Giveaway: Kenmore Intuition 31810 Vacuum

This is a sponsored review from BlogHer and Kenmore.


I’m giving away a Kenmore Intuition 31810 Vacuum Cleaner (value $349.00).

Giveaway ends 12/15/10.

Kenmore Intuition 31810 Vacuum

The Kenmore Intuition upright vacuum cleaner features a Power-Flow dual chamber bag system that provides sustained power to clean, even as the bag fills with dirt. It’s True HEPA filtration system captures maximum debris for cleaner indoor air. It also has a beltless direct drive agitator, which means there are no belts to replace. It’s reach out wand and tools on-board allow this vacuum to clean floors and much more.

  • Direct Drive+ saves money because there are no replacement belts to buy
  • Electronic Dirt Sensor alerts you to the dirt that you can’t see
  • Reach Out Telescoping Aluminum Wand allows for easy above-floor and quick-action cleaning
  • Power-Flow Dual Chamber Bag System sustains the vacuums performance as the bag fills with dirt
  • HEPA filtration for cleaner exhaust air
  • Pet Handi Mate Cleaning Attachment is ideal for cleaning pet hair from furniture or stairs
  • Foot-activated Height Adjust sets the vacuum at the perfect height to clean your carpet

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  1. wow this is an awesome sweeper:)would be a blessing to win:)

  2. Wow this vac looks awesome, I could really use that Hepa filter cause my son has a lot of allergies…

  3. My daughter needs a new vacuum so bad. Hers just barely sucks up anything.

  4. My vacuum is just terrible and am in desperate need of a new one.

  5. Though I hate to do it I must vacuum the home. A new vacuum would be wonderful!

  6. This is such a nice vacuum with some great features.

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  7. Would love a new vacuum cleaner! Need one so bad.

  8. It’s my mom’s birthday in four days and we’ve had our current vacuum for 15 years – I think a new one would be perfect. Thank you!

  9. Looks great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Thanks for the giveaway…with HEPA filtration & no more belts to replace we sold on this vacuum !

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  11. A beltless agitator? I love that!

  12. Desperately need a new vacuum at our houose – thanks so much for hosting the giveaway!

  13. I’d love to replace my old upright with this one. I don’t have any attachments for the old hand-me-down. The HEPA filter would benefit my husband, who has allergies, and the hose and pet hair attachment would really come in handy.

  14. We could really use a new vacuum. Ours is on its last legs. This would be awesome!

  15. I’d love to win a kenmore.

  16. I could really use a new Kenmore Vaccum, I have a dog with
    long hair and a cat with long hair and a bird with many feathers
    This Vaccum would be the best

  17. I could use a vacuum, maybe then I could finally get around to actually cleaning.

  18. Mine is almost broken

  19. The Kenmore brand can always be relied for quality in my experience.

  20. This would be wonderful to win, as it sounds like it would be perfect with the kids and the pets, also would really help keep my sons allergies down, hopefully. Thanks

  21. I need it!

  22. sure could use this

  23. A really good HEPA filter is essential when you have children who suffer from allergies! The dust from your home can really wreak havoc which the basics of your kids life!

  24. oh this Kenmore Intuition 31810 Vacuum Cleaner is a dandy and would do the trick on my pet hair and debris in this house

  25. I could really use this vacuum. With 2 big long haired dogs I’m always looking for an improved dog hair cleaning device! Plus something to pick up all the “stuff” they drag in on their coats.

  26. My Mom could use this new vacuum! Her old one smokes and spits out hairs.

  27. Oh my, this is amazing. My old old old one was a wedding gift. We celebrated 17 years in June. Yeah, you read that right, 17 years.

  28. I need the pet-cleaning attachment the most. My vacuum has died & resurrected so many times this past year. It be great to have a reliable vacuum.

  29. The cord on my vacuum is fraying….sooooo, a new vacuum would be awesome!

  30. Our old vacuum has more bad days than good. I would love to own this one!!

  31. Need this vaccuum!

  32. I really need a new vacuum!

  33. I hate vacuuming but if I won this I just might like it!

    sarahjd766 at yahoo dot com

  34. I’d love a vacuum that really sucks!

  35. I would love a vacuum like this

  36. Please PLEASE pick me. My beloved Bentley (who’s actually a cocker spaniel but doesn’t know he’s even a dog) has hair everywhere! I need this!

  37. I would love to win a vacuum!

  38. Definitely in need of a new vacuum! 🙂

  39. I have two big dogs. I have never owned a vacuum that I liked, and I have had many. I would love this!!!!

  40. I so need a new vacuum and I would love this! Kenmore has good products.

  41. I’d love a vacuum!

  42. Would love a nice vacuum! I’ve never owned one that cost over $30 🙂 Good luck everyone!

  43. Thank you for the great giveaway please count me in 🙂

  44. This is a really nice vacuum. I could really use a new one.

  45. My Sears vac is about 12 years old. We really need a new one. Thanks for the contest.

  46. Very nice vacuum

  47. I might actually be inspired to vacuum with this.

  48. I could really use a new vaccuum

  49. I really appreciate that this vacuum has HEPA filtration for cleaner exhaust air and that it includes a Pet Handi Mate Cleaning Attachment for cleaning pet hair from furniture or stairs. mcgillrmcgill(at)charter(dot)net

  50. I’d love to replace my dinosaur vacuum with this new one.

  51. I’d love to win this vacuum for my sister, who just moved into her first apartment and is still using a hand vac and a broom. 🙂 She also has some pretty serious allergies, so the HEPA filter and electronic dust sensor are terrific features that she’d definitely appreciate. Thanks!

  52. My vacuum just died…up in smoke! This would be amazing to get!

  53. i need new vacuum old one is about shot

  54. I would love a new vacuum that could handle dog hair!

  55. could really use this (read official rules)

  56. I really like Kenmore appliances, including our Kenmore vacuum. It has been truly used and well used, and might enjoy retirement.

  57. I need a new vacuum so bad and this one would be perfect. I have a grand daughter who has allergies and it makes my heart break when she’s scratching at grandma’s.

  58. I need this!!! We don’t have a vacuum and well it’s getting out of control! Please pick us! I’ll vacuum your house for you too!!!

  59. this would be awesome!!

  60. AWESOME!

    Exactly what I asked Santa to bring us ‘this Christmas!

    Thanks for the great giveaway offering!

    Good Luck and Happy Holidays to All!

  61. Very nice vacuum, and it looks like it could take on my cat fur problem.

  62. Oh my, that looks like a fabulous vacuum!!!

  63. i would love to have this vacuum and use it because the one i have is the pits!

  64. Pick me …. my vacuum is about to die.

  65. Would love to win that!! 🙂

  66. my kids will love this vacuum

  67. I love this vacuum cleaner. I have dogs so I definitely need to win this give-a-way.

  68. I would love this vaccuum. Our vaccuum makes so much noise, its awful and old.

  69. Looks like a great vacuum!! I would give this to my brother, since his house is… errrr, dirty? hehehe. He has a terrible vacuum.

    Thanks for hosting!!

  70. I need this SO badly! Mine is 10 years old and the bottom plate is broken and drags on the floor. Also it digs up my kitchen floor and makes marks and it SMELLS! It is supposed to have an automatic transmission, but up not so good. And to top it off it is so hard to push I have pain after I vac-and I ahve RA. Ugh!

  71. I need a vacuum like you would not believe! Thank you so much for the chance to win one! Happy Holidays!

  72. I have a super furry friend, I could use two.

  73. a little slow getting started today, but I sure need to win this!!! You should see my house!!! ;-0

  74. oh no. its the last day. hope i win

  75. I need a new vacuum

  76. i love that it is beltless

  77. OMG I would love to win this. This looks like a great vac. I love uprights.

  78. older then Moses need a new one.

  79. my vacuum was stolen, so in need of a new one.

  80. This is so what I need. Empower me to be a clean freak.

  81. Sounds like a dream come true, and a way to battle the mess of 3 large dogs, one kid, and hubby.

  82. love the design of the vacuum

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

  83. My carpet would love it if I won this vacuum cleaner. Really, I’m just trying to keep the carpet happy, this wouldn’t enrich my life in the slightest. Nope, not at all.

  84. It looks like you may actually get me to enjoy vacuuming!

  85. I have 2 cats and our old machine just isn’t doing the job, need a new vacuum desperately.

  86. I have a hamster that flings wood chips all over our living room. And lots of plants that drop leaves and other stuff. Our vac gets a workout.

  87. Wow, that looks really nice, I wonder how it would work on pet hair. I have three cats that like to test the limits of my vacuums.

  88. This would definitely be a step up from my current vacuum!

  89. My daughter is asthmatic and allergic to dust, I think this would be a great vacuum for her health.

  90. i think my floors would be cleaner with this perty thang!

