Lowel EGO Lights for Food Photography

Thai Beef Salad

Thai Beef Salad above taken probably around midnight, on auto settings with my Canon Rebel XT,

Lowel EGO lights for food photography are magical. During late Spring to early Fall months at the Steamy Kitchen household, my photo “studio” was the ratty ottoman and a $3 foam board near a big open window. Ahhhh….I so miss those late sunset evenings where I could still capture wonderful natural lighting even at 7:30pm.

Now in the winter months, by the time the clock rolls around to 5pm, my light is gone (sniff sniff) and I don’t like using my flash. For the cookbook, I needed a solution that would provide me light, even when I cook at 10pm after the rugrats go to bed.

So I set out to find an inexpensive, portable solution and came up with the Lowel EGO lights.

Lowel EGO Lights

They are portable, lightweight, provide a wonderful, soft, even lighting and relatively inexpensive for professional photography lights. Each light is less than $100 – and really, you only need one. The Lowel EGO lights are great for food photography, especially for food bloggers because each light weighs less than 3 lbs, and are small enough to hide in a closet. Each Lowel EGO light comes with (2) full-spectrum fluorescent bulbs which do a fantastic job of mimicking daylight.

For food shots, the one variable that makes the biggest difference in the quality of shots is the lighting. Yes, camera is important, but only secondary to lighting and sharpness. Let’s talk about sharpness first – if your food photo is blurry, it ain’t gonna look good. Fortunately most point and shoot cameras allow you to select which area you want to focus on. Most of you know how to take pretty sharp photos.

Lighting is the big wild card and can vary from hour to hour, from one side of the room to the other, and the type of light bulbs you use. If you are lucky enough to get good, natural, filtered light (i.e. not directly under the harsh sun but rather through a window, indoors, or even a piece of vellum taped to the window to give a nice diffused glow) then that’s your first choice. Your second choice would be to get lights that get as close to the look of natural sunlight as possible – so that the colors in your photo will look as true-to-life as possible. For food, its important. Does gray chicken look appealing to you?

Ok, here are some comparison shots for you–

Plain house lights

No fancy lights, just the cheap-ass Home Depot ceiling fan with 3 lights. The photo is bland, too orange and the flowers are flat. White of the label looks pink.

Now with the lovely built-in flash

Too harsh, the white is blown out, there are unflattering shadows and the reflection is distracting.

Magical EGO lights

And now…drumroll please…..beautiful natural, vibrant colors and textures.

This is the setup: only one EGO light + a plain, white cardboard used to reflect the light.

When I snapped this pic below, I must have moved the light and reflector back. The light should have tilted down and leaned down on the front edge and the reflector was placed closer to the bottle/glass.

Wanna see my point and shoot camera in action?…

Point and Shoot with EGO

Just for comparison, here is my 6 year old point-and-shoot camera whose battery doesn’t last for more than 2 minutes (because I dropped it in water 5 years ago). Pretty damn good. It’s not about the camera sometimes! If you’re on a tight budget, I’d recommend improving your lighting first before investing an expensive digital SLR camera.

btw, point and shoot flash SUCKS

I guess you’re all wondering if these Lowel EGO lights are worth the expense:

For the winter months when I don’t have good natural lights in the late afternoon, the Lowel EGO was great. I could take photos that looked wonderfully bathed in natural light. Working on the cookbook, it’s been indispensible. I would suggest getting 1 light first and trying it out. As I mentioned, $100 for professional lights is pretty darn good. I don’t think I’ll need them when the days grow longer and I can get back to my lovely ottoman next to the big glass sliding door.

This month, I’ll continue my posts on lighting – and show you before and after photos of food.

Where to get these magical lights?…

Where to buy:

One Two EGO lights* + magic light bulbs is $88.90 sold by Adorama via Amazon. I’d recommend buying here, since it’s guaranteed by Amazon.com. And you know they’d never piss off a food blogger.
*Another few weeks of playing with the lights and I’ve found that 2 EGO lights works way better than 1.

You could also get a set of 2 lights + magic light bulbs and the sweep. $219.95 sold by Adorama via Amazon. It comes with the white, plastic sweep (see my photos – I use the sweep for reflecting light) and sheets of very flimsy colored paper to clip onto the sweep so you can have a continuous background. IMHO, it’s useless for a food blogger. The paper crinkles and tears easily. Any drops of sauce or oil and it’s stained for good. Plus, food looks much better against neutral or natural fabrics, surfaces and papers. I just can’t think of too many dishes that would look scrumptious against a school bus yellow piece of construction paper. You could use a piece of $3 foamboard from the office supply store to use as a light reflector.

But wait one stinkin’ moment – it’s cheaper to buy them all separate. $88.90 per light x 2 plus $23.90 for the sweep/papers = $201.70. WTF???? Ok, buy them separate.

