Matcha White Chocolate Ice Cream

If you have an ice cream maker hiding in your pantry….or if you can safely steal borrow your neighbor’s ice cream maker that has been neglected without getting caught, please….just PLEASE bring it out and give it some love!

Matcha White Chocolate Ice Cream is so elegantly rich that a little scoop is all you need.  I found this post from Kuidaore, where I just simply fell in love with the idea of pairing Matcha with White Chocolate.

Since I had just finished making a batch of Matcha Finishing SaltMatcha Finishing Salt and had plenty of Matcha green tea powder left over, this was a perfect recipe to try. I’ve simplified the recipe just a bit.

Of all the ice cream flavors I had all summer (and believe me, I’ve sampled more than I really should admit to) this is by far my favorite ice cream flavor.  Matcha White Chocolate Ice Cream will be a regular treat at my home.  Its even fancy-sounding enough to serve at gourmet dinner parties….shhhhh….you and I will know that it was a cinch to make.

Matcha White Chocolate Ice Cream

I was tagged!

by Glenna….here we go!

In case you haven’t seen this very super cool 80’s photo of me where I thought I looked just like a Chink-a-fied version of Madonna complete with lace socks, here….just click…go for it. laugh at me!  Anyone who used Aquanet as their second skin totally deserved to be laughed at!!

I’ve previously have been tagged with the “5 things you wish you never found out about me.” meme, but since Glenna requested so kindly, I’ll add another….hmmmm….but what can I tell you about myself that I haven’t already revealed?

Oh crap.  Have I already divulged too much information about myself on my blog?

Have I already lost my mystical, magical, angelic aura of innocence?

You think?!