The Reverse Meal Plan Purchase



Introducing the Steamy Kitchen Reverse Meal Plan! 

We are so excited to be sharing our very first digital product that is designed for you to cut down on food waste, get organized and clean in your kitchen, get inspired with your leftovers and START SAVING MONEY!! 

This is the Meal Plan Starts Backwards! 

WHAT? Backwards??

Yep! Our meal plan begins OPPOSITE of what other plans do! Instead of starting with recipes and a grocery list, we want you to use what you have FIRST. I bet you have a kitchen full of good food that needs to be eaten!We give you all the resources, tips and recipes to inspire you to start your meal prep from your fridge first! 


  • You struggle with a cluttered fridge
  • Throw out spoiled produce regularly
  • Spend A TON of money on groceries (and throw a lot of it away!)
  • Lack inspiration with what to do with leftovers

We’ve designed this to be your GO-TO GUIDE to help transform your kitchen and meal planning process! Our Reverse Meal Plan System is unique in that it helps you start shopping in your freezer, fridge and pantry (starting with what you have!) and gives you the formula to create “Blank Canvas” meals that are flexible, yet delicious and only take 30 minutes to cook!!

What our customers have said:

“It’s so refreshing to open my refrigerator and see it CLEAN and NEAT. It feels soooo good. Thank you for guiding me! My freezer is next!”

“Working backwards for meal planning has changed the way I look at recipes. We are saving money every trip to the store – I can’t believe we’ve never done this before.”

“The “Shop from your own kitchen” way to meal plan is amazing. Before, we used to throw away and waste so much food. Now every item has a purpose and plan.”

This is our unique COMPLETE Reverse Meal Planning System that includes: 

– The Complete Reverse Meal Plan System 
– Our Kitchen Detox Method 
– The Reverse Meal Plan ToolKit ( With printable worksheets and prompts!) 


– The Buddha Bowl CookBook (170+ recipes!) 
– Our Signature Buddha Bowl Recipes (10 Signature Bowls!) 

Most Meal Plans: 

  • Start with a collection of completed recipes
  • That turns into a long list of groceries to buy 
  • Which means more food waste and $$$$ ! 

Steamy Kitchen Reverse Meal Plan: 

  • Helps you get clean and clear in the kitchen 
  • Starts shopping from your kitchen inventory 
  • Supplements with grocery list for store
  • Gives you inspiration and “blank canvas” recipe strategies for leftovers 

For our pre-launch…we are offering the system for 50% off at $17.95 with COUPON: REVERSE. Get your guide before the sale ends!