Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Just a friendly reminder that one of the most important holidays of the year is coming upon us. I’m a lucky gal, my husband knows exactly what I like on this special day – snuggling in bed with the boys, breakfast in bed, coffee made just the way I would have made it (he’s not a coffee drinker, and let me tell you, it took years of training to get the coffee french pressed just right), giggling over home made cards that the boys made, riding bikes to the park and maybe a picnic at the beach.

In case you’re looking for gifts, I’ve got a new batch of fun ideas for Mother’s Day. Starting at top-left:

David Lebovitz Ready for Dessert: $23.10 David is one of my favorite blog-friends, and while he lives in Paris, he does get out quite often and I end up seeing him more than I see some of my neighbors. He’s got a brand new book out and this would make an excellent gift for a Mom who loves to bake, or even look at pretty photos of sweets.

Hoopnotica: $29.99 You MUST get this. Seriously. Think hula hoop meets belly dancing and you’ve got a fun workout. Well, in my case, my girlfriends and I laughed so hard (my hips just don’t move like that) that the workout was from all the laughter.

Personalized Cutting Board
: $34.95 My partner, Grace gave me one of these personalized cutting boards for Christmas and I just adore it. Of course, mine doesn’t say “mom” on it, mine has “Steamy Kitchen” on the board. You can have them personalize it with any short phrase or name. It’s just such a cute gift.

Aspen Leaf Salt Dish with Spoon: $28.00 LOVE! I actually just bought this last week in Portland while at At the Meadow, the most quaint salt-chocolate-flower shop owned by friend Mark Bitterman. This little salt dish is about 3-inches wide, gold layered and is just too perfect. It holds just a teaspoon of your favorite sea salt for the table.

ScanPan Saute Pan: $239.00 This is the most used pan in my kitchen. I can steam, saute, fry, stir-fry, bake. And it’s nonstick, PFOA free and you can use metal utensils. YES! Metal utensils! Last year, I worked with ScanPan during my book tour and we gave away many pans to fans. I bought one for my Mom and my brother and they will never part with theirs.

Jill-E Camera Bag: $99.00 One thing I don’t like about camera bags is that most of them are black, ugly and just scream “steal me! I have a camera inside!” Love this bag by Jill-E. It’s happy, cheerful and hip. Plus, it’s on sale!

The One Wine Glasses by Andrea Immer Robinson: 4 glasses for $49.00 I’m a wine dork. I never know what wines go in which glasses. I remember going to wine classes and each varietal had a different glass. Andrea, the very beautiful author, TV show host, teacher and now Twitter-er has the answer. She designed one glass for red and one glass for white. So simple! She sent me one of each to try out and I’ve just ordered the rest of the set.

Hand-Carved Spoons: prices vary, the one I bought was $80. Last year when I was in Seattle, Cookie Baker Lynn took me on a little walk to Pike Place Market where I just fell deeply, madly in love with spoonmaker James Wilson’s hand carved spoons. The photo above shows 1/2 cup spoons carved out of King Apple. This is something I’ll be passing down to my kids. Simply priceless.

Any great Mother’s Day ideas, either no-cost, low-cost or splurge!?