Rolo Pretzel Turtles

Rolo Pretzel Turtles

This is my quick-fix snack, Rolo Pretzel Turtles. In a matter of 10 minutes, I can satisfy my sweet tooth, my salty tongue and my fat ass. Can you imagine anything more heavenly than glorious chocolate hugging a salty pretzel, topped with a crunchy toasted nut and oozing with warm caramel? All in one bite.

Life does not get any better than this.

If you aren’t interested in my recipe, still read on…as I have a funny video to share with you!!! It involves live on-air webcast, Chinese beer “snacks” and unsuspecting hosts. I was a bad, bad girl. Story after the recipe…

Rolo Pretzel Turtles



Rolo Pretzel Turtles Recipe

Servings: depends Prep Time: 2 minutes Cook Time: 5 minutes


Rolo chocolate candies
Mini pretzels
Nuts - toasted pecans/almonds/hazelnuts/walnuts


Preheat your oven to 350

1. Upwrap your Rolos. Place pretzels on baking sheet. Top with a Rolo.

2. Bake in oven for 3-5 minutes, until the chocolate just begins to melt. The Rolo should be soft but not completely melted.

3. Remove from oven, place on cooling rack and immediately squish the chocolate with a nut. Watch the caramel oooze out.

IMPORTANT: Eat as many as you can while they are still warm. Go ahead, I give you permission to stuff yourselves with sugar.

* * *

Making People Eat Funny Things Live On Air

I’m so so so mischievous. Such a naughty girl, maybe I should get whipped with a wet dishtowel. Wait. I just might like that. Ok, never mind.

I was invited to participate on a live webcast called Media Talk last week. To spice things up a bit, I decided to bring a bag of Chinese beer “snacks,” since we were taping from the Tampa Bay Brewing Company. By “snacks,” I mean:

Spicy Duck Tongue – whats that pointy thing at the end?

Spicy duck tongue

Spicy Duck Giblets – they look like duck balls.

Spicy duck giblets

Spicy Chicken Claws – looks arthritic

Spicy Chicken Claws

Here’s a play-by-play:

Jaden, the evil tempress, “I will take over the WORLD with spicy duck tongue! bwahhhaaahaaa!”

What’s that gray blob on the left screen? Is that my angelic aura of innocence being smashed into smithereens by the spirit of the evil temptress? Ultrasound?

They look so excited to try my Spinach ‘n Spam Fried Rice. Oh, just wait until I make you eat the beer snacks.

Rob chooses the duck tongue, Janet gets the duck gizzard

But I told her it was, “duck balls” – and you have to watch the video to see her full expression.
Ladies, and gentlegeeks, here is theΒ  video.

And….if you thought that I’ve just ruined my live-on-air career, wrong.

Yowza. They’ve already invited me to come back once a quarter.

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  1. eliza

    hahaha…so funny! i don’t really like duck tongue, the texture is horrible, though i don’t mind duck’s feet skin.

  2. LunaPierCook

    I know we’re chatting right now, but I have to say, you’re such a pro in these videos. In this case, you’re the most professional of the three people on-camera!

  3. foodie

    um is it totally wrong of me, that the thought of rolos and pretzels at the same time threw me into a fit of food induced tourettes, that left me wanting to roll around naked in a pile of rolo pretzels while screaming dirty things?

  4. s'kat

    I’ve never had the opportunity to try any of those snacks, but get a beer or two in me, and I’d be game.

    And yes, you are great on camera!

  5. Mandy

    Jaden, you are so professional and seasoned on screen! I wonder what Janet think of the duck gizzard… I have never tried duck gizzard and duck tongue before..

  6. Carol

    That was such a wonderful video, Jaden, you are a natural at this, and I remember you telling me the Bangkok-Tokyo story before too! and those Beer ‘snacks’ – sometimes I think you are pure ‘Evil’ gurl!

  7. Neece

    Jaden, you’re so wicked! You give us delicious sugary recipes that look sinful, then you force feed innocent people duck balls! You’re too awesome! πŸ™‚

  8. Blair

    That is just so cool… I grew up in South America where snack like that also prevail!
    Awsome, that is just fabulous and I am so proud of them for actually trying it even if Janet looks like she wants to spit it out!

  9. Amy

    OMG I love duck gizzards! Mine got confiscated at customs *sob* You look great in the video! Love the melty rolo on pretzel idea.

  10. StickyGooeyCreamyChewy

    Love the video spot. Love the Rolos. Wish I were eating the Rolos while watching the video!

    By the way, my daughter thinks that you are the bee’s knees. Ever since she met you, it’s been “Jaden this” and “Jaden that”. She has half the kids at her middle school checking out your blog. She even made me take her to buy a cookbook at Borders the other day. I think she likes you better than she likes me! ; )

  11. Hunter

    I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I appreciate your blog. It’s so evident that you truly enjoy everything that you do and as a result, your blog is a joy to read.

    Best of luck with all of your future endeavors.


