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Dictionary of Modern Gastronomy

The Food Section has a list of “modern gastronomy terms” – such as Honey Laundering (cheap Chinese honey shipped first to Philippines to be relabeled to avoid U.S. taxes), Coffee Name (alias you give to Starbucks if your name is difficult to spell or pronounce) and Ambient Ice Cream – environmentally friendly ice cream sold at room temperature for you …

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Steamed Siu Mai Dumplings

Dumpling skins are usually found frozen. Small, round siu mai dumpling (or potsticker) skins are the best, but you can also use square wonton skins. Look for these in the Asian market for best results. At regular grocery stores, I’ve seen “pasta sheets” marketed as dumpling or egg roll wrappers that are refrigerated in the produce section, usually next to …


Bling Band Aids

Love!!! Bling Band-Aids designed by Cynthia Rowley….boo-boo in style. Found on Oh Joy!


Indian Dal Nirvana

I subscribe to multiple cooking magazines, their glossy photos serve as my “look book” for dinner ideas. But my favorite section actually has no photos, the “dear editor” letters from readers revisiting a favorite food memory and pleading to weasel the recipe from the restaurant chef. Magazine editors and test kitchens take a complicated chef’s recipe, “home cookitize” for us …



Beautiful, eco-friendly compostable Wasara disposable dinnerware(via Swiss Miss)


S’mores Brownies

I can’t stand it. Must. Have. Now. S’mores Brownies recipe over at Culinary Cravings.


Zucchini Crudo

Beautiful, simple and refreshing Zucchini Crudo recipe over at Kiss My Spatula blog.


Back to School Ideas

I’ve got 9 Back to School breakfast, lunch and snack ideas – head over to my guest post on Bon Appetit’s site! Oh and pssst….I’m also featured on for Marcella Hazan’s Simple Tomato Sauce recipe.