  91. This vacuum looks amazing. Our vacuum is on it’s way out and barely works anymore.

  92. I would love this vacuum. Thanks for the contest.

  93. This vacuum looks like it could easily handle my dog, cat, and family!

  94. I love the design of the vacuum

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    schnitzomage {at} gmail {dot} com

  95. My vacuum just died and this one looks awesome.

  96. Could use this great vacuum

  97. awesome vacuum

  98. Jaden is steamy! That vacuum would be a fine replacement for my Eureka which now won’t turn off.

  99. I could really use a new awesome vacuum cleaner, with two dogs, a bird and two kids in the house!

  100. Sweet vacuum! I need a new one that doesn’t smell!

  101. Looks like the sleekest vacuum I have ever seen and I think I could enjoy vacuuming my house with it.

  102. Use my vac all the time and it’s wearing out! Would love this- thank you!!!!!

  103. could use

  104. would so love a new vaccum for christmas!!! its gorgeous…i have been single too long!!lol!!!

  105. Who would not want a new Vaccumm!

  106. need a new vacumm a person borrowed it, has not worked the same since

  107. I don’t have a vacuum and need one. Thanks!

  108. i really need a new vac, current one is sounding kinda crunchy

  109. Would love this new vaccuum to go with my new condo. My old one needs to RIP!

  110. I need a vacuum cleaner—cannot afford a new right now–
    A new vacuum cleaner would be a great help and nice present for Christmas.

  111. nice vacumn! my old one just died. Love to win this one:)

  112. its nice to have kenmore vaccum cleaner

  113. I need to clean my floor.

  114. I have an Oreck which is not what it is wrapped up to be. Please send me this vac

  115. Would really like this vacuum….should I say NEED this vacuum

  116. What a great giveaway!

  117. My vacuum just broke down and need another one. What great timing!

  118. I need a new vacuum!

  119. I’d be encouraged to clean my whole house AFTER I get through baking the Christmas cookies! :o)

  120. Me and my two year old and my dog really need a functional vacuum. Also we’d like 28 hours in the day and some cookies, please.

  121. Awesome. Pick me please!!!

  122. I need a new vacuum that will clean up after my two dogs.

  123. Great Giveaway! Good Luck to All!

  124. What a fantastic giveaway!!! Love this site! 🙂

  125. My wonderful…used very lightly…central vac just broke AGAIN…it’s only a year old! Anyhew…I think it’s time to go back to a convential vacuum…a pretty one like this you can leave out as a decoration too!

  126. ooh, that’s my style – silver and futuristic looking

  127. Would love to win this vacuum. Merry Christmas!

  128. I really, really could use a new vacuum!!

  129. I sure could use a new vacuum!

  130. I would LOVE a new vacuum.

  131. I could certainly make use of a new vaccum cleaner!
    Kenmore is Sears Brand made of a very good quality plus

  132. i would love this for my mom ,hers is broken .Help start my own cleaning business

  133. Yes, Kenmore is a wonderful vacum

  134. … need, want, Thanks!

  135. Looks like a great machine

  136. A clean house is possible with a new vaccuum cleaner!

  137. I need one of these! Also, I think I’m in love with this blog, being a foodie and all

  138. I shared this giveaway on Facebook! Melissa Kelley

  139. Im tweeting away! @melissa3841

  140. posted to facebook and like

  141. A great giveaway – thanks so much!

  142. i have been needing a vacuum forever. would love to win this one!!

  143. What an awesome vacuum. Yo quiero!

  144. A new vacuum would be nice. Thanks for the opportunity.

  145. I really, really could use a new vacuum!!

  146. I am a new mom and have started a dayhome because I cannot afford to go back to work. I have an older vacumm which does not pick up very well. I really try hard to keep my home clean for all these little children but it is really hard with my old vacumm. I would love a new vacumm and connot afford to get one at this time.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome gift

  147. I absolutely need this. Mine just broke.

  148. Winning this vacuum would be awesome. I have an expensive name brand vacuum that I would love to do an over time comparison of the capabilities of the two vacuums. Maybe expensive is just hype….it would be great to test it out with a house full of my teenage son’s friends and a shedding husky. Thank you for the potential opportunity.

  149. Wow, nice vacumn! I want one.

  150. OMG my vacuum is so old, it’s scary! I NEED this!!! Please!!!

  151. Kenmore is a trusted name so I know this would last a long time! !

  152. I soooo need a new vacuum! Mine does not work well at all.

  153. I would love to win this.

  154. Oh Santa, I would love to see this under my tree, even if it’s not until January.

  155. What a wonderful holiay gift for someone…Happy Holidays!

  156. me!

  157. I have four cocker spaniels and this would be divine to deal with the fur!

  158. kenmore is a great product

  159. I just moved into a house that is way, way bigger than my old home and I really could a good vacuum to keep up with all the rooms, the dirt, the dog, the husband, the kiddo!!!!

  160. What a great prize!

  161. I would love to win this prize.

  162. I bet this would work great on hardwood too.

  163. I need a new vacuum

  164. Sweep me away!

  165. I would love to win this vacuum. I have never had a great vacuum and this would change that!

  166. I really need this vacuum.

  167. Would love to win this vacuum cleaner

  168. would use this to prep my new apt for moving in!

  169. plug me in for a new vacuum

  170. My vacuum that I am using is very old and I can really use a new one.

  171. I might be able to talk my roommate into vacuuming more with high tech play pretty like this one!

  172. Great giveaway!

  173. I definitely need a new vacuum cleaner!

  174. would love to win this vacuum. thanks

  175. I really need a new vacuum and this 1 looks great.

  176. That looks fantastic!

  177. Make me a winner

  178. My vacuum is older than the hills! I would love to own a new vacuum that actually has some suction power. Thanks for the giveaway.

  179. I would love this because of the HEPA filter.

  180. many years ago, my ex got the Kenmore canister vac in the divorce lol… it’s time for me to get a new Kenmore vac, they work great!

  181. Would love a new vacuum!

  182. This vacuum would be great to use in my new house!

  183. The one I have, the cord is starting to tear

  184. I can tell this vacuum can do wonders, please do wonderful things to my carpet!

  185. This would definitely help around the house. My current vacuum is a pain.

  186. looks like a good contest i do need a new vacuum

  187. i soo need a new vacumm mine is on its last legs and kenmmore is such a great reliable brand thanks for the chance to win one !!

  188. Winning a new vacuum may influence my new year’s resolutions!

  189. Could so use this…my dog seems to shed the equivalent of another dog each day!

  190. Great Vacuum, thanks for the chance!

  191. This looks like a wonderful vacuum – my present vacuum is on its last legs (wheels?) (hose?)….

  192. I would happily vacuum up dog hair with that baby.

  193. this vaccuum is amazing – i’d love to win a new (and working the right way) vaccuum – my favorite household accessory!

  194. I would love this–my daughter HATES my vacuum (it’s really high pitched) and a new one would mean I could vacuum while she’s awake without her screaming!

  195. I would love to win this vacuum!

  196. I could handle getting this!!!!

  197. Our vacuum broke a couple of weeks ago so it would be nice to not have to borrow my mothers vacuum

  198. Since my current vacuum is held together with duct tape, this would be awesome!

  199. Thanks for the giveaway! I really need a good vacuum!

  200. Sure could use a new vacumn cleaner. Husband’s tool important home tools not!! LOL Aren’t the housewifes always the last to get anything??

  201. I would love to own this vacuumn.

  202. awesome prize!

  203. I have two cats and allergies–I desperately need a vacuum!!!

  204. Wow, a brand new vacuum cleaner is in the cards for me. Mine has literally bit the dust, no more changing the belts. I’m very impressed!

  205. I would love this vacuum! Kenmore products are awesome and last forever, my parents had a washer and dryer set that lasted 20 years before it died. The washer/dryer set went with us from the U.S. to Saudi Arabia and then to Thailand. 🙂

  206. This would be an AWESOME gift for our family!!!

  207. We have some bad allergies in my family and our cheap vacuum we’ve had for years just isn’t cutting it. We would love this!

  208. i need a new vaccum cleaner!

  209. a vacuum would be sooo useful right now. so dusty everywheres. =[

  210. need a vaccum really bad…my current one barely picks up the dirt and I have to vacum twice as hard.

  211. my wife goes through about 2 vacuums a year and it is almost time

  212. My old vacuum cleaner no longer sucks.

  213. I could use a new vacuum cleaner

  214. OMG – with a second Labrador Retriever here, I can’t keep up with the hair! This would really come in handy!

  215. Just what I need.

  216. Our current vacuum has seen better days. This one looks amazing! Thank you for the chance to win. Happy holidays.

  217. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!! I would love to win!! Get ready dirt ,here I come! LOL!!

