Chinese Sausage and Rice Recipe

Chinese Sausage and Rice Recipe

My parents came to visit us last week, a pitstop on their way to a Transatlantic cruise and vacation. Normally, when they come visit, Mom will call a week before to get “my list” of things to bring – Asian foodstuffs that I can’t buy in my Florida markets but that she can find near her home in Las Vegas.

This time though, their luggage was limited and I could only request what could be hand-carried. I asked for probably the most rude things to hand-carry on a plane — Chinese Preserved Salty Fish (Chinese Fried Rice with Salty Fish will be an upcoming recipe and video).

Chinese Sausage and Rice Recipe

Mom surprised me with two other items: special brand of Chinese sausage from Canada and 2 pounds of fresh Chinese Roast Pork from the #1 rated place in Las Vegas – BBQ King.

You know your parents love you when they dare to bring such possibly pungent delicacies on the plane. Thank goodness that the salty fish was triple wrapped and sealed tight.

Chinese Sausage and Rice Recipe

Chinese sausage is unlike any meat you’ve ever eaten before. “Lap Cheong” 臘腸 is made most popularly from pork and is marinated and smoked. You can also find Chinese sausage made from duck liver or pork liver too (darker deep reddish/brown color).

Flavor:  sweet-salty, smokey, savory and unctuous with little pockets of fat that just melt during cooking. Think of candied bacon. Or when maple syrup from your pancake pools onto your thick bacon. That’s about the closest I can get to a description.

Most Asian supermarkets will stock Chinese sausage – since it’s dried, cured and smoked, the package will last for over a year if unopened (also check the expiration date on package). You can also freeze the package for a long time If you’ve opened a package and only use a few links, wrap the remaining tightly in plastic wrap and refrigerate for up to 6 months or store in freezer.

Chinese Sausage and Rice Recipe

220px-Chinesesausageunpackaged If you’ve got a Chinatown in your area, sometimes you’ll find Chinese sausage hanging by string like the photo above! (photo source)

Okay, now how to cook with Chinese sausage!? The simplest way is to just snuggle a few links into your rice grains and they will cook up along with the rice. Once cooked, just slice and eat.

I also love dicing Chinese Sausage for my fried rice like this:

Chinese Sausage and Rice Recipe

(The Chinese Sausage Fried Rice recipe is in my first cookbook, The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook now available in paperback for $16.35 at Amazon)

Years ago, Mom taught me how to make Chinese Sausage with Sweet Soy Sauce drizzled on the rice and it’s still one of my all-time favorite Chinese dishes. (Actually, I think Scott and the kids would also agree it’s theirs too) This recipe is also in my first cookbook – but I’m sharing it with you below.

Here’s a new video to show you how to cook the sausage with the rice!

Chinese Sausage and Rice Recipe Video


How to Cook Chinese Sausage with Sweet Soy Sauce Recipe

Servings: 4 Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 20 minutes
Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 12.29.49 PM

The Sweet Soy Sauce is optional - trust me, the Chinese Sausage will have plenty of flavor alone. Cook the Sweet Soy Sauce while your Chinese Sausage and rice cook.


For the Chinese Sausage and Rice
2 cups uncooked rice, washed and drained well
4 Chinese sausages
For the Sweet Soy Sauce
1 tablespoon cooking oil (grapeseed, canola, vegetable, rice or peanut)
2 cloves garlic, smashed
1 shallot, roughly chopped
1/4 cup soy sauce
2 tablespoons dark soy sauce
1 tablespoon rice wine (or dry sherry)
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons water
1/4 teaspoon sesame oil


Chinese Sausage and Rice Directions

Fill a pot with the rice and enough water to cover by 3/4". Snuggle the sausages in the rice grains. Turn the heat to high. When the water near the edge of the pot starts bubbling, cover the pot and reduce the heat to low. Cook for 15 minutes.

Turn off heat and keep covered! Let it sit with the lid on for 5 minutes to finish the steaming process. Remove the sausages (careful, they are hot!) and slice them on the diagonal into 1/2-inch-thick pieces. Arrange the sausages on top of the rice and drizzle the Sweet Soy Sauce on top. Serve extra Sweet Soy Sauce at the table for drizzling.

