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Hello Steamy Kitchen fam, we are giving away and doing a  Farmbox Direct Review and Giveaway! Farmbox Direct is an organic and natural produce delivery box serving up fresh, local, and seasonal fruits and veggies. It is available for free delivery throughout the continental United States! We are excited to offer a FULL MONTH SUBSCRIPTION to one lucky winner to Farmbox Direct! 

Who is Farmbox Direct  

  • CONVENIENT: Farmbox Direct delivers USDA organic and natural fruits & vegetables nationwide! From the farm to your door, now that’s convenient!
  • FREE DELIVERY: Not only is Farmbox bringing nutritious fruits & vegetables to your door, but they also make getting their Farmboxes super easy & affordable. They offer free shipping meaning that those who are living in food deserts (there is a-lot) have access to healthy food too!
  • THEIR PROMISE: Farmbox is dedicated to sourcing the highest quality fresh produce they can find. Produce is picked at peak freshness and always in-season, and they also support our farmers, who need our help more than ever right now!


Farmbox Direct CEO, Ashley, grew up in a family of farmers and lived on farms growing up. She worked at her uncle’s compost during summers in the Midwest, learning how to live off of the land and understanding the importance of organic and natural produce. This business has been in her blood since day 1 and hasn’t let up. You can read more about Ashley and why she started Farmbox here! 

Each week, the farms and vendors are hand selected by Ashley, ensuring the highest quality possible, truly bringing the farmers market directly to your front door, once again bridging that gap between eating well no matter where you live. Farmbox Direct has been featured in a handful of incredible publications like, Thrillist, Forbes, LAWeekly, and Business Insider to name a few. You can read more press about them here!

The Steamy Kitchen Farmbox Direct Review

I received the Medium Organic box with a mix of fruits and vegetables and it did not disappoint. It was the perfect size for my family and I and gave me inspiration for dinners for the week! I received multiple varieties of oranges, apples, and pears (sweetest pears of my life!), along with beautiful big brussels sprouts and potatoes (used above), rainbow chard, peppers, tomatoes, and carrots! Every piece of produce was high quality and incredibly tasty!

I used the brussels sprouts and potatoes to make a veggie friendly brothy beans with with sauteed sprouts and potatoes, lots of fresh garlic, lemon and whatever beans I had in my pantry. Truly perfection for a cold winter day and now my meals are planned for the week ahead thanks to Farmbox Direct! 

If you are curious how else to use up your produce box, check out their collection of recipes here. 

Overall, I was so happy with the delivery and ease of Farmbox and the quality of the organic produce! This would be a great option for those that do not have access to affordable organic fruits and veggies, have a hard time grocery shopping or for those who are busy as it is a huge time saver!

Farmbox Direct has a variety of boxes and options to choose from! Make sure that you check out their awesome selection! 

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We are excited to be collaborating with Farmbox Direct to giveaway an exciting FULL MONTH subscription! You will receive a box weekly for a month straight with nutrient dense, organic and fresh fruits and veggies with a value of over $220! 

Farmbox Direct Review and Giveaway

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