  218. time to clean up with a new vacumn

  219. I need a vacumn 4 dogs and 2 teenagers, one pet bird and a turtle.

  220. My current vacuum is old and not very able anymore. I would love the Kenmore Intuition!


  221. This would be such a great win, and very useful

  222. my vacuum no longer turns off. is that safe?

  223. Wow this vacumm is so nice would love to win thank you and good luck to all. Love the dirt sensor that is just awesome and no belt even better

    I need help.

  225. Wow, this would surely beat the stuffing out of the cheapo model I have now. Say buh-bye cat hair!

  226. Wow, that looks like the cadillac of vacuums. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  227. Wow! What a great prize to give away! My boyfriend was just mentioning the need for a new vacuum the other week and I instantly started doing my research online. This model had a lot of great reviews and it would be great to win this and give it to him for Christmas! It’s not the most romantic gift, but practical nonetheless!

  228. That pet attachment will be so handy for pet owners! Kenmore makes the best appliances.

    nancymeyer1 at gmail dot com

  229. oooh my sis neeeeeds this heres just died!

  230. i hope i win this because i really need a new one.

  231. great prize!

  232. Just what I need to get ready for the Holidays!

  233. would love this!!!

  234. This is a great give away to advertise the product. Even if I don’t win
    I’ll be looking for a new sweeper soon and after reading the Reviews
    I’m considering buying one.

  235. this looks like it has the “majors” beat thanks for the giveaway minsthins at optonline dot net

  236. This vacuum sounds awesome. I’ve always liked Kenmore products. Our current non-Kenmore vacuum is about to croak – still sucks up stuff but then spits it out somewhere else.

    dogsrock at insightbb dot com

  237. BOY could we use this at the Elkhorn Inn & Theatre our inn in Weset Virginia! We go thru vacuum cleaners like crazy! LOL

  238. Looks like a great vacuum cleaner! I guess I didn’t realize kenmore made vacuum cleaners!


  239. Wow…count me in

  240. a very good contest, good luck every body

  241. WoW What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for a chance to win!

  242. Would love to win!!!!

  243. would love to win!!!

  244. I have 4 dogs I need a good vacumn

  245. i would LOOVE LOOOVE LOOVE to win this! i have hard wood floors and they are a pain!

  246. With four pets (2 cats, 2 dogs) I vaccuum a lot and have retired many. 🙂

  247. It looks like a great vacuum – why is it that everything seems to give out at the same time?!

  248. It would be so wonderful to have this new Kenmore vacuum in my home!

  249. Thanks for the chance to win this great vaccum cleaner, Kenmore products are the very best quality so I know this would be a dream vaccum to own! Good luck and Merry Christmas to All!

  250. Nice vacumn…would look nice at my house. Thanks!

  251. i need a vacuum and would love to win this one

  252. Oh boy, yes please.

    My vacuum cleaner fell in 2008 and never got up.

  253. I really need a new vacuum, thanks for the contest!

  254. Love it

  255. I would love to have a vacuum that can actually clean up and love the hepa filtration.

  256. I would love to win this! I’m not sure my current vacuum cleaner is actually working the way it’s supposed to.

  257. My old tired vacum doesn’t pickup dirt very well. Having this new vacum will make my life easier by picking up the dirt in the 1st pass instead of the 3rd or 4th pass.

  258. What an awesome looking vacuum. Would be a A+ addition to my home.

  259. Really need a new vacuum

  260. I need to clean.

  261. What a beautiful vacuum!

  262. Absolutely love to vacuum. I need something that “really sucks” the dirt, dust and debris. I hate dirty carpets. I’d love to have this little sucker.

  263. I need a new vacuum since my old one sucks!(in this case . . . it really doesn’t anymore!)

  264. The most sleek vaccum I have ever seen. The ratings very good. Would love to have a new vaccum that can do the job. THANKS!

  265. I would love to win the vacuum

  266. plug me in for a new vacuum –

  267. i want this vac so bad

  268. Thank you for this very impressive giveaway!

  269. Love it!

  270. Would Love this!!!

  271. I need one 🙂

  272. With 4 grandkids and all the grandpets and me still having my grams kirby which weighs more than a ton and is a choir in itself to lugg that sweeper up the steps…..thanks

  273. Mine is over 20 years old and smells like there’s something burning when I use it. The HEPA feature would improve our health.

  274. Nice vacuum! Looks like a fun toy to clean with 🙂

  275. Really great looking vacuum!

  276. I need a new vacuum-ours is dying a slow death.

  277. awesome! count me in.

  278. I would love to win this for my daughter who just moved into her own apartment. She doesn’t yet have a vacuum cleaner.

  279. Mine, all mine!!! Thx.

  280. Entered this great giveaway!

  281. This couldn’t have come at a better time. My vacuum has died (thanks, dog hair) and I really need a new one! Thanks for the giveaway!

  282. I’ll need this vacuum after all the holiday parties! Thanks!

  283. With 2 cats, I could really use a good vacuum.

  284. I have 5 kids…I could use a nice vacuum! Thanks for the chance. I really like that this has adjustable height

  285. Sounds like a great vacuum, I would love to win

  286. This prize SUCKS!! No really Vacuums suck!!

  287. I’ll take it! Love Kenmore products.

  288. Pick me! Pick me! My old one keeps breaking…..

  289. I need a new vaccum mine blew up

  290. each year i go through 2 vaccums. There is no vaccum that i cannot kill lol

  291. nice web site

  292. very nice prize

  293. good deal

  294. We would be so happy to have a new vacuum!

  295. Our family could really use a new vacuum instead of the old one that’s falling apart=)

  296. I have had Sears vacs ever since my first. This one looks GREAT!

  297. Thank you for the chance to win this vacuum. I’d love to win!

  298. I need a new vacuum so this would be a great prize to win.

  299. i would love to win this. i currently dont have a vaccum and have to borrow my mothers.

  300. The price could not be better.

  301. My vacuum cleaner is ancient. I purchased my Electrolux cleaner used from my mother in 1972. It doesn’t work as well as it once did and it is time to retire! I need a unit for this century.

  302. I would lovee a new vacuum.

  303. love to win nice cleaner like this.

  304. Wow this is great, my house would love it!

  305. Would LOVE a vacuum that actually works!

  306. Our ancient upright needs to be retired, and our longhaired kitty is more than happy to help test this one!

  307. I’d love a vacuum!! You have no idea what I’m working with now, geesh!

  308. What a great give away! I’d love to win!

  309. I would love it if Santa came early! With animals outside, all the dirt that I bring in, and dogs inside…the thing would definitely get a work out!

  310. I need this!!!!!!

  311. Wait…what? A vacuum cleaner that actually works?! Wish someone would tell my 12 year old vacuum cleaner that that is it’s job! I would even vacuum the neighbors house with this!

  312. My new bedroom carpet is not at all thrilled with my Decade 80 (that’s actually the name) vacuum cleaner. A new one would be much appreciated.

  313. Each time I use my current vacuum it smells like burnt! Its been with us for quite a while and each time this happens i am constantly changing the belts to temporarily solve the problem. Using it everyday to clean up my three kids messes, so I really need this one! I love the features and the fact that I don’t have to change the belt because of the “Direct Drive” technology! Yeepeeeeeee!!!!

  314. This one really sucks!

  315. I have 4 cats … need I say more???

  316. My vacumn has the hose taped on to the vacumn and the wheel is about to fall off. Please pick me, that would be a perfect gift!!


  318. I would love a new vaccum and I could give my old one to my son to help him out.

  319. I hate a dison vacuum but it did lose suction…also the brush stopped working I’m hoping that this vacuum doesn’t do the same…I’ll find out as soon as I start using one. I hope I win!

  320. All I want for Christmas is ……a vacuum

  321. I hate to vacuum and to make matters worse we live in a small apartment building and currently and for 2 years we’ve been sharing a “community vacuum with 5 of the other residents who don’t have vacuums. However, in the last year, I am the only one, remembering not only to change bags but buy bags and I’m the only one remembering to put the vacuum back in the designated “community space”. I love my neighbors except when it comes to maintaining and finding the vacuum. I would love a vacuum.

  322. I want to suck up dirt.

  323. A new vacuum would make me sooo happy. Really I need one and it would be much appreciated.

  324. A new vacuum is exactly what I need for my ever messy house! Help me!

  325. Just what I need to get the house ready for the Holidays!

  326. My mom is in desperate need of a vacuum cleaner, and would love this for Christmas!

  327. I’d love to win a new vacuum to replace mine, which is showing its age.

  328. At our house it’s 3 cats that we need to vacuum up after…

  329. I would love this!! We have dogs, so we have hair just about everywhere…. need a good vacuum to clean it up!

    Great blog!