You could just get the magic bulbs by themselves, they are $19.99 each. You could screw them in your own light fixture, but I’ve found that the bare bulb is too harsh. You could use a shade to cover the bulb, but unless it’s pure white and semi-opaque, you’re wasting your money on the bulb. Well, if you’re McGuyver, I’m sure you could rig up something!

Buy here and I get a teensy weensey commission from my Amazon store – just enough for a double espresso latte!! πŸ˜‰

Buy two EGOs and one Sweep:

*Even though the photo for the sweep doesn’t show the construction paper, it does come with it according to the description in Amazon. The Lowel EGO lights each come with 2 magical light bulbs.

Or….if you want just the light bulb:


B&H Photo sells the same set for $229.95 – B&H is a very well-known photography retailer in NY. I actually bought this set from B&H – one of the light bulbs arrived broken and it took 2 weeks for a replacement bulb to arrive. But, that being said, I still buy stuff from B&H – my expectations are just a tad bit lower if I ever run into problems.


Here are more food photography posts:

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  1. Kristi @ CherryJasmine

    So glad that I found your post – I was in the market for just the right light, because I often have to take photos at night also. I just ordered these today from Amazon! So very excited to try these and pump up my photography shots! Many thanks! I can’t wait to read future lighting & photography posts of yours.

  2. Holly

    So glad to have found your site (through google search for food photography lighting). I am tired of chasing the winter light and eating meals at 3 so I can still have good light to capture the food. Indoor lighting is in my near future. thanks for the excellent advice.

  3. tiffany

    thanks for the info about the lights… purchased through your aff link, so you should get a commission. Always great to help a fellow affiliate! πŸ™‚

  4. liza

    A few years ago, when I dabbled on food blogging, I visited your website (at that time, you still had that picture where you were sort of “lounging” on a lounge chair. I left a comment on your blog about how my pictures were so poor quality etc etc. You actually took time to check my website and left a few pointers.
    I guess I am sentimental that way. Most “big” bloggers who already made a name for themselves won’t even take the time to answer comments. Anyway, to make an already long story short, I remember reading this post years ago but didn’t get to buy them as I gave up the blogging thingy before I could. But last night, my daughter needed some lights for her blog. She found them on another website but I insisted we used your link. I wanted to at least buy you “a double espresso latte” through the purchase of these lights. Thanks for listening and taking some form of involvement…it means a lot when people give you their time especially during stages of our lives when we are unsure about our skills.

  5. Inez C

    This is really confusing to me: “One (stricken out) Two EGO lights* + magic light bulbs is $88.90 sold by Adorama via Amazon.”

    This makes it clear that you can buy TWO EGO lights + magic light bulbs for $88.90, when, in fact, you pay $124.95 EACH. Now, I know that the price may have gone up since your original post, but has it really nearly tripled in price from the $44.45/light you indicate here to $124.95?

  6. felicia | Dish by Dish

    Hi Jaden, I’ve heard about your blog for a long time, but only today did I actually go check it out, and I kept reading and reading and reading and then I found this post! Love how you are always so candid and honest with your responses and feedback!! I’ve only started food blogging last year, and only last month did I make the move to self-hosting, which I’m so glad for. Now I have so much to practice with my food photography, but first, in search of a cheaper EGO light alternative (especially since i don’t live in the states!)

    take care!

  7. Valerie | From Valerie's Kitchen

    I’ve been trying to figure out my lighting situation and was so happy to find this post! This looks like the perfect solution for me. I’m going to start with just one and see how it goes. Thanks so much for the great information!

  8. Georg

    I usually came here for some salad ideas, but kinda stopped at your lights posts. I am selling some small products overhere in uk and europe. I did not know that there exist this type of light “boxes”. They seem really perfect for my products. They a little bit smaller than the bottle, you used. So sorry that I will take no pictures of food, but thanks a lot for the tip πŸ˜‰

    1. Post
  9. [email protected]

    This is really helpful and handy for food bloggers that can’t afford studio setup at home. Thank you.

  10. Veneno

    So glad to have found your site (through google search for food photography lighting). I am tired of chasing the winter light and eating meals at 3 so I can still have good light to capture the food. Indoor lighting is in my near future. thanks for the excellent advice

  11. Rachel

    Just in the past 12 months i have developed a passion for food photography and at the earlier stages i realised i needed a lighting solution for those dull days and nights shooting. im in australia and purchased two of these lights (before discovering your site, sorry) and i swear by them, as they came with US plug,,, i had to purchase a 500w step down power inverter to use as Aust 240v adapter does not come with the lights, but its amazing and faultless. just sharing my experience.

  12. Lauren Duncan

    Hi there, sorry to say but the lights you recommend are out of stock and Amazon does not know when, or if, they’ll be back. Can you recommend another option?

    1. Post
  13. debi @simplybeautifuleating

    I’m finally going to invest in this system because I too am tired of racing against the clock to shoot in daylight! Thanks for all the info. They are currently out of stock everywhere but I found them at a store here in Toronto. My question is….do I need to buy two or will one suffice for a great shot?

    1. Post

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