Tala Pie and Baking Tins

This solves the biggest problem I have — getting the pies and cakes to come out cleanly and easily! Found on Kitchen Critic.


Modern Housing for Urban Chickens

It looks like something for kids….but it’s for chickens! Ultra chic and modern housing for backyard chickens. It’s about time that chicken coops were made from more than ugly wire and wood. Omlet is the company that makes these beautifully designed “Eglu” chicken homes. Not only do they sell the structures, but they also feature an interactive map where you …



Great design- just snap off the utensils. No more fumbling trying to grab utensils or balancing wine glass in the crook of my fingers while piling my plate. Disposable, reusable Caterplates, less than $1 each when you buy in bulk. So brilliant that I’ll overlook the porn music in their video.


Genetic Mutation

Someone’s got some mad Photoshop skillz! Found these at This Blog Rules. These would make some hoppin’ fries! Apple-fish sushi anyone? This one kinda freaks me out. Looks juicy. Mango-bat salsa!  


Handheld Smoker

Very cool…..handheld smoker! “The cool new Smoking Gun – Handheld Food Smoker lets you add natural smoky flavor to food and drinks before or after cooking without any extra heat or the need for a full-blown smoker. Just fill up the aluminum smoking chamber with wood chips like hickory, applewood, mesquite, or cherry or even teas, spices, and dried flowers …


Everyday Chef Challenge

It’s a CLOSE race! One of these lovely bloggers, Elana’s Pantry or Herbivoracious, will be going to Culinary School Bootcamp in a contest that I’m hosting with Pacific Foods! Literally only 20 votes separate the two…..will you pick your favorite?



I’ve just experienced 3 of the most amazing days of my life, and I only have 4 photos to show for it….none of which even came from my camera. Who in their right mind would go to BlogHer Food 2010 to see 250 of my best friends in the world and not bring a camera? Well, apparently the same person …


Thai Sticky Rice Pot

Beautifully designed, modern pot and bamboo basket for steaming Thai sticky rice. Well, of course you can steam regular rice in it too. This is truly steamed rice, vs. rice cookers or cooking in a pot (which actually boil rice, not steam) Buy it at Williams Sonoma $24.95