  330. I would love to have a really good vacuum, especially since I have two cats, to keep allergies down.

  331. Wow! Couldn’t come at a better time! My husky is shedding like crazy and my vacuum has bitten the dust….and dog hair one last time!

  332. I love the dirt sensor!

  333. This would come in handy with my cat and dog. Especially since I think I will be taking in a new long hair stray kitten.

  334. what a great giveaway!

  335. I could really use this. My daughter left her cat here while she is away at school and my vacuum just doesn’t seem to pick up all the cat hair.

  336. i can’t tell you how much i’d love to be able to win this!!! it’s a running joke in my family how i can’t seem to keep a vacuum (i average a new vacuum every 2 years!!) thanks for the chance!

  337. I need a new vacuum. mine is so heavy.

  338. I’d love to win this wonderful vacuum cleaner.

  339. need a good vac to keep my carpet clean

  340. Thank you for this opportunity.

  341. I am not satisfied with my current vacuum cleaner and would like to have this Kenmore Intuition 31810 Vacuum.

  342. I’d like to win the kenmore vacuum.

  343. This would make my house sparkle! What better Christmas gift?!

  344. Would love this! I really need a new one.

  345. Thanks for offering such a great prize!

  346. sux it up..!!

  347. OMG! I totally need a new vacuume! The economy has thrown us for a loop and I vacuume every day because of my 2 cats and 1 dog! My son has allergies and I need a vacuume that can handle the amount of vacuuming I do! Awesome prize, someone will be quite lucky!!!

  348. This vacuum might just save my relationship with my dog- the furry beast!

  349. Great giveaway — love this vacuum (well, as much as it is possible to love a vacuum!).

  350. Wow! Sleek looking vacuum cleaner. Would be great to win. Thanks

  351. A great give away and something we really need! Thanks for the chance!

  352. I would love to win this vacuum! Ours is really falling apart now. Thanks for the opportunity! 😀

  353. I need a vacuum!

  354. What a dreamy giveaway!!

  355. I go through at least one vacuum ever year..I would love one like this. I can tell just by comparing it to my current vacuum that it would last many more years!!

  356. Oh! I would love to win. So need a new vac!

  357. What a great giveaway!

  358. A new vacuum would be amazing!!!

  359. Oh gosh, I can’t tell you how great this would be! Whenever my house needs a vacuum (and I just moved in – it’s often), I’m forced to either borrow mom’s or have my boyfrend bring his mom’s over. Then we have to return them at some point and it would be great to have this one!

  360. Since my vacuum is a hand me down that just doesn’t have the suction power it used to, I could definitely use this!! I have to vacuum about three times over the same area just to get the surface dust and dirt!!

  361. Kenmore Vacuums are great!! I want one please!

  362. I like the features of this vacuum cleaner. This would be a great replacement for my current relic 🙂

  363. I like the hepa filteration
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  364. New vac is sure needed at my house.

  365. A multi-surface cleaner that DOESN’T need belts? REALLY?!?! OH – I have very bad habit of somehow snapping belts in my vacuum cleaners and then needing to SWEEP (with a BROOM!) my carpets because I always forgot to buy a replacement when I’m in the store OR I remember, but forgot the model number and/or belt size. This would make my day!

  366. Could really use a replacement for my “inherited” vacuum cleaner.

  367. this would be very cool to win!!

  368. This vacuum makes me WANT to clean – crazy!

  369. I just moved and could really use a vacuum!!

  370. Hi!

    Please add me to the list of contest entrants.


  371. We just realised that what we thought was down on our purported domestic ‘shorthair’ kitten is actually here to stay…he’s a little medium-hair cheat! This would be great!!

  372. – i would like to win this vacuum…have a great holiday and enjoy your cooking. I do enjoy new recipies all the time. Thanks

  373. If I were to win…then Merry Christmas to me! :o)

  374. I would love to win this. Thanks.

  375. My vacuum had a bad run-in with a four-year-old just the other day. Now the canister doesn’t stay latched in place. I would love a new one!

  376. Just bought a new house….need a vacumn desperately!


  377. Does this work with wooden floors??

  378. mine is on its last legs (wheels) so this would be wonderful!

  379. I promise to vacuum more if I win this? 🙂

  380. Would love to have this! our vacuum is old!!!

  381. I would LOVE to have this vacuum. My current one SUCKS. Or wait – it DOESN’T suck – that’s the problem. Thanks for the opportunity!

  382. We REALLY need a new vaccumm!! 🙂

  383. Wow, I cannot believe you are giving one of these away! I pray for the recipient, that it will be someone who really needs it. Thank you!

  384. ME ME ME!

  385. The Kenmore Intuition 31810 Vacuum
    could make vacuuming and furniture cleaning fun in my house. Along with country living, comes a number of indoor pets and field dust – so daily cleaning is an absolute must.

  386. would love to win, desperately need a new vacuum that works

  387. I need a new vacuum since my daughter accidentally gave my old one to Goodwill!

  388. I’d love to win this sweeper. I don’t need one right now but I have a brother and SIL that will need one when they’re able to move out soon. They have 3 kids so the floor is really going to need sweeping. It would be great to be able to give them such a nice housewarming gift although I might covet it for myself a bit.

  389. I would love a new vacuum. Especially since I have a new baby that will be crawling before I know it.

  390. DO WANT

  391. Ooo! How lovely! Hoping to win.

  392. 5 kids … 3 cats … 1 husband …. My carpets are begging me for a new vacuum & this one looks very nice. Good luck everyone!

  393. I would love a new vacuum! Mine is cheap and kind of broken.

  394. My son drove his car over the hose of my vacuum, so a new one would be nice.

  395. Would love to win!

  396. this would be nice since my vacuum gave out a few weeks ago.

  397. Are you kidding? Would LOVe this. have a canister vacuum now and it’s a pain.

  398. I just got my first apartment and this would be so awesome to have! Hope I get chosen. 😀

  399. This would be sweet! I could really use a new vacuum to replace my ancient one, but some how I never want to part the money for something so mundane that gets stuck in a closet:)

  400. We’d love a “real” vaccuum–we’ve been trying to get by with a shopvac for years!

  401. Oooh, nice!

  402. I can use a new vacuum. My current one is falling apart.

  403. Pick me! 🙂

  404. We tend to wear out our vacuums in this household. I could sure use this one.

  405. Wow a vacuum. Sometimes it’s good to suck.

  406. This vacuum would be awesome!!!! %Pr

  407. I love this machine.

  408. My condo is getting super dusty… ;p

  409. What an awesome vacuum. My 2 year old son who LOVES to vacuum would do a back flip.

  410. I tweeted about this giveaway

  411. pretty great giveaway! hope to win!

  412. I would lve a new vac!

  413. I’d love a new vacuum!

  414. We definitely need to replace our vacuum! I would vacuum more if I had this. Actually I’d make my daughters vacuum.

  415. definitely definitely need a vacuum!

  416. I hate to vacuum, I would make my husband use this if I won.

  417. I hate my current vaccuum

  418. It would be great to have a new vacuum with a hepa filter and a PET hair removal unit. I have 3 members of the family with sever allergies and my best friend leaves a lot of fur around. This new vacuum could keep some peace in the house and become my 2nd best friend. : ) Thanks you for the opportunity.

  419. Cool give away 🙂

  420. We have a new member of our family who is an enthusiastic shedder. Would love a new vacuum to keep up!

  421. My house would really appreciate a vacuum like this.

  422. Good Afternoon! This is a fantastic opportunity! We need a new vacuum!

  423. Please, please, pretty please.

  424. This would be a dream!

  425. I have a loud, old vacuum that is definitely in need of an update!

  426. oh man, this would surely help my year-round allergy battle!

  427. oh man! I would love this!! My hepa vacuum just croaked!!

  428. We bought an expensive canister vacuum and regret our decision. I would love a new upright!

  429. Would love to win. I can always use a new vacuum cleaner. Thanks.

  430. I definitely need an upgrade, especially one that’s free 🙂

  431. two cats and a dog = constant brooming of hardwood! Would love to win this and maybe use it to vaccum the pets themselves. 🙂 Kelly.

  432. shoot, count me in

  433. Probably the only vacuum cleaner where I’d need to dress up to match its classiness factor. Pick me! 🙂

  434. What a great giveaway! I’d love to take this baby home!

  435. I would like to win this.

  436. that vacuum would look relly nice cleaning my floors

  437. My floors beg you, a good vacuuming is desperately needed.

  438. Maybe if I had a new vacuum cleaner I would actually use it! I’d sure like to find out.

  439. This would be a blessing! Wow, what a great giveaway – as always. Thanks!

  440. I have 2 nonworking vacuums. I need a new one that works, and works good!

  441. Hoping for an early christmas present!

  442. I’m in the market for a new vacuum cleaner (and a broom…random).

  443. Could SOOOO use a new vacuum cleaner, too!

  444. How awesome! We just moved into a house that is 80% carpet so…I’ve been using my vaccuum a lot and it’s getting a little worn out!