Sweet Soy Sauce Directions

In a small saucepan, add in the oil, garlic and shallot. Turn heat to low and let the garlic and shallot cook slowly until they begin to brown but not burn. Carefully remove the shallots and garlic and discard, leaving the flavored oil. Add remaining ingredients and simmer until thickened, about 2 minutes.

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  1. cgk

    Can you please ask your mom where she gets her Chinese groceries in Vegas? I haven’t been able to find a place and would love to locate a Chinese supermarket in Vegas!

  2. Kirsten

    Here in the Bay Area, we can get that exact brand at Costco. Costco! In a double pack! Can’t cook fried rice without it in our house. I am really looking forward to trying it this way. So easy! Thanks for another great idea.

  3. Mrs. L

    My Filipino Grandmother made what I’ve always called Lap Cheong Fried Rice all the time when I was growing up. I’ve been able to find the package you show at our local Costco here in California as well as our local Filipino grocery store.

  4. Meg in AL

    I’ve had a love affair with Chinese sausage for years, and fried rice is my favorite vehicle for its use. I like this new recipe, thanks for sharing, Jaden!

  5. Betty Ann @Mango_Queen

    Oh I just love Chinese sausage and so does my family esp. when I cook it with garlic fried rice, the Filipino “sinangag”. Thanks for this recipe and including your favorite brand “BBQ King”. It is so hard to find the right kind of flavor we like. Often it’s ‘hit or miss’ when I get a pack of Chinese sausages, which btw is not cheap. So I’m so happy to have found a kindred soul in this ingredient. Thanks and have a great weekend, Jaden!

  6. Tony

    I have had it in Chinese restaurants, and liked it. But, the Lap Cheong I have found, even in Asian markets, has too strong of the flavor of 5 spice…it s too dominating, and over powering.
    Does the Kam Yen Jan brand have a strong 5 spice flavor?


  7. Winter

    Oh I have some lap cheong in my food storage and I want to make it right now! I was always taught to put it in the rice cooker with the rice so it naturally steamed it as well as flavor the rice a little bit. My Caucasian husband LOVES lap cheong too!

  8. Monica

    You’ve reminded me of how much I love Chinese sausage! I grew up on it and will have it at dim sum restaurants now and then but not very often and I haven’t cooked with it…time to correct that. I’ll pick up a pack soon and tuck it into my rice cooker. : )

  9. Kiki

    Jaden, I’m not sure whereabouts in Florida you live. From the photo’s, I’m guessing North Florida. In Orlando, on East Hwy 50 (Colonial), we have an
    “Asian Quarter”. There are a few different groceries, most specialize in Vietnamese, but they also have Chinese, Japanese and Korean foods. There’s one other store that is out on Edgewater Drive near Lee Road. I’ve never been in that one, so I’m not sure what they have. If you are looking for anything special, you might try these groceries.

  10. K.C. Chai

    Is there a brand of Chinese sausage that specifically uses duck liver? I’d love to try it. I think I have your pictured brand of sausage in my fridge right now! I’ll be trying this recipe very soon. Also, I’m in Vegas too, going to school. There’s at least one Asian market here that pretty decent, but I can’t find szechuan peppercorns there. Maybe I’m not looking in the right aisle, or maybe I don’t know how to ask for it by a more commonly known and used name. Can you help? And I’ll be trying BBQ King too.


  11. Candice

    I’ve never heard of the brand Happy Meat. However, like Kirsten said above, the Kam Yen Jan brand is available at Costco, 99 Ranch, and Chinatown.

    Lap Cheong with fried rice is awesome! I recently made fried rice (replacing the rice with quinoa) with the lap cheong. =)

  12. Connie

    Hey, I buy the same brand of Chinese sausages! I cook them like you would, steamed in the rice cooker while the rice is cooking, or diced for fried rice.

    1. anthoni hasiholan

      Fried rice with lap cheong on the top will be ok..but a half tea spoon of butter will make it more delicious..the key of fried rice recipe depending how many chili, soya bean sauce, red onion and garlic that u put them into the fried rice and more of them than ussual will make different quality taste u could get ever..

