’s garden and even after a month (I wouldn’t keep it much longer than that), it’s still more potent than freshly smashed store bought garlic!

  10. Leigh

    My folks had just been to Sur La Table for a new garlic press – and after using it had the same complaint you mention in your video. They don’t like cleaning the head of the press and getting the garlic out of the holes – then I remembered your review. So, clicked the link and ordered the longly named tool. Thanks Jaden for your website, recipes and reviews; you always steer me right!

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