  445. I so need one of these.

  446. Amazing promo! I would love to win this for my family!

  447. I could totally use a vacuum! Collage students are messy.

  448. oh i would love a new vacuum!

  449. My husband says our vacuum stinks….i mean it has a distinct odor! We could use a quality Kenmore vacuum.

  450. What a wonderful and generous giveaway!

  451. Awesome giveaway 🙂

  452. I could use a new vacuum. I have a canister vac that I just hate. I really prefer upright vacuums like this.




  454. yes please 🙂

  455. Would love to have a new vacuum for Christmas. Thank you.

  456. That’s a pretty vac.

  457. This looks like a fabulous vacuum!!! My mother would love it!

  458. my vacuum stoped working

  459. We still have our tiny dorm-room sized vacuum cleaner, so this would be a big improvement!

  460. Please pick me! My vacuum stinks! Literally 🙂

  461. I have a golden retriever and would love a new vacuum!!

  462. What a beautiful vacuum cleaner! I vacuum every day. It makes me happy!

  463. My vacuum just broke down, with the expenses of the holidays, I could use a new vacuum.

  464. Vacuum looks awesome!

  465. Wow, a new Kenmore vacuum would be welcomed in this home! To have a vacuum that actually pics up debris and dirt plus more, what more could one ask for?!

  466. our student household could definitely benefit from a new vacuum.

  467. Sure could use a new vacuum. This one looks great.

  468. This would be a perfect replacement for my old vacuum! 🙂

  469. I need an upstairs and downstairs vacuum ’cause I’m old!

  470. My old vacuum has seen better days. I could really use this fancy new one!

  471. My vacuum is making a terrible noise! I need a new one!

  472. My current vacuum is over twenty years old and will not even stand up on its own! Just got a new cat and the damned thing will not pick up cat hair and she sheds like no other cat i have ever seen!!! I would feel like the women on that old show Queen for a Day if I could just get a new vacuum.

  473. I need a new vacuum!

  474. Vacuum!

  475. Wow!!! This looks so amazing! We could really use one of these! Maybe it’ll inspire me to clean more! Lol!

  476. wow…that is a nice looking vacuum!!

  477. I want one! I wish I had a vacuum, right now I’m making due with a swiffer…

  478. Yaaay vacuum! Now I can get rid of those icky eraser shavings!

  479. Oooh, no belts to replace! My vacuum is ready for the dump, there is electrical tape serving double duty–holding it together and keeping it from shooting sparks at me. Hope I win! *crosses fingers*

  480. This vacuum looks amazing and easy to use! Thanks for the opportunity.

  481. Now that we have two dogs I could totally use a new, more efficient, better cleaning vacuum!

  482. I have a rainbow that is 15 years old, I would love a new vacuum

  483. I would love this vacuum. Mine is broke and the holiday decorating has left my rugs looking a little like the glitter fairy had a party!

  484. My vacuum smells so bad (puppy hair); I’m desperate for a new one. If I win, thank you for making me the luckiest girl on earth; if not, I love your blog anyway. Thanks.

  485. Please pick me! You know you want to! 🙂

  486. This would be fantastic! Our vacuum is getting up there in age and we have some dusty floors & rugs!

  487. winning this would make my day

  488. Pick me! Pick me! Please?

  489. a new vacuum would be wonderful. ours makes noise, but I am not convinced it picks anything up, ha.

  490. My husband and I were just talking about a new vacuum. This one looks like it will do everything but make the dinner!

  491. My vacuum does not suck. This one looks like it Would love it!

  492. I have 2 cats and 2 kids at home and a broken vacuum! Would love it!

  493. This vacuum has more features than my smart phone!

  494. This is wonderful! I need a new vacuum so badly

  495. My vacuum is on it’s last leg! This would be great!

  496. thanks for the chance!

  497. I would love to have this, with three pets we need something that will do the job!

  498. Our broom and dust buster just isn’t cutting it – I’d love to win a new vacuum!!

  499. I would love a new vacuum!

  500. this would be sooo helpful!

  501. i’m in need of a new washer.

  502. A new vacuum would be a dream! Please enter my name – Thank you so much.

  503. Oh, please enter me as well. thank you!

  504. The Kenmore Intuition 31810 Vacuum would be a great gift to me. Thanks! 😀

  505. I new vacuum would be incredible! This one looks amazing.

  506. Never enough vacuuming to be done!!!

  507. Just Tweeted, and I feel really good!!

  508. I love Kenmore products! I’m old school and always say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And with Kenmore, why change brands when you have the best of everything with them??

  509. Almost 20 years ago, before my husband and I were married, I bought myself a vacuum from Sears because I was a little embarrassed for him to realize that I didn’t own a vacuum. You can imagine my surprise when I detected something from my daughters because, unbeknownst to me, Ken had taken my girls to Sears and they bought a vacuum for me. Needless to say, one of the vacuums got returned. The one we kept was inexpensive and we would sure appreciate a new, more efficient, vacuum such as this one. Thanks for the giveaway.

  510. I could use a new vacuum. That dryer is a beauty.

  511. This would be an awesome gift for my parents!

  512. I’m still looking for a good vacuum that picks up pet hair before I give up completely and shave my dog. (Just kidding)

  513. HEPA filtration and a pet attachment? Perfect for this allergy sufferer – sign me up!

  514. That pet hair attachment is exactly what my apartment needs!

  515. My sis is moving to her new home, this will be a awesome gift for her!!!!!! Thx

  516. Would LOVE an new vacuum, ours is getting a little squeaky and not suctioning so well anymore………..This one looks AWESOME!

  517. Oh, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! I need this in the WORST way!

  518. My vaccuum just broke down and this would be such a huge blessing!

  519. So need a new vacuum – this looks great!

  520. I could use a vacuum like there is no tomorrow! I’ve had the same crappy vacuum for 5 years and with three year old triplets the cleaning NEVER stops!!! I would love a vacuum that could actually clean my carpets:)

  521. This would be great, my vaccuum doesn’t have tools.

  522. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my name is chosen to win this vacuum. Could use a new one. Mine is sputtering along and doesn’t have much longer to go.

  523. This would make a great gift for my boyfriend’s parents.

  524. What a lovely vacuum! Just what I need in my new apartment 🙂

  525. I would love to win this vacuum.

  526. I NEED A NEW VACUUM NOW! Not too long this evening, my 9-month -old puppy (who’s still on his chewing stage) just gnawed through the power cord of my self-propelled Hoover Wind Tunnel…5 inches away from the now severed plug. I hadn’t vacuumed for awhile and was just thinking of vacuuming tomorrow when I heard my 11-yr-old daughter yell: “Mommy! Guess what Pudgie just did?”! and came around to show me the plug and it’s newly acquired stem. If this pup wasn’t so cute…I would have killed him. I’m still on furlough from my job and can’t afford to buy a new vacuum. I sure could use this vacuum ASAP as he has pieces of rubber and copper wires all over the carpet where he laid doing his Bad Deed Of The Day.

  527. This looks very cool.

  528. This vacuum sounds fantastic! I would love to win it. Thank you.

  529. a vacuum, peas. i donated mine for the greater good and could use one now.

  530. i SERIOUSLY need a vacuum! haha.

  531. oh, i am in dire need of a vacuum! pick me!

  532. I could really use a vacuum cleaner; this would be a great Christmas gift for me!

  533. Kewl!

  534. I would have one of the happiest husbands in the world if I were to win one of these for him. He is the chief vacuumer and sweeper in our home.

  535. with a long haired puppy who sheds like mad, my house would thank you for this!

  536. My vacuum sucks, and not in a good way! I would love this!

  537. Reeeealy need a vacuum. Thanks!

  538. I am in the market for a vacuum. Alot of our appliances are ‘pooping out’ on us all at once we just got a ‘new’ microwave, the cheapest new one we could find, and our dryer is pretty much worthless. This would be awesome to have.

  539. Would love to have this vaccum!

  540. Would love this vacuum!!

  541. Until I can pull up our carpet and replace it with solid floors this would be a perfect way to decrease allergens. Thank you!

  542. We need a new vaccum.

  543. Letter to Santa….please leave me this vacuum under the tree. You know I’ve been good.

  544. I need a new vaccuum- mine died last month and I have not gotten a new one yet- this would be the best Christmas present to me!!

  545. Oh think how clean the house will be!

  546. Very handsome vacuum! This looks very well built, and designed.

  547. omgoodness, my boyfriend would be in heaven. he really really wants a new vacuum.

  548. My husband and I just got a new kitty, Luna. We could really use a new vacuum for Christmas. Cheers!

  549. This would be the perfect gift for Christmas!

  550. yes please!!

