Welcome to the fabulous fall season! It’s a cool 95ºF out here in Vegas, a good 15º cooler than the usual 110º so I think we can say the official fall season has begun. 

Sometimes I feel an internal shift in seasons, one defined by the sun and moon rather than the temperature outside. This season feels like it will be full of good fortunes and forgiveness. Do you ever feel an internal shift in seasons?

Anyways, to kick off the start to this fab fall season we are giving away a GRAND PRIZE OF $100 Amazon Gift Card AND ten $10 Amazon gift cards to ten lucky winners!

Fab Fall Giveaway

The fall season symbolizes harvest, wealth and prosperity, which is why we are bringing some wealth into your life! Enter to win a $10 amazon gift card to spend on anything that you like. Or start saving up to buy something for a loved one this holiday season.

Take a peek at these fall picks on amazon! 

woman with money

The fall season also symbolizes maturity and change! Been feeling frustrated and overwhelmed? Welcome change into your life, try doing things a little differently. I find it difficult to fall into new flow because the old becomes so comfortable, but change is the only constant! And you can choose to resist it or go with it. 

This cute calendar encourages you to let go and embrace life!

puppies under a blanket

Lastly and not symbolically, fall means that its about to get COLD. I don’t like the cold probably because I’m a dessert person, but I do love a nice soft fuzzy blanket. Or fuzzy socks. Or adorable mugs for warm tea. Or sweet spice candles

child hugging leaves

Enter to win the Fab Fall Instant Win game for your chance to win one $10 amazon gift card! OR be our lucky grand prize winner for $100 Amazon Gift Card! 

Don’t forget to collect your bonus entries! We are giving away 10+ bonus entries to the people who play the Furry Friends Photo Contest AND 5+ bonus entries if you check out Jaden’s September favorites and let us know your favorites!

Fab Fall Instant Win Game

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