Boys at Play


Hi friends, This has been quite an emotional week, with the boys home for Spring Break, Scott and I had to sit them down and explain to them what happens in a natural disaster (no, God is not mad), where do all the people go swept out to sea and encourage them to think about really how precious their lives …


They Draw and Cook; We Fish


We’ve been fishing a lot lately, it’s the perfect weather to do so, the fish are hungry and our pond in the backyard is nice and quiet. These next two photos are my favorite – the Scott and the kids are just so content waiting patiently for the fish to bite.   Sometimes, they’ll be out there for a couple …


Version 28.4.6


I’ve just finished Version 28.4.6 of my book proposal. Done. No more. I’m writed out. Why so many versions and why this silly little numbering system? I’ve written the entire document in Adobe In Design. I’ve had this Adobe program that specializes in publishing documents for 3 years now. I’ve never once used it before until now. I think I …


Subway Launches Banh Mi


Subway launches the Vietnamese Bahn Mi! Okay, not really. But I gotcha, didn’t I?? Guess, who got me? Eat Drink & Be Merry, one of the very first bloggers I’ve ever met in person waaaay back nearly 4 years ago. His poster design on the left here was so convincing (EDBM is a graphic designer by day) that I held …


Thoughts on Blogging


I’m celebrating a birthday this month, my beloved SteamyKitchen.com turns 4 in the next few days. Actually, I think it has turned 4 already, but there were some really wacky first posts that I just had to hide from public view, well, let’s just say back then, the blog had an audience of ONE. My husband. So, you can imagine …


Food Blog Forum Orlando


I’m finally hosting a Food Blog Forum in my home-state, Florida! I know, I know, it’s been long overdue. After our Atlanta event, blogger Julie of The Little Kitchen persuaded me to host one locally. And boy, was she ever so persistent! Well, I’m happy to announce Food Blog Forum Orlando, a 1-day food blogging seminar held at Rosen College …


Domains for Sale


  At one point, I owned 120 domain names. So I guess you could call me a domain-name hoarder, but seriously they were silly domains that people wouldn’t ever think of or want in the first place. Every time I think of a cool phrase or idea, no matter how strange, dingbatlike or just plain stupid, I’d go and buy …


Mommy Long Legs

mommy long legs

Because both Scott and I work from home, we….errrr….*I* often don’t think too much about what I’m wearing, which kinda goes against everything that Dr. Phil says to do when lovers work together. But then again, I don’t even watch the big bufoon so I guess, never mind. Scott usually never says anything…and I say “usually” because the other day, …


Food Blog Camp 2011


Recap of 3rd annual Food Blog Camp 2011! Hosted by Steamy Kitchen, David Lebovitz, Matt Bites, Simply Recipes, White on Rice Couple, Adam Pearson.


How to Cook a Turkey


How to Cook a Turkey!! by Andrew Hair Do you know how to cook a turkey? I will tell you how to. First, I will go and get one at Target. I get a big one. Next, I put it in the fridge, I wait for 5 minuts and then I take it out of the fridge. Then I put …