La La Knitted Cashmere Arm Warmers

During our trip to NYC last week, I taught my girlfriend, Wendy, how to knit as it was too cold to romp around in Central Park. Even power-shopping was difficult as we Florida gals aren’t used to anything below 50F.

Despite my almost-monthly trips to NYC, I’ve never had a chance to visit to Purl Soho, the site that has inspired so many of my projects (and responsible for $$$$ of my yarn stash).

So one evening, Wendy and I spent a good 2 hours at the store, she picked out her first skein of yarn and needles (scarf!) and I rolled around in cashmere yarn in the back corner of the store.

It’s not many times that a yarn inspires the project — usually a pattern or a photo inspires a project (I’m a very visual person) – but this time, the yarn and circumstance created the desire.

Irresistible 100% cashmere yarn.

Cold arms.

A quick check to Ravelry to find a pattern that inspired me and voila! Knitted cashmere arm warmers.

I didn’t get to finish these in NYC – these photos were taken here at home (don’t you go thinking that NYC has green grass in February!)

It’s a very simple pattern, it’s just a tube, and if you’ve ever knitted socks before, this is way easier. There are no heels and toes to deal with! It knits up really quickly too – under 2 hours per arm. It’s perfect for waiting rooms, watching TV, standing in line, etc.

If you’re brand new to knitting – i.e. have never picked up a pair of needles before – this probably is not a good pattern to start with because it’s made using 4 double-pointed needles. Brand new knitters should start with something on 2 needles, like a scarf (which is what Wendy is knitting).

The yarn, Jade Sapphire 2-ply Mongolian Cashmere is so incredibly soft – it’s 100% cashmere – and while at $43/skein rocks the pricey end of yarn, I only used 13 out of 55 grams. So you could even split the skein amongst 3 people. The skein contains 400 yards of pure cashmere. Your arms deserve nothing but the best, right!?

The off-white trim yarn is angora blend – it’s just a bit of yarn that I have left over in my stash. You could use just able anything for this trim – you’ll only need a few yards – mohair, angora, ribbon yarn, whatever you think would provide a nice, flirty edge.

If you want a rufflier trim, just knit a couple more rounds of the trim to extend the ruffle.

These arm warmers would make a perfect gift for someone special (Mother’s Day is May 9th!)

La La Knit Cashmere Arm Warmers Pattern

Jade Sapphire Mongolian Cashmere 2-ply (I only used 20 grams or approx 180 yards – but this depends on your gauge)
Trim: 10 yards contrasting color cashmere, mohair or any other fun yarn

Size 7 double pointed needles

6 stitches to the inch

(Make 2)
– Cast on 36 stitches and divide amongst 3 needles (12 stitches per needle). Join for working in the round, be careful not to twist the stitches.

– Knit 2/Purl 2 for 6 rounds or about 1.5″. This is your ribbing.

– Continue Knitting in the round until desired length (mine are 12″ long).

– Switch to trim yarn. Knit front and back of each stitch. Knit next round. Bind off. Weave in Ends.

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  1. Mary at Deep South Dish

    Oh how wonderful that you get to make regular trips to NYC! I have never been. I would need some of those gorgeous arm warmers but frankly I think I need the kind that have fingers. Even in south Mississippi this cold weather had chapped my hands something fierce! I’m not looking forward to summer heat, but spring hurry up please.

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  3. Melanie

    I had to laugh when I saw your post about purl soho just as I was opening the two books I ordered of Joelle Hoverson’s. I love purl soho. So inspiring, and these hand warmers are beautiful! Thanks for more inspiration!

  4. Sherri M

    Love these. Wish I knew how to knit. But at least I can still sew. Maybe I can find some material and just sew them together. Won’t be as beautiful as yours, but still warm.

    1. SteamyKitchen

      I bet that would work out well – how about some cozy stretchy flannel? (you need it elasticky to keep the arm warmers in place on your arm)

      is elasticky even a word????

  5. Fran

    Oh, those are wonderful! I love the color and the fuzzy trim. I can’t find a great knitting store around here. Next time I go visit my family I’m going to HAVE to go to Purl Soho. What fun! And your shots look so glamorous. They should be in a knitting magazine.

  6. Sarah

    Jaden, these are soooooo beautiful! I like them even better than the fingerless gloves I made last winter. I can’t wait to try out this pattern. Just curious, did you make your cardigan in the pics too? If so, WOW!

  7. Jee

    I knew you were crafty – but knitting??
    Is there anything you CAN’T do?? lol
    North central Florida has been FREEEEZZZING and what is up with ALL THE RAIN?? Seriously. Winter’s supposed to be dry and breezy and sunny and awesome – right?? (at least in florida it should)
    Anywho. enough with the weather complaints. (I complained that the weather was in the low forties and it was freezing on my facebook status and my friend up in Boston was like “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! IT SNOWED 19 INCHES YESTERDAY!!!” so I decided to keep my mouth shut nationwide but understand, right?? ;))
    I know how to knit – scarves. Those are the only thing I can knit. (and have dared to knit) I love doing crafty stuff but am not organized enough to buy and keep all the material for the crafty stuff. πŸ™‚
    I may try my hand at the 4 needle arm warmer you have there – absolutely gorgeous – you could probably sell it!!
    Love the color on it too – hope you’re having a better winter down there…it’s raining here…again.
    Keep warm!!! πŸ™‚

  8. Manda

    Wow…they are so pretty!…..unfortunately i tried my hand at knitting a couple of times..chrocheting…more than that…i am totally not good with either one….you should sell these or some just like it…i would buy them!!!


    p.s. if you do decide to sell some…let us know!!!

  9. Barbara

    Love the crafts Jaden! I’ve made 2 of the flower scarves – one
    for me & one for my mom for Chinese New Year! Lots of great
    compliments!!! For these armwarmers, can we use a circular needle to achieve the tube instead of using the 4 needles? I’ve made hats using the circular needles and thought that it may
    be easier for these too. Please keep the crafts coming as I sew, crochet, knit and cook too! Thanks!

  10. jenjenk

    DARN IT! Purl Soho was on the list of places I wanted to visit! Snow was making it more difficult to trek around for me. πŸ™ I love your knitting posts, jaden! you inspire me to pick up my sticks again!

  11. Dawn

    I absolutely LOVE your arm warmers! If you decide to sell some I will definitely buy them! They look so comfortable!

  12. Pashm

    wow ! They are so beautiful and seem so soft πŸ™‚ You did a great job, hope they will keep you warm next winter. The pictures are also very nice, love theme.

  13. Kiki

    Lovely! I love all your craft posts. I am an avid knitter, but I seldom finish anything I start – something quick like this is perfect for me. I did finish a Beatnik sweater recently, though, and I am VERY proud of it (it was a great challenge, more for my patience than my skillz; free pattern from Knitty).

    Happy knitting!

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