First Look: Ninja Ultima Blender Review

Ever want to compare blenders and see which one does the trick better and for less money? Well, here’s a first look comparison of the brand new Ninja Ultima Blender alongside the Vitamix 750. I own both Vitamix and Blendtec blenders but wanted to see how the new Ninja model stacked up! See for yourself in the video below:

First Look: Ninja Ultima Blender Review Video


Links to purchase each on Amazon below:

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Ninja Ultima Blender

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Vitamix 750
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  1. Nov

    I’ve wanted the Vitamix for a long time, then saw a commercial for the Ninja blender last week. I am skeptical that it can be just as good as the Vitamix… but you never know. I’m so glad you’re doing a comparison and sharing the results!

      1. Mike Moseychuck

        Excellent comment. I am Canadian and i support Canadian first and if not available i look for USA.

  2. Rita

    My husband wants me to buy a blender that can make frappacino-like drinks but how can I know which blender can blend the ice up so tiny? Plus, I. Don’t want to get stuck with a big appliance that I won’t otherwise use. I am so looking forward to your future reviews of these products! Thanks!

    1. Chzplz

      I have the previous version of the ninja (slightly different cosmetics on the base only) and yes it blends the ice perfectly. I use ice and frozen fruit in my morning smoothies every weekday.

      One of my favorite benefits of the ninja is the individual smoothie glasses. Mine came with three, which frees up room in my dishwasher (waaaaay smaller than the pitcher) and means I don’t have to run my dishwasher every day. I just rinse off the blade.

      I agree the pitcher is a bit fussy until you understand how it works. The base only goes on one way, and the same for the lid. But on e you know how to put it together it is easy. You just need to be a bit mindful of what you’re doing.

  3. kelly

    I’ve used the same vitamix for the last 8 years without a problem. I love it! If it dies I’ll by another Vitamix in a heartbeat!

  4. Katie

    I won a Ninja Ultimate Blender (the model down with the 2 individual cups) at BlogHer Food this summer. I don’t own a Vitamix or a Blendtec and am in love with the Ninja! I make a smoothie every morning and use the machine at least once a day!

  5. Paula Wick

    Vitamix comes with a dry container for grinding flours, herbs, spices, etc. I would be interested if Ninja can do that. That’s a big point for Vitamix. You can make all kinds of flours with it (garbanzo, fava, wheat, etc. etc.)

    1. Brent Peterson

      I’ve tried to mill barley with the older Ninja. It takes a long time and leaves a lot at a “mealy” consistency that I have to sift out. One thing I’ve noticed with the Ninja is that the blades (which start razor sharp) seem to dull quickly – which reduces the performance of the machine. Maybe it’d mill better with fresh blades but I don’t see myself ordering replacement blades from Ninja every few months.

      1. Kristen

        I bought a Ninja in June and it’s December and the blades are dull. I’ve only used it for frozen fruit and non-frozen smoothies. I contacted Ninja asking how to sharpen the blades and they said you can’t (:-/) (I bet you can try!) but they said they shouldn’t dull, and are sending a replacement. I’m hoping to see if the Vitamix blades last longer.

        1. Post

          Oh that’s great Ninja will send you replacement blades. Though I think you’re right – you can try sharpening the blades a bit.

  6. Jen M O

    I love your comparison. I think you should be doing the commercials on television! Anytime I make a smoothie with spinach, my husband will not eat it if he notices any specks of green.

  7. Chris

    I saw one of those at Costco and was wondering about its performance. I’ll be looking forward to your head to head reviews. I’m in need of a real blender.

  8. Harrison Hamada

    I too remain VERY skeptical. I personally own viatamix ,and I use vitamix, blendtec and oster regularly at work. I have used previous models of the ninja at friends homes. I DO like the “lock outs” on ninja that the unit can only be used when safe, but find that the materials are flimsy and cheap. I particularly hate the removable blades that become a hazard in any home.

    Vitamix and Blendtec remain the standard by which all oterh blenders should be judged, but they are very expensive. For people who are on a budget, I recommend looking at the Breville Hemisphere, the Kitchenaid and the Oster Versa.

    1. Gareth


      How would you rate the Oster Versa vs Ninja Ultima?
      The small glasses do make the ninja attractive though.

