Fun Finds


Tiny Bubbles! Send clouds of tiny bubbles skyward with this quick trick from Family Fun Green Apple Compost Crock from Lake Land (Price is in Pounds, Amazon sells a similar apple compost crock in red) Microwave Sea Salt Caramels from The Yummy Life Rubber Boot Tray from Ballard Designs Breakfast Galette from Cafe Fernado Buttermilk Cream Tart with Apple Roses …


Fun Finds

Fun Finds

These Inside Out Bowls from Anthropolgie are so pretty! Wrapping idea! Scalloped Paper Bags from The Party Studio Instant outdoor sink—no plumbing required! Found on Solutions.com Stuffed Green Peppers with Brown Rice, Italian Sausage, and Parmesan from Kayln’s Kitchen Van Gogh’s Starry Night made from spices from Geek O System. Raspberry Popsicles from RecipeBoy. Brooks is Lori RecipeGirl’s son! These …


At The Pioneer Woman’s Ranch


It’s been over a year since the we three piggy, party-throwin’, spooning, street gals have been together in the same city. So finally, after months and months of coordinating, we bought our tickets, corralled the family and headed to Oklahoma. When Ree sent over driving directions to the ranch, it was like 2 pages long. She’s written about her house being in …


I’m a cold-weather wuss


I’ve been scouring the online stores for winter clothes and the shipping boxes by the front door is piling high crazy fast. Another two boxes just came in and the now it seems that the game of Jenga is quite the theme of the month. The boxes have remained unopened, because thick, heavy winter clothes take up so much space that …


Singing with Jewel and David Tutera


Wow. Just after typing the post title, “Singing with Jewel and David Tutera”, I had to re-read and say, “REALLY!? Did this really happen!?” PINCH PINCH PINCH!!!! Well, technically yes, I really did share a song with them. However, we were singing in squeaky, nasal, high-pitched voices like elves, wore gyrating elf hats and danced like fools. Well, David and …


Revealing how utterly whack-o my life is


I remember hosting my very first sleepover – I was 8 years old and my best friend, Christy who lived around the corner. We’d sneak flashlights under the sleeping bags and talk all night about Barbie dolls and roller skating. In jr. high, my girlfriends and I would lip sync and dance to Lucky Star, She-bop and Girls Just Wanna …


Fun Finds


1. Sweet as Honey Housewarming Party from Paper and Pigtails Party 2. Fluffy Pancakes with Coconut, Qlin Art 3. The most perfect cheese platter, Whole Foods Le Gruyere Reserve-Grandcour Dairy Aged 12 months: The history of Le Gruyere dates back to 1249.  Produced in Switzerland in the canton (state) of Vaud, WFM has hand selected the Grandcour Dairy to produce …


Fun Finds

Fun Finds November 3 2011

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls from The Shiksa in the Kitchen – I met this gorgeous lady earlier this year! Tori is “The Shiksa” – her blog is full of Jewish recipes. Things to do with your massive collection of wine corks from Shine Your Light. You do save them, right? Flower Arranging Secrets from Martha Stewart – perfect for a low …


Coco will need pyschotherapy after this Halloween


I love going to Halloween parties where costumes for the adults are mandatory, as it forces people who normally wouldn’t dress up to do something a little out of their comfort zone –> pointing to Scott Thank goodness we had party on Saturday night, as this year, I get to spend Halloween on a plane to Dallas, Texas. Well, other …




“I’m sowry”




This weekend provided both Scott and I a painful reminder of why we should never skimp on hotel rooms. The $200 or so we saved by booking at a so-so hotel will be promptly spent on massage and chiropractic visits. We were attending Scott and the boys’ Taekwondo Nationals Tournament held in Orlando, and being the bargain-huntress that I am, …


Fun Finds


Decorative Pie Tops from Recipe Tips Mechanical Pencils with Colored Leads for $9.95 from Barnes & Noble Homemade Pest Stray for the Garden from Martha Stewart Rory’s Story Cubes for $6.71 – just toss all the dice, take a look and let your imagination run wild to create a story –  from Amazon Key to preventing moldy berries from Food …