NEW! Steamy Kitchen Buddha Bowls

Introducing our new Limited Edition Hand-Made Ceramic Buddha Bowls!

Elevate Your Weekly Meals With Our Beautiful Handmade Ceramic Bowls!

Our bowls have been made with love, with you in mind! We wanted to create something that would be large enough to fit in all your delicious buddha bowl ingredients, have a beautiful feel and design, and were functional and durable for nightly use!

These hand-made Buddha Bowls are designed exclusively for Steamy Kitchen. The bowl is 7.25″ (18.5cm) wide and 3.25″ (8.25cm) tall and has a lovely matte white finish.

Our bowls are very sturdy and they are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Each bowl is hand-made, unique and created just for you!

Steamy Kitchen Buddha bowls are made by Aneela Dias-D’Sousa who operates a  one woman small batch studio specializing in handmade ceramics.

Each bowl is created on the wheel (this process is called ‘Throwing’ on the potter’s wheel) using a mid-range porcelain. Once it is dry enough to handle the bowl is trimmed and stamped with the Steamy Kitchen logo.

Each of the elements in the focal pattern on the rim is hand built in great detail and attached to the bowl when it is of a specific dryness. Once finished, the bowls are left to dry slowly. When completely dry, these bowls are in their most fragile state. They are loaded into a kiln to bisque fire to 1940 degrees F. Once they cool down, each bowl is checked for imperfections and then glazed.

Each Steamy Kitchen Buddha Bowl is coated with a layer of food safe glaze and then carefully loaded into the kiln once again to fire to 2232 degrees F. Each firing takes approximately 3 days.

Once the kiln has cooled, each piece is checked once again for imperfections. The selected pieces are sanded and packaged individually to be sent to you to enjoy with your favourite Steamy Kitchen Buddha bowl recipes!

The slight differences/imperfections in a handmade bowl are meant to be enjoyed and celebrated. I like to think of each bowl as having the ‘mark of the maker’. The care, thought and time put into each part of the process- from ideation to completion makes the handmade object truly exceptional.

As a maker, every piece I make is infused with a small part of me and my hope is that the user will gain as much joy from using it as I did from creating it.

Aneela Dias- D’Sousa

About Our Ceramic Artist : Aneela Dias-D’Sousa

Aneela Dias-D’Sousa established herself as a ceramic artist after graduating from the University of Mumbai (B.F.A Ceramics) India. Since immigrating to Canada, she continued her education at Sheridan College as a mature student, followed by a residency at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre.
Aneela’s studio practice includes curated and juried exhibitions, craft sales, art fairs, commissions, residencies, teaching and giving back to her community through volunteer positions.

Aneela creates sculptural works based on personal experience using a minimalist style. As well, she produces small batch functional objects that celebrate daily routines. Aneela creates and produces work out of her studio in Pickering, Ontario.

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