Sous Vide Miso Salmon Recipe

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This Sous Vide Miso Salmon Recipe features:

  • Only 5 ingredients and 5 minutes hands-on.
  • Instructions for sous vide cooking.

Miso marinated salmon makes an easy, no fuss, full-flavored dish to pair with rice, quinoa or even on top of mashed potatoes. The marinade and sauce for this Miso Salmon dish is made of 3 easy-to-find Japanese ingredients available at most supermarkets: Miso, Mirin, Saké.

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Whisk shiro (white) miso paste, Japanese saké and mirin (Japanese sweet cooking wine) together.

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Whisk until smooth.

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Spread mixture over salmon fillets.

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Place in gallon freezer bag, with a couple pats of butter. Not much, just a little.

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When cooking seafood or delicate items, I don’t like using my vacuum sealer. The vacuum sealer sucks out the air too harshly, which can damage the delicate fish, or just make the fish misshapen during cooking. Instead, I use the water displacement method.

Submerge the bag until just under the seal.

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Seal bag. The water will displace the air, resulting in a bag and seal that’s good enough for sous vide.

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Clip to edge of pot.

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Set the sous vide to 104F/40C. Let cook for 30 minutes at temperature.

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When Miso Salmon is done, remove salmon fillets (be careful not to break the fish) and reserve the remaining miso sauce in the bag. Pat the fillet with a paper towel and wipe off some of the miso. If you don’t the miso will burn in the pan when you sear.

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Sear both sides of salmon in a bit of cooking oil.

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Serve with the remaining miso sauce, top with sesame seeds or green onion.

Note on the Nomiku Sous Vide

We’ve been testing out the Nomiku Sous Vide for the past 2 months and love the darling little machine! Here’s our full review.



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