This is a Deenkee Pressure Cooker Review & Giveaway, including both PROs and CONs after testing for one week. – jaden

Deenkee Pressure Cooker Review

Similar to the Instant Pot, the Deenkee Pressure Cooker is a multi-function appliance that can sauté, pressure cook, steam, slow cook and keep foods warm. 

PRO: I love the included accessories.

  • Heat resistant mitts – the inside pot gets hot, these make it easier to lift out the pot.
  • Steamer rack – I don’t really steam in the pressure cooker, but this rack will keep your food up and away from the water. You’ll also need a basket – this silicone one works great
  • Rice measuring cup and rice paddle – did you know that Asian style rice cookers don’t use standard measuring cups? The measuring cup for rice is about 3/4 the size. This included cup is the right size. I just keep the cup in the rice bin. The paddle is used to fluff up and scoop rice, without damaging the pot, or smushing the rice. Most importantly, rice doesn’t stick to the paddle.
  • Extra silicone gasket – my gasket from the Instant Pot wore out and I had to buy a new one. The Deenkee Pressure Cooker comes with an extra. I just have to remember where I’m storing it…because one day I will need it!
  • Glass lid – I love this. I’ll often make a big pot of soup in the pressure cooker (here’s a recipe for a Chinese style soup) and use the pot with glass lid to store in refrigerator. Super convenient. You can even use the glass top for slow cooking or keeping something warm…I like being able to see inside. 

  • The product description on their Amazon page is incorrect. Missing items: ladle, extra steam rack, or steaming basket. 

CON: It’s confusing to use. The included manual is in Chinglish. It doesn’t make any sense! LOL! Good thing I speak fluent Chinglish. 

PRO: The lid is hinged, and it is removable for easy cleaning. Easy open. 

PRO: Lid slides off for easy cleaning.

PRO: The pressure release button is FAR AWAY from the steam!! This was one of my biggest gripes about the Instant Pot – I’ve burned my hand countless times releasing pressure. Even with tongs and a kitchen towel, the Instant Pot would spew and spit out hot steam/water. 

PRO: No spewing or sputtering steam. A nice, even flow of steam out.

CON: I made rice in the Deenkee Pressure Cooker, following the instructions in the manual. The cooking times are wrong in the book. So, there’s a little trial and error for recipes.

CON: I wish the pots were nonstick – I have some soaking and scrubbing to do. 

PRO: The lid is super easy to lock/unlock. My old Instant Pot was cumbersome to open/close/lock lid (you had to match up the lid just right to lock it). 

Deenkee Pressure Cooker Review Conclusion

I like this better than my Instant Pot. It’s easier to use, minus the poorly written manual. Having the lid attached makes it so much better – no looking for a clean empty spot to put my lid. The extra gasket is a nice bonus. I’ve used the glass lid quite a bit – slow cooking in the appliance allows me to keep an eye on the food without opening the lid.

I’ve tested the appliance, cooking:

  • Rice: trial and error….3 minutes under pressure was good…but rice stuck. I have a rice cooker and it’s easier to make rice in that (or in the microwave) than in the pressure cooker. 
  • Soups: perfect. love it. 
  • Beef Stew & Vegetable Stew: easy. delicious.

The Deenkee Pressure Cooker is rated well on Amazon, I read through many of the reviews, they seem legit.