Happy Monday Steamy Kitchen fam! This giveaway is for the people who like to travel, put $100 towards staying at any airbnb that you want. Now that we can finally travel again, we thought it would be exciting for one lucky winner to have the chance to plan a trip with a little head start on the funding.

What is Airbnb

For those who may not know, Airbnb is a platform that allows people to rent out spaces for travelers or vacationers to stay at! It is an easy to use online website where you search the area you’ll be staying in and then scroll through results until you find a place that fits you.

Why Airbnb

Well, Airbnb gives a unique experience to people. There are so many different sorts of places you can find on Airbnb like a trailer home-or one time I saw one that was in a cave in Sedona AZ!

Airbnb experiences are usually much more homier and cozy compared to a hotel room and sometimes the host (or hosts) will provide breakfast or other unique accommodations. 

Airbnb’s website is also a space where people can share unique and fun online experiences. Book a tour of Barcelona from your living room or check out New Zealand nature! 

People from around the world host these excursions online and strive to provide the best experience for you. You also get the opportunity to meet people from all around the world-from your home. 

You can book a place pretty much anywhere with Airbnb or you can book an unforgettable online experience, whichever is more your style of traveling. 

Where would you book a stay at? Let us know in the bonus question!

$100 Airbnb Gift Card Giveaway

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