Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa tells Nathan how much she loves that he’s color coordinated with his balloon-thingy. His life is complete.


Their first New York pizza

We may never go home after this pizza….at Angelos Pizza in NYC, next to David Letterman’s studio  


Hawaiian Luau Burger

Ted Reader is a man I’ve referred to as someone who tiptoes the fine line between genius and lunatic, and that’s exactly why I love this man. His cookbooks are big, bold and absolutely nuts. Ted just came out with king of all burger books – Napolean’s Everyday Gourmet Burgers. Meet Ted and the Ultimate Cheeseburger Melt. It’s as big …


Count Ketchup Spreadhead

I’m getting this for…uh…my kids….yeah…really it’s for them, not me. update: oh my goodness….there exists an entire family of spreadheads!