  551. Would love a vacuum like this!!!

  552. A new vacuum would be answered prayer!! I have rescued a couple of dogs and I have more than my fair share of dog hair now and my old vacuum can’t keep up! That amazing Kenmore vacuum would definitely make me feel like my house is clean again!

  553. would love to have this vacuum

  554. I would love to win this vacuum! We just bought our first house, and to our (minor)dismay, it has quite an abundance of light colored carpet, and we have a huge black dog. A lovely new vacuum would definetly do the trick!

  555. Awesome vacuum. Would be great with dog hair. semtaylor(at)yahoo(dot)com

  556. What a great vacuum!

  557. A new vacuum cleaner would be a wondeful addition to my household!

  558. I am in need of a new vacuum!

  559. We have 2 cats and a dog. We need a vacuum that can handle the pet hair!

  560. I came across this review actually researching this Kenmmore vacuum. Great review, thanks!

  561. Would love to own a vacuum cleaner!

  562. This would be a great win as my son is allergic to dust mites and is taking the allergy shots now to try and help.
    I tweeted @msmaclady

  563. ahh.. I neither have a blog nor twitter… but I do have a shedding basset hound

  564. my 30 year old electrolux just died. 3 cats + 2 messy humans = need this!

  565. Looks like this would do a great job on the dog hair that gets everywhere!

  566. I really need a good vacuum. I love that this is an upright model! I regularly battle with my current vacuum, in which the sweeping head is connected to the low, rolling body via duct-taped hoses.

  567. I’m always looking for new ways to torture the cat (because I’m always looking for better ways to keep the fur situation under control). This looks amazing!

  568. Sweet! My current vacuum is so old it’s duct taped together!

  569. I would love a new vacuum!

  570. I could use a new vacuum! ::crossing fingers::

  571. It looks like a great little machine and would be a great replacement for our old vacuum.
    chainmail(at) iwon(dot) com

  572. With 3 dogs (2 of which are cocker spaniels),I need this vacuum. Would love to be able to clean quicker and more efficiently so I can spend more time cooking.

  573. This is the vacuum that I am looking at buying; it has a lot going for it.

  574. My house is begging me to WIN this!!

  575. I have a vacuum, but it is a shoddy low-as-can-go Wal-Mart vacuum, so this would be great!

  576. Goodness gracious! With two dogs, a husband and a house full of carpeting, this would be a huge blessing!

  577. What a great contest! My vacuum just died and I would love to try this one!

  578. My vacuum is older than I am – I would love to win this awesome new one!

  579. My vacuum is on its last leg. I would love a new one!

  580. Need a new vacuum cleaner! Would love this one!!!

  581. I would love to have a second vacuum cleaner downstairs so that I don’t have to constantly haul it up and down the stairs.

  582. What a dream come true! My Dyson Animal is just about on it’s last leg, and I vacuum A LOT!

  583. I’ve been vacumning my house with a shop vac pick me!

  584. also, I signed up for the washer and dryer 🙂 positive thinking… thanks!

  585. a vacuum for my mom! thanks for giving away so many great items on your site. haha, i remembered the cute rice cooker now 🙂

  586. I would love to win the Kenmore Intuition 31810 Vacuum that someone else has already tested and found to be superior!

    The reason why is: I am a cleaning woman and I have gone through roughly 20 vacuum cleaners in the last 8 years. Some have died. Most weren’t worth the money I paid for them and they are resting in peace in my garage until someone who desperately needs a replacement asks me for one. Others are sitting as spares in my places of work just in case the one I am using breaks down in the middle of a job. Some have been used and abused so much the casing fell apart.

  587. Desperate for a new vacuum!

  588. Wow, great vacuum! I can just imagine how clean my floors would be…

  589. I want it, I want it!

  590. What a beautiful vacuum! I love the pet took and aluminum wand for the hard to reach places.

  591. We really need a new vacuum. Two large dogs!! Need I say more?

  592. My vacuum is about to die so this would be soooo perfect to win.

  593. We desperately need a new vacuum. Out current one smells like wet dog when you use it! Being poor grad students, we need all the help we can get!

  594. Please enter me in the drawing. I’d love to replace my vintage vacuum cleaner – it works well, but weighs a ton and lacks hose attachments. Thanks!

  595. It seems everything starts to break at the same time, yes I need a new vacuum with two cats, a dog, two kids and a husband–I really need a new vacuum!

  596. 2 dogs/2 kids will give any vacuum a run for it’s money – I love the onboard wand!

  597. I’m a small mammal rehabber, including chinchillas. They require a DUST bath at least 2 times a week! Need I say more 🙂

  598. I could use a new vacuum. My current one is taking its last dying gasps.

  599. What a blessing this would be as my husband and I are students currently without a vacuum!

  600. Oh we need a new vacuum! This would be such a great gift!!!

  601. It would be great to have this vacuum to help pick up after my pets and family!!

  602. I NEED a new vacuum and fought the urge to buy one on Black Friday…I just couldn’t bring myself to deal with those lines! And it would make me sooo happy to win one!

  603. I am in desperate need of a new good vacuum! I was just looking this weekend for one.

  604. i need a new vacuum

  605. My hubby was just complaining about our old vac- this would make him very happy!

  606. I am in desperate need of a good vacuum.

  607. niceeeeee 🙂 boy will that be put to use in this household! 🙂

  608. This is a great giveaway. What a sweet washer and dryer! The vacuum looks awesome too!

  609. well that is one snazzy vacuum!! i have just the place, right next to the dog bed!

  610. Awesome giveaway. With all the pet hair we vacuum up, we need a really good vacuum. This sounds great!

  611. I’m in; our vacuum is getting pretty old.

  612. We’d be very grateful for receiving this! Appreciate you!

  613. Oh, this would be so great, I could use true HEPA, ’cause I’ve got allergies and asthma, and hate to vacuum because it stirs up so much dust. This would definitely make that task far more pleasant. Thank you for the opportunity to enter! love, piggledy

  614. Would love a new vacuum.

  615. I don’t have a vacuum at my house yet, been borrowing from friends, so this would be very useful!

  616. I am excited – I love a practical give-away. An excellent vacuum makes such a difference in ones home – we’re dust allergen nuts and anything that would help abate those symptoms and make my house sparkly would be SO appreciated! Thank you for the chance!

    eko 🙂

  617. Oh my goodness, who would have known so many of were wishing for a new vacuum!

  618. This will help keep my home clean

  619. This would be a perfect gift to give to my daughter for Christmas–Kenmore makes wonderfully dependable products–I have had my sewing machine for at least 20 yrs!

  620. would love to have a new vacuum cleaner….

  621. A new vacuum,… looks like a nice one! It would be nice to get that for Christmas! 🙂

  622. My daughter needs a vacuum — pick me!

    Or, if not, it was fun to try, so thanks anyway.

  623. Great Giveaway!!! Hope I win!!!

  624. My vacuum just died and with a dog and 3 cats I really need one!

  625. I have a tiny apartment. When I moved in I thought I could get away without a vacuum. After going through a foster dog taining program I have found myself sweeping even more now that I have dogs running in and out of my place. This vacuum would make life simpler.

  626. Looks like a great item. Thanks for the review & giveway!

  627. No more belts, mine just broke and the nearest place to get is 40 miles away~!

  628. This would great for the rug portion of the house with all the pets.

  629. This looks like a great vacuum to have (since my dyson actually did lose suction…)

  630. I would love to win this for me and my puppy’s sake. It turns out that I’m allergic but I can’t help but let her sleep on my bed. So I would love to get this to clean my entire house with. My current vaccuum isn’t cutting it.
    imnotarunner [at] {gmail{dot}Com

  631. I will definitely love to win this Kenmore Intuition 31810 Vacuum for what its technology can do and help me keep my home free from dirt, impurities and as a pet owner, the Pet Handi Mate Cleaning Attachment will be handy to use!

  632. this vacuum cleaner looks amazing!

  633. I have tried so many sweepers, and have never found one that I really like. This model looks awesome. I’m in for a chance to win it.

  634. I just blew up my Hoover .. so enter me for this giveaway! I need a new vacuum fast!

  635. so need this

  636. ooh very cool vacuum!

  637. I (and my floors) would love to win this awesome vacuum

  638. This would be a perfect Christmas gift for my son.

  639. I would love this present… for my birthday or Christmas or any day!

  640. I don’t own an upright vacuum. This one would be awesome.

  641. I’m in need of a vacuum, and this one would be perfect!

  642. Would love a new vacuum really looking forward for a new one.

  643. Oh, I could so use this vacuum. With three kids under 6 years old, I am contantly vacuuming after they eat. My old vacuum is a canister vac and is missing a wheel.

