Nomiku Sous Vide Review & Giveaway

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This is a review for the Nomiku Classic Sous Vide. I’ve been testing out this machine for the past 2 months, with over 13 different recipes and 53 hours of sous vide time. I also own the Anova Sous Vide and have owned the Sous Vide Supreme. Here’s my review of the Anova sous vide and a recipe for Asian Pork Belly Sous Vide and our review of the Sous Vide Supreme.

What is Sous Vide?

Nomiku Sous Vide Review

Packaging means something. Most people think detail in packaging is wasted money – but I think it means: care and pride in product and, more importantly, ability to store my appliance well and keep it clean, safe and scratch-free. Nomiku’s box is heavy and sturdy, which means it will last me many years of taking in/out of my cabinets, opening/closing lid.

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Love this detail: everything has its place in the box, no styrofoam Tetris! The plastic that’s used in the inner packaging will withstand the lifespan of the Nomiku. Friends, packaging is important!

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I’m used to the Anova Sous Vide all-in-one unit – meaning no power transformer brick. Nomiku takes the heft out of the unit by having the power convert in the block. Good or bad? Well, it makes the Nomiku lighter, but now I have 2 snakes and a block to wrangle and find a place for.

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There’s a clear demarkation of the Max and Min levels for water. So easy to spot instead of squinting for a faint line (I’m getting old, in need of glasses.)

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Side by side vs. Anova:

Nomiku has a plastic twirly knob that adjusts temperature up/down. Anova has a bright neon wheel that you can thumb up and down. They both operate similarily, there’s really nothing to compare other than tactile preference.

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Accuracy in temperature: same. I used a Thermoworks thermometer to test the temperatures of both units throughout the cooking. They were both +/- 2.5 degrees at the most. But neither machine was more accurate than the other.

Price Point:

The Nomiku Classic sells for $199 (as of this writing), and their newer model, which is wifi connected and with an updated design is also the same price. I only tested the Classic model, but I’m assuming the updated model has similar, if not improved specs.

The Anova Sous Vide sells for $178 (currently) and its wifi big sister sells for just slightly more.


I’m loving Nomiku’s sous vide cooking app and community, Eat Tender.  I’ve gotten nearly all of my sous vide recipes from the community, as well as from Chef Steps (highly recommended). By the way, Chef Steps also has a sous vide machine – I haven’t tested that unit yet.

I’m always a big fan of Kickstarter projects that DELIVER and deliver again. As a backer of over 100 crowd funded projects between Kickstarter and Indiegogo and one loser crowd funding company, I’ve seen more than my share of investments go down the drain. While I didn’t personally invest in Nomiku, I’ve had several friends who have. I’m happy they’ve followed through with their original campaign goal and have continued to grow their company with integrity. Highly recommend Nomiku.

miso salmon sous vide recipe-6147

Recipe for Miso Salmon Sous Vide

Nomiku Sous Vide Giveaway

Nomiku provided us with a unit for an honest review and one for a giveaway.