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My in-laws, “Mimi” and “Papa” came to visit last week. They’re all the
way from bitter-cold Buffalo, New York to come visit us in 80-degree
perfect Florida fall. Of course, they’re not here for the weather, they were here for only one thing: to see the grand kids.

Normally, while the kids are in school, we’ll provide an alternate form of entertainment – either golf outings, a visit to the quilt shop or a leisurely stroll through our local home improvement store. You ask, why? Well, because Papa is a carpenter and professional fixer-upper and he’s in charge of our oopsies-I-dinged-the-wall fixes or building new shelves in the closet in our home.

We love when they come, cuz stuff gets done 😉

This trip, we had an unexpected form of entertainment, our new Kenmore Washer.

Even Papa joined in on the fun. I am so not kidding when I say that they literally spent 10 minutes in the laundry room watching the clothes get washed.

It’s cheaper than golf passes.

To show you what they were looking at, the washer has a clear amber-tinted lid.

Check it out – here’s the washer with the lid open. There’s no stick-agitator thingy poking out the middle, so you can really fit more clothes in. I can do double the amount of laundry at one time. The bottom, which looks like a fancy hubcap, turns this way and that and serves as the agitator. All those holes along the side and bottom is pretty darn cool too.

The best part I think is that your detergent goes into this little drawer. Close the drawer up, fill the washer with your clothes, the washer does this little spin-dance to weigh the clothes so it knows how much water to put in. Then, when you start the machine, the water pours from the top, THROUGH the detergent drawer and then onto the clothes. That way, the detergent is evenly distributed and has dissolved completely in the water before it hits the clothes. Genius.

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  1. kirsten

    Ummm, first, may I note that the inside of your washer looks like a cheese grater??? So funny!

    My new family and I moved into a new house six months ago and we are slowly renovating it room by room. Maybe next year will bring me a new kitchen!
    In the meantime, I just started cooking last year when I became a part of this “new family”. Having never cooked before, the kitchen holds a new excitement that I’ve never experienced. I’m loving the recipes I get to try. It would be great to implement my kitchen with a new stove/oven. Ours is a little on the slow side!

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