  644. really need a new vacuum–old one SUCKS–NOT!

  645. I want

  646. I have had my eye on this one for several weeks now…it would be an awesome early Christmas present

  647. I’d like to have this because the vacuum I have now really sucks!

  648. With 3 dogs, a cat and 4 kids…I need a vacuum with some “oomph” current vacuum has seen better days and just can’t handle all the dog hair. Even vacuuming every day doesn’t help.

  649. We have a Kenmore vacuum now and it’s lasted us a long time (and performed well too!).

  650. My vacuum is six years younger than my son.he is now 21yrs. it still works. but has been super glued in several places. a new one would be great!!!!!!!

  651. I need a new vacuum, and this looks like a great one! Thanks for the chance to win.

  652. •Electronic Dirt Sensor alerts you to the dirt that you can’t see
    — awesome! know it is working!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  653. Would love to win this with one dog one cat with long hair
    and an bird, I need all the help I can get.
    Thanks for the contest.

  654. I would love a new vacuum

  655. our cat hair filled house would love this…

  656. We need a new vacuum

  657. Sadly I asked for a vacuum this christmas, I also asked for a big strong, burly man to clean out my gutters before the snow comes..I’m closer at getting the vacuum cleaner I think lol

  658. I need a vacuum cleaner desperately!

  659. I would love to win this vacuum. My current vacuum stinks up the house no matter how many times I change the filter or add dryer sheets. Help!!!

  660. I would love to win this vacuum since mine broke a few months ago. Thanks.

  661. I would give this vacuum to my daughter who doesn’t have one right now. Then maybe she would let me use it too?

  662. I could really use this! Nice vacuum!

  663. What a beautiful vacuum ( if you could call one beautiful)

  664. I would love to win this!

  665. This would be wonderful. My vacuum is old and I often wonder how well it is working.

  666. I would love to have a really nice vacuum to take care of all the cat hair drops.

  667. My vacuum died last week! No joke 🙁 My hubby hasn’t bought me a new one yet, so maybe I can hold off for another month!

  668. Would love this vacuum. like that you can use the attachemnts on board. Mine you have to go find and put togehter, so they never get used!

  669. I need something that will pick up all the dog hair floating around my house!

  670. As of late, your blog is better than Oprah’s Favorite Things!!!! Wooohooo!!!

  671. 3 cats, 3 birds, 3 kids + 1 husband ……….I could use this rather badly,well, I would use it nice actually:) hee hee

  672. Kenmore makes *the best* vacuums. I wouldn’t use any other kind!

  673. What a difference a good vacuum cleaner makes!

  674. That is one mighty fine vacuum NICE

  675. We sure could use a new vacuum! Pick Me!

  676. I think I actually need a new vacuum MORE than a new washer and dryer!! And I have to say that vacuum is a lot fancier than anything I have ever bought for myself.

  677. Tweeted @beebrulee
    Kenmore Intuition 31810 Vacuum Giveaway | Steamy Kitchen via @AddThis Who doesn’t love a free vacuum? Enter to win.
    9 minutes ago via Tweet Button

  678. Really? Two dogs in my house and it has a pet hair attachment! Me! Me!

  679. great giveaway

  680. What a wonderful prize! I’ve been wishing for a new vacuum to replace our ancient on worn out one for ages now. This is just the kind of vac that I would get.
    Thanks so much for offering this wonderful prize.

  681. Awesome giveaway! I really need a new vacuum cleaner. Thanks for offering this great contest.

  682. This would be perfect because I have pets in the house.

  683. Do you know what? I know some folk write comments about how their vacuum just broke and they need a new one, but uh 😀 Mine *did* just break 😀 And I need a new one xD

  684. This sound like a great way to clean up my kitchen rugs

  685. Just what I need!I’d much rather win it than get it as a Christmas gift.

  686. Pet Handi Mate Cleaning Attachment is ideal for cleaning pet hair from furniture or stairs This is the feature that I need the most with two dogs and an all white cat, getting the pet hair up is essential thanks for having such a wonderful contest

  687. WOULD LOVE THIS our vacumn is on its last leg

  688. Wow! This would be great! Mine bit the dust a while back!!!

  689. what a great vacuum.

  690. Two large hairy dogs and a vacuum I bought for $150 right out of college MANY years ago…I need a new vacuum!!!! Come on BIG MONEY, BIG MONEY, BIG MONEY….STOP!

  691. I would love to get a new vacuum! I still use my mom’s old one.

  692. Wow – that is a stunning machine!!!

  693. The vacuum looks like a really nice one.

  694. This vacuum is the bee’s knees! Thanks!

  695. I really need a new vacuum cleaner and would love to win this!

  696. My friends that visit and end up having to crash on the floor strongly urge you to send this vacuum cleaner my way…I’m a bit insulted since I *thought* I was a neat person! Turns out they think I could do a little spring cleaning…in December.

  697. Yes, please! My old one has reached even the new European retirement age.

  698. I’ve always said that my Oreck is my boyfriend… but this bad boy might give him a run for his money!

  699. My sister needs a new one this would be great!!!!

  700. I would love to win this!

  701. i need a vacuum!!

  702. My 20 yr old vacuum is on its last legs. I’d love to have a new one!

  703. i just bought a vaccuum off craigslist and it died after my first time using it 🙁 please pick me! i need one 🙂

  704. I need a new vacumm so bad. Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  705. Would be nice to replace the “i love Lucy version” vacuum.

  706. Would love a new vacuum that really works!!

  707. Time to replace a 15 year old vacuum… Nice!

  708. I hope I win this!

  709. Wow, I would so love to win this! I swear our vacuum just blows the dust around the room.

  710. I dream of a vacuum like this. Mine is very old and on it’s last legs.

  711. A new vacuum in time for Christmas would be wonderful!

  712. Oh, I need this for my friend’s carpet! Thier broom doesn’t cut it anymore… Go Kenmore!!Go!!

  713. I have yet to purchase a vacuum that lasts and actually does its job – this one looks great!

  714. What a great looking vacuum!

  715. I never thought the day would come that I would be giddy about a new vacuum, but mine just bit the dust! this one would be a perfect replacement!

  716. Perfect timing! I’m in the market for a new vacuum.

  717. ooooh, HEPA filtration! (does that make me a geek? 🙂 )

  718. My husband needs a new toy… he does the vacuuming. Gotta love him!

  719. This vacuum looks great!

  720. My vacuum just died! Please help!

  721. Oh my…this would be great item for my family with 2 young boys and 2 little dogs as cleaning is a challenge with these 4 experts on making messes!

  722. Our current vacuum is about to call it quits I’m afraid…it’d be nice to have a new one!

  723. Oh, how I need this…

  724. This would be a great early Christmas and Birthday present!! 🙂

  725. Pick me!! I currently don’t have a vacuum and my roommate (who has a vacuum) is moving out soon. Was looking for one and it’d be great to have this opportunity to win one!! 🙂

  726. need a new vacuum!!!!

  727. After moving into my first house, I still don’t have a vacuum yet! This would be a nice addition to my house!

  728. I am starting to collect items I will need when I move to Senior Housing (5-10 years). My house currently has a central vacuum, so I have no vacuum cleaner to take when I move. I would love to have the vacuum tucked away and cross it off my wish list.

  729. This vaccuum looks awesome!

  730. Oh man, would lurve that for the cat hair!

  731. Oh how nice this sounds! I have more animals then one should have and the hair is sometimes bothersome, so the pet handi would be a treat!

  732. I could definitely do with a vaccum cleaner that is not a shop vac if you see what I mean.

  733. Nice giveaway! I’d like a good vaccuum. 🙂

  734. The dog hair is calling this vacuum to my house! PLEASE!

  735. This one looks like it could handle animal fuzz without any problem.

  736. This looks like a nice vacuum…would be a nice prize.

  737. i would like to own this.

  738. I really need a new vacuum. This one would be perfect!!! Especially since I love vacuuming!!

  739. we are still using an old hand me down so it would be a pleasure to have a brand new one

  740. I would LOVE a vacuum that actually works…LOL

  741. Honestly, the “Electronic Dirt Sensor” kinda scares me a little, but I also have a 10 month old baby who crawls all over this nasty carpet. The dirt I can’t see will be toast!

  742. Oooh, great giveaway!

  743. Oh man, this vacuum could solve some serious problems in my household! We’re dust and cat-allergic and our current vacuum does nothing to help, even though we vacuum almost daily. It would be great to have a powerful vacuum that eliminated more dust!

  744. This would be great for the pet hair that’s always all over the place!

  745. That looks amazing. :O Mine spits out dirt out the back end as fast as it takes it in, so vacuuming has never been the most efficient way for me to clean. With -this- baby, on the other hand…wow.

