Knit Herringbone Scarf Pattern

Most of the items that I knit is cutesy girly scarfs or stuff for the kids, I haven’t done much “manly man hand-knitting” though there are a ton of patterns and books for man-knits. When I hand-make an item for someone, it’s an all-encomassing experience. I go overboard in the whole “personalization” thing, with the philosophy that there’s a PERFECT yarn for the perfect project for the perfect person and to discover that magical combination, I need to drag you to the yarn store with me.

The men in my life would rather change smoke detector batteries for the entire neighborhood than go yarn-petting with me.

I’ve had to adopt a new tactic to match yarn-pattern-people….I take my best guess on what someone would like, make it and if they don’t wear it (i.e. gets stuffed in back of a drawer or throw in the “regift” box) I’ll take it back and wear if myself ๐Ÿ™‚

I recently learned how to knit the herringbone stitch from a book called Last Minute Knitted Gifts (book features a big poncho pattern) – I thought the the criss-cross “V” shaped stitch made into a scarf would be perfect for my Dad, who just celebrated his birthday last week.

The herringbone stitch is actually pretty easy (a how-to video is below) and I chose a very plush-soft but thick yarn – Cascade Eco Duo is made in Peru from 70% undyed baby alpaca / 30 percent undyed merino wool. It’s the type of yarn that you’d wish your bean bag was made out of and comes in a variety of natural shades.

While the front of the scarf features the herringbone design, the back of the scarf is a beautiful horizontal knit pattern.

And if Dad doesn’t wear it, I certainly wouldn’t mind snagging it back for myself!


How to Knit Herringbone Stitch


Knit Herringbone Scarf Pattern

Yarn used: Cascade Eco Duo (3 hanks)
Gauge: 4.5 stitches per inch
Needle size: US 8 (6.0mm)
Finished measurements: 11 inches wide x 56 inches long (If you want to make a skinnier scarf, decrease cast-on stitches, but keep it an odd number of stitches)

Cast on 49 stitches or to your desired width of scarf: 2 stitches on each side for the border and 45 stitches for the herringbone pattern. You should have an odd number for the herringbone pattern.

Row 1-3: Knit 3 rows garter (knit every stitch)

Row 4: (Right Side) Slip 1 purlwise, k1, *K2tog through back loops, but slip only the first stitch off the needle, leaving the
second stitch on the left needle*. Repeat to end until you only have 1 stitch left before the border stitches. Knit this last stitch through back loop, k2 (for the border)

Row 5: (Wrong Side) Slip 1 purlwise, k1, *P2tog, but slip only the first stitch off the needle, leaving the second stitch
on the left needle*. Repeat to end until you only have 1 stitch left before the border stitches. Purl this last stitch, k2 (for the border)

Repeat rows 4 & 5 until desired length of scarf

Last 3 rows: Knit 3 rows garter (knit every stitch). Bind off and weave in ends.


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  1. Cynthia A

    Jaden, your scarf is lovely! When I watched your video, it appeared that the stitches on the RS rows were actually k2tog through the back loops, not regular k2togs as described in the pattern itself. Could you clarify this?

    Thank you so much for the pattern and video, I can’t wait to try it out myself!

  2. Judith Tennant

    I love it! I great scarf pattern that isn’t fru fru, recipies that are always great and fabulous giveaways! Thank you so very much for being here!!!

  3. Shubhra Ramineni

    wow…what a beautiful, cozy scarf you have made! have you been knitting a while? i tried when i was a child, but was too slow so i did not try again. my mom knits tons of stuff for my baby girl, and i hope she learns how to knit too.

  4. Christine T

    Hi Jaden

    What a beautiful muffler you have here… One question… Are you left handed ?! Cos I see how you hold and knit from the left instead of the right…

    I’m going to try this pattern and hope that it will turn out as beautiful as yours = )

    How long is your muffler ?

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you


  5. Valerie

    I’ve always wanted to knit well, but wasn’t very good at it. Do you know of any good resources for beginners who haven’t ever followed patterns? Thanks!

    1. kat

      There is a site called craftsy. They have a bunch of beginner videos and teach you anything. You do have to pay but it is worth it in the end. check it out they do have a few free mini-classes if you want to try to see how you like it, may not be beginner classes but good to watch.
      check it out!

  6. amie

    Thank you so much for posting this! i’m so glad I found it! the easier video to understand! I already started my next project using this pattern!! Loves!

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  8. Ariana@ scarves

    I was looking for this project and thank God got yours one after going through many of websites. I and my sister both are gonna start soon to have beautiful scarves.

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  10. Helen

    I’m having difficulties trying to work out the needle size. You say US 8 and 6mm
    From my chart US is 5mm.
    I live in Canada so it looks like if I go by your US 8 that’s a Canadian size 6 and 5mm
    I would be really grateful if you could let me know what to do as I’m muddled!

  11. LeAnn

    Hi! I am trying to knit this but find that I am having difficulty with the tension, are you knitting this VERY loosely? I may try increasing my gague, had to frog a bit!

    1. SteamyKitchen

      Yes, my tension was pretty loose. Using sharp needles help too. What might help you is to knit with looser tension, and smaller needle size. If you’re using wool, once you wash and block it, you’ll find that the stitches will become uniform.

  12. Diane

    I found your scarf on the above link, but the picture does not look like the pattern on your website. The scarf on the website is a multicolor pattern, but does not seem to match the herringbone pattern when I link to your website. Can you confirm the pattern is correct? Thank you….I am anxious to get started!

  13. teresa

    I wish people would remember to print patterns only no picture on one page for all of us that live in remote area and have dial up. We can not view videos. Thankyou!

  14. Viola


    Your tutorial is really good!

    Just wondering – did you find the scarf curled up quite a bit as you were knitting? It looks like it’s lying flat in the pictures. Is that after blocking?


  15. Phil

    Thank you very much for this pattern and the video. I am knitting a scarf for a christmas gift and was needed some inspiration. I have found you on google.
    This stitch is beautiful and very pretty.

  16. Rachel

    Its funny cause I’m teaching myself how to knit and I am knitting this exact scarf right now without seeing ur post first. The yarn I’m using is the same alpaca off white color too! And the “won’t go yarn petting with me” part had me dying! My husband would rather drive blunt pencils in his eyes then go to the craft store with me haahahah

  17. michele


    i wondered if you could tell me which colour (or number) of the cascade eco duo you used – i’ve been trying to find a winter-white like that in eco duo (all the ones i’ve seen are slightly variegated from light to dark and yours seems to be the same colour throughout).

    thank you!

    1. Post
  18. Lagu Slank mp3

    I wish people would remember to print patterns only no picture on one page for all of us that live in remote area and have dial up. We can not view videos. Thankyou!

  19. Gary Truelove

    I have tried three different methods of knitting the herringbone pattern. Your way is absolutely enjoyable like i want my knitting to be. Thank you for sharing your method.

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