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Barbarian Bar Tools Review & Giveaway

Barbarian Bar Tool Review
I hate being unprepared for a situation. This I why I carry a Swiss army knife as my keychain, store a multipurpose tool in my glove compartment and even an emergency portable drinking water filter in the trunk.

The one thing I’m not prepared for at a moment’s notice while away from home . . .

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tribella wine aerator review

Tribella Wine Aerator Review & Giveaway

Tribella Wine Aerator Review
Not too long ago, the only tools made for aerating wine at home were wide, tall, vase-shaped decanters, which took up too much table space and were a pain to wash. Then, along came the Vinturi, which required you to expertly hold and balance the aerator above your wine glass while simultaneously pouring . . .

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Apple iPad Mini Giveaway

This is sponsored by me – Steamy Kitchen ūüôā

Each year, we give away four iPads, as a big thank you to our loyal readers of Steamy Kitchen. Congrats to Katy  for winning our last one (Katy-check your email! We just emailed you this morning!)

Your visits to our site is vital to our family business. My . . .

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duxtop induction cooktop review

Duxtop 8300ST Portable Induction Cooktop Review & Giveaway

Duxtop 8300ST Portable Induction Cooktop Review
Sitting on my kitchen counter is a Duxtop 8300ST portable induction cooktop. I bought this unit almost exactly 3 years ago, to use as a portable cooktop for creating cooking videos.The Duxtop works by induction Рmagnetic fields that are eco-friendly, energy saving and safe to use. The ultra lightweight unit gave . . .

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Best Silicone Oven Mitts

The Best Silicone Oven Mitts
We’ve tested 8 pairs of oven mitts to find the very best silicone oven mitts for your money. I’ve always been partial to fabric and silicone oven¬†gloves like the Pitt Mitt,¬†because of the flexibility and dexterity of being able to use five fingers instead of feeling like I’m Barney the annoying dinosaur, . . .

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all clad wok review

All Clad d5 Wok & Giveaway

All Clad d5 Wok Review
As an Asian recipes site, we test a lot of woks here at Steamy Kitchen. Some work great for the first 2 months, then discolor, warp, or fall apart at the handle. Only four woks out of the dozens we test actually are sturdy enough to last for years. The All Clad . . .

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nomiku sous vide review-5803

Nomiku Sous Vide Review & Giveaway

This is a review for the Nomiku Classic Sous Vide. I’ve been testing out this machine for the past 2 months, with over 13 different recipes and 53¬†hours of sous vide time. I also own the Anova Sous Vide and have owned the Sous Vide Supreme. Here’s my review of the¬†Anova sous vide¬†and a recipe . . .

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Certified Steak & Seafood Review & Giveaway

Certified Steak & Seafood Company Review
Last weekend, I had my parents and my brother over for a steak and seafood feast Рcomplete with both red and white wines, garlic mashed potatoes and and roasted asparagus. Certified Steak and Seafood Company sent over their prime filet mignon and Chilean sea bass for us to try and provide . . .

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Adobe Photoshop Fix and Lightroom for Mobile

Adobe Mobile Photoshop Fix and Lightroom are FREE on your mobile device (ios and android.) We’re giving away an Adobe Creative Cloud membership ($99 value) at end of post. -Jaden
Adobe Mobile Photoshop Fix and Lightroom Review
I’ll be honest with you. It’s taken me nearly 2 months to make the time to write this review and . . .

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$100 Gift Certificate at Restaurantware Glassware
This cold, dreary winter can really bring down your mood – battle the blues by making something cheerful, sweet and colorful. With just 3 lemons, you can make sweet and zippy Lemon Curd to enjoy and to give away.

We love the canning jars from, especially the wee-small ones to fill with bright Lemon . . .

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bellini kitchen master review

Bellini Kitchen Master Review & Giveaway

Bellini Kitchen Master Review
All-in-one cooking machines have always fascinated me, mainly from a product design perspective Рhow do they fit so many functions in a machine without making the usability too complicated, and how do product engineers interpret the way people cook?

The Bellini Kitchen Master by Cedarlane claims to replace over seven of your kitchen . . .

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Margaritaville Key West Frozen Concoction Maker Review & Giveaway

Margaritaville Key West Frozen Concoction Maker Review
We’ve never been big at-home mixed drink makers – preferring to order the fancy drinks at bars and restaurants. That’s because when we entertain, I’m too busy in the kitchen¬†cooking to have to worry about the also making a perfect mixed drink for our guests. Having lived in Florida . . .

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