  12. radish

    This Rolo idea is pure genius and will most likely be my undoing – the pretzel/caramel/chocolate/nut combo is pretty much the perfect combination of flavors. Hmm. Maybe I should just tape them to my thighs instead of eating them? πŸ˜‰

  13. Melinda

    The jokes on you Jaden! I am a nurse and that sono-screen on the left confirms you are pregnant with twins! Congratulations!

  14. The Big Guy


    No can has Google Videoz in teh China.
    Anonymouser not work either.
    TBG is bummed.

    Will still bring back stinky goodies for teh Jadens.
    Found piles of dem near my hotels.


    (Been reading and too much.)

  15. Jen

    You are so EVIL!! 3 things I can’t resist – 1.) Rolos, 2.) pretzels, 3.) it’s so easy even *I* can do it! Weight Watchers, be damned!!!

  16. tigerfish

    Where did you get those snacks from? China? hee heeee…..

    I really love those Pretzel Turtles…..coz I saw CHOCOLATES! πŸ˜€

  17. Single Guy Chef

    Jaden, I’ve been meaning to check out your blog and I love it. You sound so fun in the kitchen. It’s nice to see you spreading the Chinese culture and food in good ole’ Florida!

    I didn’t realize you’re from San Francisco. If you ever visit the Bay Area, we have to hang out! πŸ™‚

  18. Amrita

    evil girl!! haha!! but it’s all great :p

    Just wanted to let you know im bacccck!! : D

  19. Amrita

    hey jaden….

    you can get crack oil at any store that sells LorAnn oils!! dont get the cherry though, it smells like cough syrup, and will literally make you sick!

  20. Valli

    These would be the perfect instant fix for that chocolate/salt craving. I have tried chocolate covered pretzels so this brings that recipe one step up.

  21. Zenchef

    I tried that stuff (same packaging and everything) last time i was in Hong Kong. I wasn’t too bad! My local friends were eating that stuff in front of the TV, same as Americans would eat popcorn! hehehe
    What a culture shock! haha
    (whipped with a dish towel…how kinky! haha)

  22. lynn

    Yeah, like I need another way to eat sugar. Thanks so much, Jaden (she says, dripping sarcasm). I watched the video and you’re right – you are a bad, bad girl! Feeding duck parts to innocent interviewers?

  23. threemilechild

    For the person who mentioned not being able to get a wide variety of caramel candies in Italy, let me point out that caramel is /really/ easy to make, probably the easiest sort of boiled candy there is, since both soft and hard caramels are tasty and wonderful. πŸ™‚

    There’s a great recipe for Espresso salty caramels at 101 Cookbooks ( I made them just drizzled with a little white chocolate, because they were incredibly flavourful on their own, but they’d be good with pretzels and milk chocolate if you don’t mind your candy a bit salty.

    Also, if you have access to cans of sweetened, condensed milk, you can boil them under several inches of water (very important to keep enough water or else they can explode!) to make a very soft, creamy kind of caramel that also makes for good turtles.

    It’s still a lot more work than these Rolo Pretzels, but if you’re desperate…

  24. Kitt


    Did you have Peking Duck in Beijing? They include the head, sliced down the middle so you can get the tongue right from the source. Not to mention the brains. I was always selfless and let my companions eat them.

    Rollos are much more my speed.

  25. Nan

    Wow, I am really sketched out by those duck parts in little bags. On the surface, they look like innocuous condiments…

  26. Kristina

    WOW! I thought I was the only one who ate those rolo candy pretzel things when I was craving that salty-sweet combo!! It’s so easy and soo yummy! I LOVE those things–make them every Christmas along with truffles and chocolate covered cherries, and of course cookies galore. I just found your site and can’t wait to read the past recipes! Thanks! (I am bummed I missed out on the vanilla bean contest–can’t wait for the next one!)

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  29. Scottd

    Hey.. I’ve been making these Rolo Pretzel Snacks for years now.. I’ve found that the Square Pretzels are great to use too. And Candied coated Nuts are a good addition too..


  30. Margaret

    I was so excited to try the turtle pretzels until I got home and realized the Rolo’s I bought last week were gone! I used cherry Hershey kisses and orange Hershey kisses instead and they were delicious as well. I’m still hitting the store for Rolo’s tonight!

  31. Geri

    Hi Jaden!

    Wow! I was thrilled to get a message from you. Heck, I just posted today’s blog a few minutes ago! I hope you don’t mind that I linked your recipe to my blog. I’ve been getting major rave reviews on your Rolo Pretzel Turtles and just wanted to share!

    Looking at your other pictures reminded me that I haven’t been for ‘dim sum’ in quite a while (“Mmmmm – ‘dim ‘sum’ ” as Homer Simpson would say). I live near Toronto – a very ethnically diverse city of over 5 million people (including the greater Toronto area) , with the largest group being 400,000 Chinese folks. As a result we have some amazing Chinese restaurants which serve ‘dim sum’ – great comfort food during our bleak, frigid winters.

    Loved your video clip!

    Happy holidays!

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