5 Day Fridge Detox Challenge Sign Up


The Free 5-Day Fridge Detox Challenge is designed for you to get in touch with your mindset, your kitchen and better understand organization, meal prep, and starting your weekly shopping in your fridge first!

This challenge is for you if you….

  • Spend too much on groceries
  • Waste too much food
  • Your family doesn’t enjoy eating leftovers
  • want to save money
  • find yourself throwing away too much food
  • Or you just want to learn better, and healthier recipes!

More importantly, the challenge is for your if you want to do better, you want to eat better and you want to save more money each month!

The schedule of the challenge is a breeze to follow and each day is laid out for you! Keep in mind, if you need more than 5 days to complete this challenge, that’s totally fine! We are here to support you and realize this is your project and your time! Think of this challenge of cathartic and cleansing, rather than stressful.

What is Included Over the 5 Days:

  • Receive and download your Challenge Workbook that will be your go to guide for the challenge!
  • Kitchen Detox Inventory Worksheets
  • Our Steamy Kitchen Community Facebook Group 
  • Daily Tasks will be shared in your email and in the group!
  • Jaden LIVE Daily Detox Talk 
  • Daily Giveaway To Enter! Prizes include Daily Cash Prizes, Kitchen Gadgets and Our New E-Book Launching Soon!

You will walk away from this challenge with a clean fridge, clear mind, and a system to save you money and food! You will end the 5 days with an entirely new mindset to meal planning, cooking for yourself and your family, and how to build the perfect Buddha Bowl!

Our next challenge is starting on March 31st! We will be diving into a fridge focused spring cleaning and we can’t wait for you to join us! Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on challenge announcements!