  9. Brent Peterson

    I’ve had 6 Ninjas so far – the “Professional” model with the 1000W (approx 2 HP) motor. I’m quite impressed with the performance of the machines…the six blad system makes silky smooth smoothies, does short work of soups, etc…but the durability isn’t there. The retailer has replaced the blender 5 times so far and the warranty period is about to expire. I see a Vitamix or Blendtec in my future. Here in Canada, the Ninja Ultima retails for just less than $300 at Canadian Tire and I can get a BlendTec Total Blender at Costco for $329. The Ninja warranty is 1 year, the BlendTec is 8 years. I’ll give Ninja kudos for trying – I WANT to believe they can deliver Vitamix/Blendtec/Omega quality at a lower price – but unless they’ve addressed the durability issue with the Ultima (and backed it up with a warranty to match the others), I’m not prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt again.

  10. REA

    Unfortunately, I only own a Kitchen Aid blender – hoping one day I can move on up to a Vitamix $$$. The one thing I hate about my Kitchen Aid – it sometimes leaves some chunks of fruit leftover after blending.

    Thanks for the good demo!

  11. The Cook

    The Vitamix is far superior to the Ninja, in build quality and performance.
    Id suggest shelling out a little more for the quality.

    1. Post
  12. Nancy

    So…. i really want to grind my own flour and I’ve been searching around. I hear you can use a cheepo coffee grinder to do the trick? Any feedback?

    From experience I found the Ninja is a fantastic smoothie blender/food processor, hands down and the price is hard to believe. My husband and I have been trying to decide if we want to upgrade to the Ninja that can blend cookie dough (can it do bread dough??).

    I’ve been very pleased with my Ninja Master Prep QB900B 30 set that cost me $34 something plus tax at Walmart. Yes. I did say, “$34 something.” It’s been treating me surprisingly well and I use it a TON because I’m a ranch cook for 12-16 guys. It came as a set of two with a 120 volt motor/pulser. One a 16oz food processor? and the other a 48oz blender. The blender will plow through frozen fruit/ice no problem. Maybe not as 3 second slick as the $600 fancy blenders? I dunno, but I’m pleased with it. After a few pulses i have a creamy smoothy and I don’t even have to put in liquid like i did with my old fashioned blender.

    I haven’t tried to grind up flour with the little processor as of yet ;). The Processor isn’t as large as I’d like for such a gang but it’s so incredibly easy to dump the food out and start the next batch, i have no complaints. We would LOVE to buy the Vitamex, no question, however, can’t really justify fitting that into the budget for a loooong while. It sure would be sweet to have my blender HEAT things up! Crazy wonderfulness!! I wonder how the Ninja would do on mixing bread flour? Cookie dough?? I like that they have a nice sized bowl attachment for that. It’s hard for me to imagine doing all that with my blender!? All they need is a heating version…. guess it would be best to use glass than plastic for that. Though the plastic is very light and unit is easy to store for those who like RVing/tiny home movement. However; my dream, of course, would to be to buy the Vitamix 750 soMMMeday πŸ™‚ Wish it had a cookie dough/bread dough bowl attachment? The more one thing can do the better for those interested in building a tiny home, namely, US! ~n

    1. Nancy

      Hi, commenting to myself. Is that like talking to yourself? I just wanted to note that I have never tried kale/broccoli in my Ninja blender, as I haven’t gotten into the green smoothies just yet, though i want to try sometime soon. So i don’t know if it would blend it into cream or not. But personally I don’t mind if there were some minute particles as long as it was smooth/blended well together. I hear the Vitamex can make everything like cream soup without a particle if you have a husband who does NOT care for broccoli bits, not one little bit πŸ˜‰ PS: if i’m not allowed to mention store names, ie. Wallsmart, plz feel free to remove the store names from my previous comment (^ ^)d

    2. Post

      Hi Nancy – To grind flour, you’re better off getting an appliance made just for that – a grain mill. I’ve heard great things about this hand-cranked version that clamps down on your table. If you grind a lot of grains, and are ready for a splurge, this Blendtec grain mill is amazing. We’ve tested it before and loved it, but it’s pricey.

  13. Rene Baustad

    I owned my last Ninja for 13 months before the screws came loose on the bottom of the smaller pitcher when I was blending a liquid. The liquid leaked into the blender itself and ruined the motor, one month after the warranty expired so I was out $189.00. I found a Ninja Ultima Blender on sale at Walmart for $124.00 so I thought I’d give Ninja another try as this blender has a 2 year warranty and I was happy with the performance of my first Ninja minus the poor assembly and design issues…….I will keep you posted if the Ultima holds up better.

    1. Post
  14. Rene

    Make sure the screws on the bottom of the pitcher are tight as mine came loose and the liquid I was blending leaked into the motor and ruined the blender.

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