After cooking everyday for 2 weeks with the Kuhn Wok Skillet, here is our review! We are giving away one Kuhn Rikon Wok Skillet at the end of this review. -jaden

Kuhn Rikon Wok Skillet Review

A wok is the MOST used cookware in my kitchen, and I don’t limit it to just Asian cooking. The size and shape is great for cooking, steaming, braising, stir frying, deep frying, boiling, searing….pretty much anything you can do in a frying pan, pot, or saute pan, you can do in a wok.

Here are some of the qualities of the Kuhn Rikon Wok:

  • Wok Skillet is large enough to prepare a family meal without overcrowding your stove top
  • Carbon steel construction allows the wok to quickly come to temperature and distributes the heat evenly
  • Glass wok lid seals in liquids, prevents splatters and allows you to see your food when cooking
  • Long handle and helper handle make the wok easy to maneuver
  • The wok spatula (sold separately) has the exact curvature of the skillet providing you with comfort and accessibility

PRO: It comes with a glass lid.

I love how practical the Kuhn Rikon Wok is. It has a clear lid so that I can see how my food is cooking without having to take off the lid. There is even a small hole in the lid so steam can escape, instead of having to prop the lid open.

PRO: Shape of the wok

One of my pet peeves with woks is a small diameter. I’m an “enthusiastic stir-fryer” – meaning I like tossing! turning! stirring! flipping! when I am stir frying. When woks are too small, it makes it nearly impossible to cook a proper stir fry, as food flies out everywhere!

The Kuhn Rikon Wok is a wide diameter, tall height for stir-fry action. A wider base means the wok will be stable on your stovetop.

But, it does not take up too much space on the stovetop, leaving plenty of room to cook other things simultaneously. 

PRO: Handle and helper handle

The long handle stays cool during cooking. A helper handle is essential for woks (I’m always surprised to see woks without a helper handle. Imagine trying to lift a wok full of food off the burner, or to the sink. with just one handle. 

PRO: Super light weight

I love the classic carbon steel wok. It heats up SO quickly, and is lightweight. I have fancy $300, 5-ply construction woks in my collection that take a couple minutes to heat up. These woks are generally very, very heavy and difficult to lift and maneuver. 

The Kuhn Rikon wok is very easy to lift, from stovetop to sink for cleanup. It heats to sizzling hot in seconds. 

CON: High maintenance 

As with any carbon steel or cast iron wok, proper maintenance is crucial. That means you need to season the wok before first use, and wash/dry it properly.

After every use, wash the wok immediately after cooking, while the wok is still hot. Bring it to the sink while hot. When cool water hits the hot wok, that steam action helps clean the wok. No soap is needed, just a good scrubbing with a brush.

If you wait for the wok to cool down, it will be more difficult to clean stuck bits of food and grease.

Immediately after washing the wok, you’ll dry the wok, and then return it back to the stove. Turn the heat to high, and let all the moisture evaporate. This step is a must. Once the wok is bone dry, put a little cooking oil on a paper towel and give the wok a good wipe. This step further seasons the wok and prepares it for use the next time. 

Cleaning a carbon steel wok in the dishwasher will ruin it. If you don’t take care of the wok, you’ll lose the seasoning and the non-stick quality. 

CON: Wok spatula 


The wok spatula (sold separately) is not my favorite. The handle isn’t that comfortable (it’s sure pretty, though) to hold. 

The shape of the spatula is nice, though. It’s the perfect curvature to use with the wok. 

Kuhn Rikon Wok Skillet Review Conclusion

Christopher Kimball, formerly of America’s Test Kitchen, designed this wok with Kuhn Rikon. This is a thoughtfully designed wok. The shape of the wok is the most important characteristic, and Kuhn Rikon nailed it. 

I love stir frying in this wok, and the carbon steel material means I have total control over the heat. The material is incredibly responsive….I turn up the heat, and within seconds the wok is screaming hot. 

The lid is perfect. Good, tight seal. The glass allows me (a control freak in the kitchen) to always monitor what’s happening inside the wok. The steam vent allows excess steam to escape. 

I’m very protective of this wok though. It requires care to develop the patina and seasoning to make it non-stick. Neglect will ruin the seasoning (and then I would have to start all over again). My very forgetful teenage sons are not allowed to use this wok, as they would probably throw it in the dishwasher!

The wok is beautiful. You can find cheaper carbon steel woks, but this is worth the extra $20, as you also get a glass lid. It’s sturdy, made well and will provide you with years of good wok-hei as long as you take care of it! – jaden

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