Hot off the presses! Steamy Kitchen Healthy Asian Favorites

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The book! It’s here! Well, one of the very first copies that was rush-shipped to the publisher for us to look at. After nearly 2 years of working on Steamy Kitchen Healthy Asian Favorites, I’m so thrilled to give you a sneak peek at the book. I wrote this book to highlight how amazingly light and healthy Asian food can …


Shooting Recipe Rehab


After all the crazy travel in 2010 and 2011, I’m perfectly happy cooking and working from the comfort and convenience of my home. Kelly comes on Mondays to test recipes and Cheri comes on Fridays to edit video. In between, I play in the kitchen, manage the site and edit recipes. Once a month, I’ll drive an hour to Tampa …



I’ve always been a hands-on and visual learner, preferring to process information by seeing and tactile practice. Even in grade school, I remember my teachers always complaining, “Are you listening to me?” (no.) “Did you hear what I just said?” (nope.) In college, where the preferred method of teaching was mainly lectures, I’d write notes fast and furious (I created …


Jaden’s Raves

Is your cake stand never the right size? Try this one, it even has suction cups! Dinky shellfish and nut crackers always makes my hand sore. These pliers are the best I’ve ever tried. A carving set on sale at 55% off – Wusthof makes the best!  Need an extra oven for your holiday cooking? This baby cooks up to …


Birth Canal Challenge


Our big children’s museum is called, MOSI in Tampa. It’s a massive facility, very well funded and one of the best kids museums in the world. We even have a zipline where you can soar 700 feet in the air and pretend you’re Superman. I imagine that the job of “Children’s Museum Director” must be quite fun. I’d probably take that job …


This one time, at the Asian Market….


I often get asked, “what’s it like taping for television?” My answer: it depends on how many shots of tequila I take before going on. No, just kidding. My segments are about 4 minutes long, and while it’s not “live” we only do it in one take unless I really really screw up. I love short one-take segments like this …


Buster Blue


Our entire family is in love. This is Buster Blue, the newest member of our family. Buster Blue is a 13 week old blue pitbull puppy that we adopted this past Sunday. He’s got a soft, supple, velvety, gorgeous gray-brown coat that’s exactly the color of my front yard at 5:00am (I thought I lost him when we took him out …


Doggy advice?


Hi. My name is Coco. I love to sleep on the couch, but sometimes I don’t know what to do with my long skinny dangly legs! When it’s nice outside, I like to sleep next to Buddha. Or nap on the couch with Andrew. And have sleepovers. When I get in trouble, I pretend to sleep. But when I’m not …


He loves me. yeah yeah yeah.


(Beatles!) The past two weeks? Awesome. Let’s recap: Prezzie Obama said hi to me, Martha Stewart didn’t think much of my shoes, I turned 40 and I triggered security at a casino in Las Vegas. I spoke during Pathfinder day at BlogHer in New York City with the lovely Kathryn Finney of Budget Fashionista. Our all-day seminar was focused on …


Introducing Steamy Kitchen Wok and Rice Bran Oil!


  UPDATE: The Steamy Kitchen wok has sold out!!! We are currently looking for another manufacturer that can help us produce more ASAP!!   One of the most asked questions I get is, “what kind of wok do you recommend?” To me, the perfect wok has to be: – easy to cook with, easy to clean – made of cast …


Desperately Seeking Distractions


Our schedules this week worked out just right. Scott is off competing at a Taekwondo tournament in Arkansas. He’s gonna kick some butt. The boys are in sports camp during the day, and by the time they get home, they are so exhausted that they voluntarily go to bed early. And me? I’ve got a cookbook manuscript to edit. This is …