Hey Steamy Kitchen fans, today we have an extra energizing giveaway for you! Coffee is a must have in the morning, but when you start to lose momentum in the afternoon, it doesn’t quite satisfy. 

Zest Tea is a caffeinated energy tea! Perfect for a warm fragrant afternoon pick me up that will get you energized just as much, if not more than a cup of coffee. 

About Zest Tea

Zest Tea is tea with caffine that comes in six different flavors. Each flavor has is own unique fragrance that will energize you, along with the caffeine. 

Zest Tea also produces sparkling teas–how unique! The sparkling teas come in a can and are carbonated, so if you are an energy drink person, this tea is for you!

Along with loose leaf tea, tea bags and sparkling tea, Zest Tea also carries CBD infused tea! The CBD infused tea is designed to assist focus while reducing anxiety and helping with sleep.

Why We Love Zest Tea

  • It is beautifully packaged. I mean come on, when a company puts this much thought into presentation we can’t help but take notice. The designs are all so elegant, the colors are energetic and even the little tea bags that hold the leaf are endearing. This is definitely the energy tea you want in you pantry.  
  • Zest is the highest caffeinated tea on the market. There is 3x the amount of caffeine in Zest Tea as compared to normal teas. Plus, check this–it’s equal to a cup of coffee making it perfect for a morning tea! 
  • There is no crash! Hold up, caffeine without the crash? Yes, that’s right. Zest Tea is is packed with amino acids, including L-Theanine, which studies show helps moderate caffeine’s effects. They’ve really done their research to find the perfect combo so that you don’t experience that nasty caffeine crash!
  • Very fragrant, some might even say too fragrant. Personally, aromatic tea is calming and I love when the smell infuses an entire room. This caffeinated drinks’ strong fragrance enhances the flavor beyond belief, but if you don’t like it too strong, don’t steep for more than 5 minutes. 
  • The CBD infusion is high quality. We did not get to try out the CBD tea, however, a lot of people find it beneficial in regards to focus, anxiety reduction and sleep. CBD and caffeine sounds questionable in theory, but Zest has again done their research to develop a perfect tea energy drink combined with high quality CBD. 

Zest Tea is the perfect afternoon pick me up. Although highly caffeinated, there are no jitters and no crash after drinking this tea, unlike other highly caffeinated teas and coffees. Settle for a hot fragrant mug or a cool chilled glass of Blue Lady Zest tea. 

Zest Tea was voted top new tea product for its unique energy characteristics (first tea product with as much caffeine as coffee) as well as its bold and exciting flavors. Keto Friendly and Great for Low Carb Diets!

We are giving away a Zest Tea Mega Sampler and Infuser Mug to one lucky winner.

Zest Tea Review and Giveaway


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