bella pressure cooker review

Bella Pressure Cooker Review & Giveaway

Bella Pressure Cooker Review

During the summers, our pressure cooker gets more use – the Vegas heat discourages much stovetop and oven cooking. I mostly use the pressure cooker to make healthy, clear, light Asian-style broths that we drink warm, not hot. I also discovered how to make perfect mashed sweet potatoes.

We spent a week testing . . .

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chopped cleaver review

Chopped Champion Cleaver Review & Giveaway

Chopped Champion Cleaver Review

The very first cooking show that I saw was Martin Yan’s Yan Can Cook on PBS. Martin was my idol! His mad chopping skills was entertainment, I loved how he smashed garlic with just one SMACK! of his Chinese cleaver.

The cleaver is an indispensable tool in the Chinese kitchen. You’ll find several . . .

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Oliso Sous Vide Review & Giveaway

Oliso Sous Vide Smart Hub Review

We’ve been using sous vide as part of our weekly cooking methods for the past 7 years, starting with the Sous Vide Supreme (reviewed in 2009), then graduating to adopt each new sous vide newcomer since – Anova Sous Vide and Nomiku Sous Vide.

Our latest sous vide testing is . . .

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omiebox review

OmieBox Review & Giveaway

OmieBox Review
I pack the boys’ lunches every. single. day. They both prefer either leftovers from the night before or sandwiches — over school cafeteria lunch. We currently use 2 different systems – the Zojirushi Ms. Bento for hot lunches, and the Cool Gear for cold

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steakchamps steak knives review

SteakChamps Steak Knives Review & Giveaway

SteakChamps Steak Knives Review
Prior to meeting my husband, I used the cheapy steak knives that came in my block of 12 knives I bought on sale at Macy’s. I wasn’t a big griller then, as I was living in San Francisco and my patio balcony was old and brittle. We didn’t dare set more than . . .

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cuisinart crepe maker review 1

Cuisinart Crepe Maker Review & Giveaway

Cuisinart Crepe Maker CPP-200 Review

My kids are having so much fun with this Cuisinart Crepe/Pizzelle/Pancake Maker! Their favorite cookie is the Belgian Butter Waffle Cookies At Trader Joe’s. We go through a minimum of 1 box a week. So, when Cuisinart sent over this Crepe Maker, the pizzelle cookie was the first recipe we tried. . . .

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click and grow review

Click & Grow Review & Giveaway

We’re massive gardeners, back on our Florida homestead, we had several gardens: hydroponics, aquaponics, micro greens and also raised beds. The most “hands-off” gardening we had were the Earthboxes, which let us grow tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, zucchini, peas….well….anything….in a box that only required watering every few days.

Now that we’re in Las Vegas, living the . . .

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PubWare Unbreakable Glass Review & Giveaway

pubWare Review

pubWARE specializes in “synthetic glass”, glassware the feels like glass, looks like glass, but is unbreakable. It’s ideal not just for bars and restaurants, but at-home everyday use, especially those who like outdoor entertaining.

In just the past 6 years, we’ve replaced our stemware three times. We’re clumsy, we eat outside by the pool . . .

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dancing deer

Dancing Deer Baking – $50 Store Credit

For Mother’s Day, birthdays and other celebrations, I enjoy edibles….goodies that I normally wouldn’t make or purchase for myself. It’s a special treat, a little indulgence that I can enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea.

We’re nibbling on Dancing Deer’s Spring gift package this week, with flower-shaped shortbread cookies – lemon and lemon-raspberry flavored. . . .

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slingbox m2 review

Slingbox M2 Review & Giveaway

Between housework, school schedules, work, travel, and kids’ sports activities, I actually spend very little time in front of my television. Each month, when the cable bill comes in, I cringe because I know I’m not using what I’m paying for.

Last year, I purchased a Slingbox to help solve the problem. The Slingbox allows me . . .

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tinitell giveaway

World’s Smallest Cell Phone – for Kids!

A couple of years ago, I backed a project on Kickstarter called Tinitell, the World’s Smallest Cell Phone. The cell phone is a wrist-watch, meant for kids. The Tinitell just arrived two weeks ago — the Kickstarter project actually delivered!

It’s such a neat product, and I love promoting Kickstarter projects that actually deliver (I’ve backed . . .

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1byone 3 in 1 charging dock review

Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone Charging Stand

We’re a big Apple family (we regularly feature iPad and Apple Watch giveaways!), but one of our biggest complaints about having so many different devices is the tangle of charging cables. On my husband’s nightstand, he’s got 3 diffferent cables – one for each device. This charging stand solved his messy problem – it’s a . . .

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