  13. Alfafa


    I have tried stemming my lap cheong with Shan xing wine for half an hour before laying the, atop the rice. It gives more fragrant :)

  14. Steve

    Sounds great! Can I lay the sausages on top of my rice in a rice cooker and get the same result?

  15. Deborah Dowd

    This is a great tutorial- I have so often seen these sausages and just not known how to prepare it. Is it precooked, should I boil, sautee? This post and video will help me write my post on how to EAT Chinese sausages.

  16. Julia

    I grew up eating lap cheong sliced and fried along side freshly sliced garlic. I have no idea if this was something my mom made up, or if my dad grew up eating it like this (Hawaii) or if they discovered it in Taiwan (my Dad was in the Army).

    I love it and haven’t had it in years!

  17. Maryann

    That is the same brand I buy! Love these sausages. I have used them in fried rice, eggs, pizza and even sprinkled them over roasted veggies. Soooo good.

  18. samantha

    Rice turned out great with tons of flavor! The sweet sauce recipe was a bit off cause mine turned out way too salty (even w/ Kikkoman Low-sodium soy sauce) and not sweet enough. I suggest to taste while you adjust the sauce flavor.

  19. Kenny

    Love love lap cheung. I remove the casing before steaming in rice. The rice comes out heavenly. For fried rice I sliced diagonally and render it like bacon bits. Use the drippings to continue cooking tradiitional fried rice recipe and I never have leftovers from a fresh made batch.

  20. Akansha's Recipes

    Simply yum. I definitely gonna try this and put a version of mine in my blog. And surely will link to your post mentioning my inspiration! Keep up the good work!

  21. Jas

    Yum! This is something I grew up eating, but as an adult, I forget about it for long periods of time until I happen to come across the sausages and then I’m all over them! Thanks for the reminder, I’ll have to go hunt down a package of sausages sometime soon. Oddly enough, in my little town they are easiest to find in the mexican grocery store!

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  24. Cathy

    99Ranch. 4155 Spring Mountain Road 89146
    168 Market 3459 Jones Blvd 89146
    Greenland Market 6850 Spring Mountain 89146
    SF Market 4801 Spring Mountain 89146
    Glaziers Marketplace 8525 Warm Springs 89113
    International Marketplace 5000 S Decatur 89118

    There’s also Laos Market, Nakata Market (Japanese) and Japan Creek Market

  25. Marilyn Jacobs

    Thanks to you I have learned to make some of the best recipes. I was so glad to see the sausage you had here. It is the one that I have been getting. I am now looking forward to Chinese Fried Rice with Salty Fish. I first had it when we adopted our second daughter from China and would love to learn to make it. The type of fish to use is the tricky part for me.
    Thanks so much.

  26. turtle66

    I absolutely love this stuff! Thanks for posting. Never new the name of this delicious chinese sausage but now that i know i’m going right to stock up on some :)

  27. Eva Mondragon

    I also tuck these Chinese sausages in the rice. If I want to make Chinese sausage salad, I just fry them in low fire.

    Here is the recipe for Chinese Sausage salad:

    Sliced Chinese sausages – cut diagonally (I use half package)
    2 cups of chopped tomatoes
    1 cup of red onions
    1 cup of chopped cilantro (sometimes I use basil – fresh)
    1/2 cup of chopped bell peppers
    3 tbsp of malt vinegar (just because I love it)
    1/2 tsp of black pepper
    (Do not add salt – the sausages are salty enough)

    I serve this with smoked fish or grilled pork or beef.

  28. Jerry

    this is a great recipe! i can’t wait to try! my favorite brand of sausages is the one made by venus foods – they also make amazing fish balls (YUM) and other chinese foods. i think their sausages have a good balance of sweetness and fat and it makes sausage rice super good

  29. are you gonna eat that

    My mom once forced a close family friend to bring a whole Chinese BBQ duck on the plane with him when he came to visit me at university. The plane ride was 5 hours and he had to hand-carry it.

