NEW! Steamy Kitchen Buddha Bowls

NEW! Steamy Kitchen Buddha Bowls

I created this “big bowl” because I love eating one-bowl meals, whether it’s a giant salad, a noodle soup like Vietnamese pho, or a Buddha Bowl (basically a big bowl of nutritious veg, lean protein, a yummy sauce and something fun and crunchy on top) <– we have TONS of recipes on Steamy Kitchen for Buddha Bowl recipe ideas!

We create a bowl that was functional: It’s the perfect size. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe. 

Order Your Buddha Bowl Today! Limited Edition & Quantities!

These hand-made Buddha Bowls are designed exclusively for Steamy Kitchen. The bowl is 7.25″ (18.5cm) wide and 3.25″ (8.25cm) tall and has a lovely matte white finish.

Our bowls are very sturdy – they are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Handmade by Ceramic Artist

Our ceramic artist, Aneela Dias-D’Sousa, is a one-woman studio based in Toronto, Canada. She specializes in small-batch, handmade ceramics.

Each Buddha Bowl is made one-by-one. The decorative swirls and dots are based off of the Steamy Kitchen logo.

This is a special, beautiful bowl for you.

Order Steamy Kitchen Buddha Bowls

Thank you so much for your love and support! 

The bowls are 7″ wide (18cm) and 3.25″ tall (8cm). 

Our launch price is $79.00 plus free shipping to US and Canada.

CURRENT ORDER SPECIAL: Use coupon code LOVEBOWL for $10 off your order. 

(Sorry, we cannot ship outside of US and Canada)