  746. thanks for the giveaway what a great way to start the holidays

  747. Wow, your new washer and dryer look fantastic. I think I found the same things under my washer when I had to get it serviced.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  748. Yea! Nice looking vacuum!

  749. This would be lovely to win nice vacuum.

  750. After the recent demise of my circa 1998 Dirt Devil, I would be elated to take this beauty home!

  751. We so could use a new vacuum!!

  752. 20 year old shag wall to wall carpet + 89 year old mom with asthma + 1 Pekingese Pooch = desperate need for a good vacuum!

  753. this thing would make my life so much easier!!

  754. We can’t find any of the attachments to our old Dyson – time for a new vacuum!

  755. really need a new vacuum!!!

  756. We have the worst vaccum known to mankind, not even sure if it actually sucks up dirt. A new one would be a dream!

  757. I would adore a new vacuum!

  758. Oh gosh, I really do need a new vacuum, ours is on it’s last leg! Fingers crossed!

  759. With four little kids at home I could use a really good vacuum.

  760. I could definitely use a new vacuum!

  761. This would be great to pick up pet hair! Would love this vacuum!

  762. I would love a new vacuum!

  763. I think it’s a vacuum cleaner, too…so maybe it IS a southern thing 🙂 I could definitely use a new one!

  764. now THAT is a good looking vacuum cleaner. Hmm, I just realized that I call it a ‘vacuum cleaner’ and most everyone else just says ‘vacuum’. Is this a Southern thing?

  765. Would love to win a new vacuum!!

  766. I’d like the vacuum because it’s my birthday in 2 weeks, and I’ve never asked for a vacuum as a birthday gift before!

  767. What a great vacuum

  768. I would love to win this!

  769. I would love to win this beautiful vacuum!! :o)

  770. it would be awesome to win this! i have a maine coon cat and his fur is all over the place even with constant vacuuming with our old vacuum cleaner. i think this would help a lot 😀

    hope to win!

  771. I do not have a vacuum and would love to win one!!!

  772. I would love to win the vacuum! Mine is struggling and it would be great to have a nice new one. Thanks.

  773. This would change my life. Our cats brought in fleas over the summer. FLEAS. We need to suck ’em up and send ’em away!

  774. Wow – this would be amazing!

  775. We’re in the process of buying a new house. We will definitely need a vacuum cleaner when we move out of our apt and have enough space!

  776. My vacuum is on it’s last leg! I’d love a new one!

  777. I would so love this for my mom…at 74 yrs old and 4’8″, she is still lugging around this ancient Electrolux vacuum in her frantic cleaning sprees of their little apartment…you could eat off any surface in her house though!!

  778. What a nice vacuum! I have 2 dogs and a cat and seem to be constantly cleaning after them. Maybe I’ll have help for that soon!

  779. I need a new vacuum! Thank you 🙂

  780. I would love a new vacuum!

  781. this vacuum sounds simply amazing. with a busy four year old daughter this would definitely come in handy.

  782. yeah, a vacumm that works? that would be great

  783. this vacuum sounds aimply amazing. with a busy four year old daughter this would definitely come in handy.

  784. The one I have currently is heavy and old. This one sounds like it would be fantastic!

  785. Love this!

  786. a vacuum that actually works?! Would love that!

  787. Would love to win-definitely needed

  788. I can’t believe I am saying this but I would actually like to get a new vacuum.

  789. we have a small handheld vacuum that seems to be spitting more dust out than it sucks in. a nice vacuum would be lovely & very much appreciated… 🙂

  790. oh wow do i need a new vacuum! Mine has seen it’s day!

  791. I really need a new vacuum; my old Kenmore died.

  792. I would love a new vacuum! Mine has very little “suck” right now. 🙂

  793. Cool Vaccuum! A new vaccuum for the new year would be great!

  794. I’m WAY overdue for a new vacuum! I think mine spews out more dirt than it sucks up.

  795. Love to vaccuum!

  796. That’s a serious vacuum cleaner! 🙂

  797. We’re in the process of building our new home in a new city and let me tell you, we can feed a small country with the stuff on our floors!!! Would love, could use, absolutely need this.

  798. I would love to win this!

  799. Oh wow! How we NEED a new vacuum! We have a cheap, cheap,cheap vacuum and it only works on carpet! We have hardwood floors throughout our house and I have to first sweep the dust, dirt, dog hair and other random stuff that ends up on our floor into piles and suck it up with the hose attachment!

  800. My current vacuum is called a ‘Decade 80’ as in, I got it in 1981 when I was first married. A new one would be much appreciated.

  801. I swear I am forever cleaning up dog hair! I’d love a new vacuum!

  802. I would love to own this vacuum!

  803. A new vacuum cleaner is just what I need!

  804. What a nice vacuum!

  805. I love the adjustable height feature. It will help with back pain especially being a chiropractor 🙂

  806. wow this a nice vacuum

  807. I would love to win a new vacuum. Mine is an antique!

  808. A good vacuum would help keep the dust rabbits in check, so maybe they can be bunnies again.

  809. The dust in my house is calling out to this vacuum!

  810. Oh gosh, I own the worlds worst vacuum. It doesn’t even have the right to call itself a vacuum! My carpets are begging for a ‘real’ vacuum to come along and rescue them from the impostor living in my home.

  811. IT is so beautiful! So shiny and new!!

  812. I bought a vacuum last week. It broke the next day. I took it back and have not replaced it yet 🙁 I could really use this. Thanks for the opportunity.

  813. would love this. It would be so nice to have a vaccuum that actually works!

  814. Ohhhh. PICK ME!

  815. OMG! I would love to own vacuum, and this could be a great Christmas present for my mom! 🙂

  816. I’ve never owned a vacuum with a functioning attachment system. Please save my dusty corners! The dust bunnies are planning an attack, I just know it.

  817. I would love your new vacuum. I have so much shed dog hair that I use a broom and dustpan first to remove enough hair to make a whole new dog! Hopefully your new sweeper will handle the dirt.

  818. My old vacuum was so bad, it actually tore up the carpet in one of my rooms!!

  819. I’ll take a new vacuum!

  820. It would make me want to vacuum more if I had a new one.

  821. I would love a new vacuum! My vacuum isn’t keeping up with the dog hair in the house.

  822. I’m entering for a chance to win. My carpet is dirty.

  823. perfect giveaway! my vacuum just died!

  824. My current vacuum is a dinosaur! This would make my cleaning so much easier.

  825. Dude, my apartment has some weird carpeting. My existing vacuum pulls up the fibers and clogs it, every time I use it. No joke, I have to take a butter knife and pull out clogging carpeting fibers and if I don’t, there’s no suction and it just smells like burning.

  826. I have three kids and three dogs…this vacuum would do wonders for my floors!

  827. WER have pets around here and we have allergies. A new Kenmore Intuitio vacuum would be totally awesome!! Thank You.

  828. A new vacuum would be awesome!

  829. We buy a new vacuum about every two years! What a treat to not have to do that!!! Very, very cool!

  830. My mom could really use a new vaccuum!

  831. I don’t even own a vacuum because, well, I’m an undomesticated male. But I promise to change my ways if I win this!

  832. My vacuum literally imploded last week (I swear it wasn’t me! And I had just changed the bag!) so I hope I win this! Thank you!

  833. Awesome! I love cleaning products and hate our vacuum. Thanks!

  834. Couldn’t we all use a new vacuum! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  835. What a wonderful giveaway!

  836. A new vacuum would be awesome!!!

  837. Wow! I’ve put off buying a vacuum — I live in an apartment with all hardwood and tile flooring — but I know I need one. What an amazing win this would be!

  838. I need a new vacuum . my old one does not suck. It would suck if I did not win this contest lol

  839. My vacuume is on it’s last leg! This would be a major blessing!

  840. My old vacuum is on the verge of giving up the ghost, can’t hardly blame it with all the pine dust, pet hair and salt air it’s battled. Thank you for the opportunity!

  841. It picks up pet hair! I want one.

  842. This is such an incredible gift to be offered by Jaden. Not only is her site fun, interesting and helpful, it also is a place to visit that feels friendly and giving. It will be divine for whoever wins this wonderful vacuum cleaner.

  843. Oh how my carpet would love me! PICK ME PLEASE!

    Pam (pameladana at gmail dot com)

  844. With two kids, their many friends and two golden retrievers – I desperately need a new vacuum!

  845. I would love a new vacuum. I’m still using the one we got for a wedding present years ago. Thanks for the chance to win!

  846. Yes, please – I’d love a new vacuum!

  847. I’d love to win this, I have 3 cats and my current vacuum just ain’t cutting it on the pet hair!

  848. As the person who does all the cleaning in the house, any help would be appreciated like a new vacuum.

  849. With 6 dogs who wouldn’t love a new vacuum!

  850. Great giveaway