  30. China Mike

    Hi Ni Hao and Aloha!
    I lived several years in Guangzhou and I really forgot all about the dried sausage. I now live in Hawaii and we have a pretty decent China Town, so this next week I am going down to buy a bunch of this to put in the cupboard, as it keeps so well. I have recently been trying my hand at some authentic Chinese dishes. I even bought two packages of salted duck eggs to have with my morning congee! =)
    The thing I want to find or possibly make myself is a wonderful spicy, salted fish. My girlfriend’s father brought a huge burlap sack with him on the train from Hubei full of chopped up fish pieces, each piece about 2″-3″ in size. It had a bouncy feel, and seemed a bit oily. It had been salted somehow, as well as covered with a type of lajiao. I loved this stuff, but I am not sure how to make it, or where to get it, as most Chinese here (as are most everywhere west of China) Cantonese, who don’t like spicy food. Any ideas?

    1. Marilyn Jacobs

      China Mike –
      When we visited Guangzhou, I had chicken stir fried rice with salted fish that I loved. I thought how hard can that be to make. We lived in England at the time but had a good grocery close by. When I took a recipe, they recommended a salted fish but my it did smell! Now we are back in US but still have several good Chinese grocery’s. I was asking some friends about salted fish and they got a good laugh about getting the stinky kind. One said she has substituted anchovies for the salted fish in stir fried rice and that it worked quite well. I would love to learn more about the salted fish and what kind to use for this dish.

  31. anthoni

    These chinese sausages need at least just little experience to make them something different..I often cook them without any difficulties procedures.

  32. Janet

    My favourite way to cook Chinese sausages is to boil them in a pot and then take the casing off. A bit more work but sausages are more tender and flavourful. In addition to helping to releasing the casing for easy removal, boiling them also helps to release some of the fat.

  33. Fay

    My introduction to Chinese sausage is from my niece’s MIL’s Christmas brunch. It was so tasty I needed to know how to make it. She put the sausage along with mushrooms & shrimp. She cooked it altogether. And varies the ingredients. She uses a stickier rice than I have. So here I am, going to try it today. Bty, found at local Costco, double pack.

  34. Judy

    I bought the sausages because the lady in front of me at the grocery checkout had about 20 pkgs. I asked her how she cooked them and her description of the dish was very similar to this recipe. I just tried it tonight and both my husband and I really liked it. Thanks so much!

  35. simone

    lap CHeung ! omg I am craving it now! This was one of our staples in our house :) My grandfather was a chef from China.So I grew up with amazing Asian food.I so miss those days where I was well fed :)

  36. Connie

    I’m curious why the recipe says it’s 4 servings, yet calls for 2 cups of dry rice. Rice bags say a serving is 1/4 cup, and that’s what I always use for meals for my husband and me. With whatever meat and vegetables are in the dish, it always seems to be enough rice. Am I missing something here? I hope I hear back, b/c I’m genuinely confused, and want to learn more about Asian cooking.
    (P.S. just found a market (via phone) here in Tucson that carries Chinese sausage. Can’t wait to try this!)

    1. SteamyKitchen

      any less than 2 cups of rice is really hard to cook with that much Chinese sausage. You’ll have leftovers, but that’s a good thing! For leftovers, make Chinese Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage – you’ll find the recipe on my site.

  37. Leila

    I cook my lap cheong in the rice cooker too, except I put them in 1/2 way thru the cooking cycle. This way, when you take the sausage out, you don’t have rice sticking all over it. The rice has the nice flavor of the sausage

  38. J'Marinde Shephard

    LOVE your site! Can you recommend a brand of Chinese sausage that is free of soy, dairy and gluten? I am allergic to these, but SO want to try some of this sausage you make look SO Delicious! Thank you and thanks for all the time and energy you and Scott put into this DELIGHTFUL site!

  39. Ack

    I’d also like to know where I can buy gluten free lap cheung. I read on another site that you can buy them in San Francisco. If anyone has any info, that would be great

  40. Mayra

    This is delish and super easy specially the sauce! I made a whole pack of the sausage so I quadrupled the sauce! I was able to use the cooked shallots & garlic in my tuna casserole that I was preparing to cook! I think the sauce can be used on all kinds of dry dishes! I’m planning to use the sauce on my salad with panko breaded chicken!!! Yumm! I will make this again! Thanks for the recipe! 😋

    1. Post

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