This Monday on Steamy Kitchen, we are giving away Electric Knee Pad Massagers! These pads are wonderful for joint pain relief and even heat up. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy the relief.

Electric Knee Massager Knee Pads

★PHYSIOTHERAPY FOR JOINT PAIN RELIEF: This Knee Wrap Massager for Knee and Leg Pain Relief designed for the knee and leg relaxing massage and circulation specially for aged, combines heat therapy and vibration massage perfect

★WHAT’S THE FUNCTIONS: Help to soothe the pain of the knee joints and relax the stiff, tense sore muscles around the kneecap. It could also stimulates blood flow and improves circulation to reduce stiffness in painful joints. It has a nice gentle stimulating vibrating-type massage for your joint

★EASY TO OPERATE: Heat & vibration buttons controlled individually, turn on start button, the highest heat mode automatic start, you can adjust temperation as you need. Heat & Massage mode can work together

★FITS UP TO:The knee wrap is one size for most people, the size of knee wrap fits the knee girth of about 23.6 inches or less with adjustable straps

★IDEAL GIFT: A free pain life by soothing stubborn discomfort of keens. A good gift choice for your parents, your loved ones and relatives

As we get older, our knees get weaker. Many people suffer from knee pain from years of walking, running and just being active in general. These knee pad massagers will help relieve arthritic pain and help you relax.

These knee pad massagers even have a 20-30 minute timer built in so if you get extra relaxed and start to snooze, they will turn off automatically and no power will be lost. 

These knee massager knee pads plug into the wall and are easy to operate! You can turn on the heat first and warm up your knees before starting the vibration or vise versa. These knee pads will not allow you to stand, but I think that it’s important to have a reason to sit down and relax for a part of the day. 


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