Peas and Bacon

I honestly had trouble naming this dish. Peas and Bacon? Or Bacon and Peas? In the marketing world, I guess you’d have to consider the target market. In my case, it was our family friend, Shawn, who is a true carnivore. 99.6% of his dinner plate is meat. The remaining 0.4% of his plate is the occasional herb garnish on the meat dish that he’s stuck with.

In an effort to get Shawn to eat the peas, I did call this dish Bacon with Peas. And yes, there’s a difference between the word “and” (which sort of implies equal importance of both ingredients) and the word “with” (the peas were more of an accessory to the bacon).

I’ll be completely honest and tell you that while I would have loved to celebrate success with this particular vegetable-fearing adult, it was a no-go for him.

I must say that my kids love Shawn very much, he’s taught the boys how to fish, play catch with the dogs, how to breathe underwater through a regulator, but there’s just one thing…..

….he’s also taught my boys to pick out and only eat the bacon.

3 ingredients. Bacon, frozen peas and onions.

There’s enough fat in the bacon to cook the onion, so no oil needed. In a cold pan, throw in the bacon and onion.

Bacon fat melts, cooks onion.

Dump a bag of frozen peas (no need to defrost).

Cover and when the peas are warmed through, the dish is done.

5 minutes tops.

for Bacon and Peas; Peas and Bacon; Peas with Bacon or Bacon with Peas or just BACON….depending on your target market.


Peas and Bacon Recipe

Servings: 4 Prep Time: 1 minute Cook Time: 5 minutes

Don't bother defrosting the peas! They'll warm through in the pan.


3 slices bacon, chopped
1/2 small onion, chopped
1 bag frozen peas


In a frying pan over medium heat, fry bacon and onion until bacon is crisp and onion softened. Add frozen peas, cover and cooked until peas warmed through.

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  1. Lynn

    I never thought to combine peas and bacon. In fact I don’t usually like peas that much, but cooking them with bacon might convince me.I will have to try it this way. My family would love these.

  2. Eliot

    Perfect and simple! Another great way to get my 8-year-old to dig into some vegetables. Like your son, mine will pick out the bacon, but he’s also lazy. After a while he’ll just suffer through some green stuff to get to the good, smoky pork.

  3. Tarrant

    I have a pea loving child (seriously-she will eat an entire bag of peas) who won’t touch bacon. She would accuse me of trying to poison her. You should have seen her when I made bacon cinnamon buns.

  4. SeattleDee

    I’m chuckling because tonight was a Bacon and Beans night in my kitchen. The husband will only eat green beans if they are cooked with bacon and onions and finished with a hit of balsamic vinegar.

  5. Gluten Free Diva

    I usually you think of “Peas and Carrots” when finding a partner for peas. And with bacon, I usually think “Bacon and Eggs”. But in this simple case, you’ve helped us, in the gentlest of ways, to reconsider the usual and think outside of the recipe box:).

    Gluten Free Diva

  6. Sherri M

    Yum….but since I’m the only one in the house who will eat peas and since I don’t need the bacon…..

  7. Julie

    One thing I know my hubby will say (his mantra): “Double the meat!!!” This combo would be good for a fried rice dish too, yes? ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. joey

    I love this!!! Bacon will win me over for anything but I happen to like peas as well so double yay! I will eat your friend’s share ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hope you are having a wonderful holidays and all the best for the new year!

  9. Chris

    I used to HATE peas as a kid but when I grew up, I realized that I only hate canned peas. I love frozen or fresh. Canned peas should be banned from the planet. It’s like a can of ooey boogers. Yes, I said ooey boogers.

    I totally am with you on the and/with. Great point.

  10. Nancy

    Sounds fantastic. I will add a bed of quinoa for the peas and bacon, perhaps red quinoa for added color!

  11. Judy

    When I saw this the other day, I KNEW I had to immediately go out and purchase me a bag of frozen peas! I love this wildly underrated vegetable, especially with onions, garlic and bacon, in butter or with a drizzle of balsamic. I made mine that very day with sliced hot dogs instead. Lovely, sweet, juicy pearls!

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  13. organizedfellow

    My girls love green beans. I’m sure I could do the same with them!

    I’m probably better off just making them as a side to your Steak Recipe: Turning Cheap โ€œChoiceโ€ Steak into Gucci โ€œPrimeโ€ Steak

    Thanks again!

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  15. Brenda

    My Mom used to make a simular dish using fresh green and wax beans instead of the peas.

  16. Roi

    Bacon, or prosciutto, go well with all greens. Peas, kale, spinach, collard greens. Frozen peas are sold with baby onions in them, so yeah, great recipe.

    Might try some Parmesan cheese on top next time.

  17. Sheila

    My mother always makes a salad with these ingredients to take to summer picnics or bbq’s. The difference is the peas do not get cooked and she adds mayo to it. Simply run the frozen peas under water to thaw them out. Add you crisp bacon bits and raw onion and 1/4 to 1/2 cup of mayo, depending on preference. Really is a crowd pleaser young and old

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