“Meat” Fried Rice – Four Ways

My editor, Jeff Houck, sent over a picture of pan-fried Scrapple slice and my heart fluttered like crazy. “Scrapple? Scrapple! What’s Scrapple? I asked him,” and within 30 minutes was off to the supermarket to find Scrapple, a distant cousin to Spam. Yes, I have an odd fascination with meat that comes in it’s own coffin. “hmmm…I wonder if I …

spam fried rice recipe

An Ode to Spam in the Style of Seuss

Before we tie a big, fat bow on this year’s box of ups, down and go-arounds, I‘d like to give props to Spam, the wondrous food that started my relationship with Creative Loafing (the newspaper that I write a weekly food column for) earlier this year when I dared editor Max to lose his …


Spam Fried Rice

“Oh no you DIDN’T!!!” Oh yes, I certainly did. —-(ahem)—-

An Ode to Spam in the Style of Seuss
(Green Eggs ‘n Ham)
Do you like Fried Rice and Spam?

Would you? Could you? In a wok?

Would you like them gently tossed?

Would you like them with fish sauce?